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Coordination Number 6

For coordination number 6, there are 2 basic geometries, trigonal prismatic and octahedral, and distorted versions thereof.

Most compounds with a coordination number of 6 adopt an octahedral geometry.

-Octahedral AB6 octahedral

In case of 6 monoatomic ligands, an undistorted octahedron also has the high octahedral symmetry and belongs to the point group Oh.

octahedral formulaoctahedral picture

Cu2+ aqua complex


- Trigonal Prismatic AB6 trigonal prismatic

The trigonal prismatic structure is only rarely adopted. The few examples known include hexamethyl complexes with d0 configuration, such as hexamethyltungsten and [Zr(CH3)6]2-.

trigonal pyramidal formula trigonal pyramidal picture

a rhenium dithiolate complex


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