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Introduction: We will be working on this unit for the next several weeks, it involves taking a closer look at the Civil Rights movement. This was a movement, that through nonviolent protest, broke racial segregation and accomplished equal rights. It has, however, been a constant struggle for people of color, and allowing them the racial equality they deserve has been a bitter fight. This webquest will give you the opportunity to take a look at a specific aspect of this movement and connect it to your lives through creating a multiple genre research paper.


Task #1 ~Dialogue Journals

Each week of this unit we will be studying the Civil Rights movement, and I would like you to choose an aspect of this era to discuss in a dialogue journal with me. Throughout the oncoming weeks I may ask you to look at the point of view in each situation from our class assignments. For example, comparing a National Guard's view of a demonstration or sit-in to the demonstrator's point of view, and then reflect on that in your dialogue journals. After each week, I will bring your journals home to reflect on, and in the end this will allow me to understand the steps you took to comprehend your chosen topic. Also, how it has affected you throughout this process.

Task #2 ~Multiple Genre Research Paper

By discussing these difficulties that people of color and their supporters have faced will help in finding their voices for your multiple genre research paper. The dialogue journals will act similar to a diary, which could also be used as one of your genre choices in your research paper. The research paper will be comprised of a short story or narrative, a collage and a letter as a start. We will be working on each of these in class, from there, you must create 4-6 more pieces using different genres (no repeat genres). They could include anything from a dramatic dialogue, a poem, a cartoon, song lyrics (of your own creation), a newspaper article or even an obituary. This will be a cumalitive assignment, in order for students to get a sense how their chosen person could be affected by a conflict from this epic era in our recent history.

Freedom Rider's Bus Burning

Process: Begin by choosing one of the various topics below to discuss throughout this unit. While gathering the information on this topic, it will help you to become a scholar on this particular aspect of the Civil Rights Movement. This is then proven in your dialogue journals when you share at least 5-8 important facts you've learned about this topic/leader/situation. This will then be graded with a rubric, which will be included in the final product of your multiple-genre research paper. The multiple-genre research paper will be discussed more thoroughly in class, if any of this in unclear. The topic choices are found below for the multiple-genre research and dialogue journals.

A photo from the Washington march that exhibits the struggles faced by the colored nation, including equal housing opportunities, equal rights and jobs with a decent pay.


   Choose one topic from the following list and be sure to check with teacher for approval. If you don't find one that you're intrigued with, I will provide you with more examples.

             Martin Luther King Jr.-I have a Dream    March on Washington on August 28, 1963 -Photos

                 Civil Rights Act of 1964                 Greenboro Sit-ins

                 Montgomery Bus Boycott              Birmingham Church Bombing

                 Freedom Riders                             Malcom X

                 Brown vs. Board of Education        CORE-Congress of Racial Equality

                 Black Panther Party                        Rosa Parks

                 Voting Rights Act of 1965               SNCC-Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

                 Medgar Evers                                Thurgood Marshall

                 Little Rock Nine                             James Farmer

                 A. Phillip Randolph                         Ella Baker

                 Full List of Civil Rights Leaders and Supporters

                     Civil Rights Timeline

Conclusion: Even today there are horrifying acts of hate that pollute our nation and it's equality. Yet, this movement still impacts today in such positive ways, specifically looking at the brand new President-elect Barak Obama. With the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act, plus with all the help from activists and civil rights leaders across this great country; a vision for a better future was grasped and racial equality was found. These dialogue journals will be there to help pull you along in your findings. Giving us the opportunity to learn from the mistakes and successes throughout this era will allow you as students to provide a voice in your multiple genre research paper.


Washington March~August 28th, 1963


Little Rock's Central High School~September 4th, 1957