Spring 2018
January 10 - April 27, 2018

CLASS TIME:       

Mondays, Wednesday, Friday 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM - CHEM 200


Dr. Peter Grundt, Office: Chem. 319, Phone: 726-6939
Office hours: M, W, F 9:30 to 10:00 am, 10:50 to 11:30 or by appointment


Upon successful completion of the second semester of Organic Chemistry, students will develop good level of understanding of the principles of organic spectroscopy, structure and reactivity of aromatic compounds, structure and chemical transformations of organometallic compounds, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, derivatives of carboxylic acids, and amines. Students will also learn introductory aspects of bioorganic chemistry and develop a high level of proficiency in solving organic chemistry problems and proposing mechanistic explanation of organic reactions. Student learning outcomes will be measured by in-class quizzes and exams.


“Organic Chemistry: a Two-Semester Course of Essential Organic Chemistry” by Zhdankin and Grundt

(required). The book is available from UMD Bookstore or can be purchased from


“Solutions Manual and Additional Problems for Organic Chemistry” by Grundt, Mereddy, and Zhdankin

(required). This manual can be purchased from


Additional Material can be found on the course website:


CHEM 2541 (Organic Chemistry I Lecture)




                       Six Quizzes (20 min each)                          150 points (6x25 pts)

First 5 Minutes Problems                          45 points   (15 x 3 pts; Updated 02/14/18)              

Three Midterm Exams (1 hour each)       300 points (3x100 pts)

                       Final Exam (2 hours)                                   210 points   ________

                       Total                                                                705 points



-The final is an ACS exam is 2-semester exam that covers material from both CHEM  2541 and CHEM 2542.

- There is no graded homework in this class. However, you are strongly encouraged to attend lecture, read the textbook AND work through the recommended problems in the textbook or provided by the instructor. Refer to the course web page ( for details. Material covered in lecture and the content of the textbook and the recommended problems will be used as templates for the quizzes and exams during the course of the semester.

- Updated: You are expected to come to class prepared by doing the problems on the web site and by attempting to solve the First 5 Minutes Problem that is posted on the web site/moodle approximately 48 h before the next lecture. Points for the First 5 Minutes Problems will be assigned arbitrarily. If points are awarded for a particular First 5 Minute Problem, you need to download the problem before 9:30 am on the day of the lecture to receive credit.

Midterm Exam 1     February 7 (Wednesday), 10:00 to 10:50 am
Midterm Exam 2     March 21 (Wednesday), 10:00 to 10:50 am
Midterm Exam 3    April 18 (Wednesday), 10:00 to 10:50 am
Final Exam (ACS standardized exam, covers both Organic I and Organic II)  April 30 (Monday), 10:00 to 11:55 am

January 24 (Wednesday), January 31 (Wednesday), February 21 (Wednesday), March 14 (Wednesday), April 4 (Wednesday), April 11 (Wednesday); 10:30 to 10:50 am


The University of Minnesota Duluth policies related to teaching and learning apply for this course. For details see:

Access for Students with Disabilities: It is the policy and practice of the University of Minnesota Duluth to create inclusive learning environments for all students, including students with disabilities. If there are aspects of this course that result in barriers to your inclusion or your ability to meet course requirements please notify the instructor as soon as possible. You are also encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Resources to discuss and arrange reasonable accommodations. Please call 218-726-6130 or visit the DR website at for more information.