Plot Diagram

1. An initiating event : Either an idea or an action that sets further events in motion.

2. An internal response : The protagonist's inner reaction to the initiating event, in which the protagonist sets a goal or attempts to solve a problem.

3. An attempt : The protagonist's efforts to achieve the goal or alleviate the problem. Several attempts, some failed, may be in an episode.

4. An outcome : The success or failure of the protagonist's attempts.

5. A resolution : An action or state of affairs that evolves from the protagonist's success or failure to achieve the goal or alleviate the problem.

6. A reaction : An idea, an emotion, or a further event that expresses the protagonist's feelings about the success or failure of goal attainment/problem resolution or that relates the events in the story to some broader set of concerns. (Vacca and Vacca 1996, 257)

* From Image Grammar: Using Grammatical Structures to Teach Writing by Harry R. Noden

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