Avid VideoShop (3.0) program used for editing video segments used in Identification of Swallowing Patterns tutorial. Current version of program is Strata VideoShop 4.5


1. Video segments were inputed into


2. Once video segment is inputed, then sequencer tool is used for editing



3. After editing, save as video files (Cross-Platform Movie format.


4. Then video files were loaded onto server and files were linked (example: whole.mov) from html document and viewed with

Quicktime Player.

5. Link editor from Claris Home Page shows link.

Example: Watch the entire Honey Consistency segment, first.

 6. QuickTime Editing Programs

7. You can convert VHS format to the DV format using a special converterbox, such as the Sony DVMC-DA2.

This converter box has standard RCA input/output ports for video and audio with a FireWire port.