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CHEM 2542 - Organic Chemistry II - Spring 2014

CLASS TIME:  M, W, F     10:00 to 10:50 am, CHEM 200

Dr. Peter Grundt
Office: CHEM 319, Phone: 726-6939
Office hours: M, W, F 9:30 am to 9:55 am, 10:50 am to 11:30 am; or by appointment

Midterm Exam 1     February 19 (Wednesday), 10:00 to 10:50 am
Midterm Exam 2     April 2 (Wednesday), 10:00 to 10:50 am
Midterm Exam 3    April 30 (Wednesday), 10:00 to 10:50 am
Final Exam (ACS standardized exam, covers both Organic I and Organic II)  May 16 (Friday), 8:00 to 9:55 am

February 5 (Wednesday), March 5 (Wednesday), March 26 (Wednesday), April 16 (Wednesday); 10:30 to 10:50 am

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RECOMMENDED PROBLEMS AND PAGES TO READ from Brown and Foote "Organic Chemistry" 4th, 5th, 5th enhanced or 6th editions

CHEM 2542 Sample Exams

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CHEM 2544 - Organic Chemistry II Laboratory – Laboratory Handouts



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