Spring 2012   


Representing Climate Data I : Maps and Numbers

Station Models, pp. 461-462

Isoline Map Practice

Station Model Practice

Station model practice

more Station Model Practice

Introduction to the Atmosphere

Ch. 1,

p. 153 (Focus Topic)

Ideal Gas Law


Ideal Gas Law fun


Electromagnetic Radiation Ch. 2

Stefan-Boltzman and Wein's Law

Radiation Balance Ch. 2, pp. 435 - 438    
What is Temperature? Ch. 3   Frostbite and frostnip
Wind Chill

Representing Climate Data II : Weather Imagery

pp. 250-253  

Satellite Images
 GOES Satellites

National Climate Data Center

EXAM ONE (Tentative Date: February 17)
Humidity Ch. 4

Psychrometer practice problems

RH table

DPT table


Cloud Classification


Ch. 4 and chart at back of text  


GROUP PROJECT : WORK GROUPS February 24, 27, 29
Atmospheric Stability and Adiabatic Processes Ch. 5





Precipitation Ch. 5   The True Shape of Rain

Pressure and Wind

Ch. 6 Isobar maps and Wind Coriolis effect
SPRING BREAK: March 12 - 16
EXAM TWO (Tentative Date: Monday, March 26)
General Circulation Ch. 7 (& p. 459 hydrostatic equation)   Local Winds
Jet Streams
Ch. 7
Jet Streams
El Nino Ch. 7   El Nino
Air Masses and Fronts Ch. 8 Practice with mapping fronts


Cyclogenesis Ch. 8   Blizzard Satellite Images
      Wind Shear  
Thunderstorms Ch. 10  



Lightning Ch. 10  

Lightning Safety

Lightning Safety Quiz

Tornadoes Ch. 10   Tornado Safety
Hurricanes Ch. 11    
Class Group Project PRESENTATIONS: April 23 - May 4

EXAM THREE : WEDNESDAY, MAY 9, 2:00, in regular classroom