Laboratory Rules
CHEM 2544 – Organic Chemistry II Laboratory – Spring 2014

Violations of any of the laboratory rules outlined below will result in the loss of points for the TA assessment score.

Eye Protection

You are required to wear safety goggles at all times. Even if you wear prescription glasses, wear safety goggles over them. Wear approved eye protection at all times while in the laboratory and in any area where chemicals are stored or handled. Wearing contact lenses in the chemistry laboratory is dangerous and you should not wear them. Safety goggles can be rented from the stock room for a charge. All laboratories have an eyewash fountain for your use. Please familiarize yourself with their use. In the event that a chemical splashes near your eyes, use the fountain before the material runs behind your safety glasses and into your eyes. You should irrigate your eyes for at least 10 minutes and call your TA.


Gloves have to be worn when moving or handling chemicals. You are not allowed touch door handles while wearing gloves. Do not touch your face, hair, goggles or clothing while wearing gloves. Wash your hands with soap once you take your gloves off.

Clothing and shoes

Shoes have to fully enclose your foot. You may not wear sandals, flats or flip-flops. You may not wear tights, leggings, running pants or shirts made predominantly from synthetic material (polyester, nylon, spandex, polypropylene, lycra etc). If your TA determines that you come to lab dressed inappropriately you must leave and obtain the correct clothing. When you return, you will not be able to make up any missed laboratory time.

Food and beverages


Eating and drinking are prohibited in the laboratory at all times.

Electronic devices

You may not use your phone, PDA, iPod or laptop in the laboratory.


Do not sit on laboratory benches.
Put your bags and coats into the spaces provided.
You may not apply make-up while working in the laboratory.
Do not mouth-pipette. Use a pipette to transfer liquids.
Solids should be handled with a spatula. Do not use your fingers.


Leave your workspace clean and neat. Clean up after yourself. Separate your waste into appropriate containers. If unsure please ask your TA.