Geology 4110: Teaching Earth Science

Lecture Schedule
In Class Work
1. Jan 20
Introduction, getting to know one another
Your thougthts
2. Jan 27
Plate Tectonics ppt
Plates activity (from Dale Sawyer)
WEB Assignment (this year's reports-5 pts)
3. Feb. 3
Igneous Rocks (fabric and textures)
How do identify the various types of igneous rock
Tell me about a volcano
4. Feb. 10

Igneous Rocks (Primer)
Bowen's Reaction Series (ppt)

Identifying minerals in igneous rocks--to classify the rock
A set of minerals to identify (due next week-5 pts)

5. Feb. 17
Sedimentary Rocks (ppt)
The rock cyle revisited
Environments of Deposition
Identifying rocks (homework too)

Find a version of the rock cycle and write a page description on how it works. How could you use this in the classroom? (5 pts)


6. Feb. 24

Rocks of MN
Geology of Minnesota

PM's collapsed ppt from JM

Putting rocks to the map of MN
Link to two powerpoints by Jim Miller on the bedrock geology of MN. PreCambrian Phanerozoic
Virtual Egg Carton

Put together a graph of MN geologic time (5 pts)
7. Mar. 3
How Geologists Think

Working with Topographic and Geological Maps
Making Block Diagrams
Duluth Topo Map exercise

Make a cross section of a geological map

Take Home Midterm

8. Mar 10 How Geolgists Think again More work on cross-sections
Break Week: ENJOY!
9. Mar. 24
Glacial Geology
Using the 3-D map of MN to describe the glacial geology pdf of MN at a Glance
Work in pairs. One of you outline the glacial features of MN, the other WI.
10. Mar. 31
Your presentations of Geology of a part of MN and/or WI
11. Apr 7
Mineral Resources History
Mining and Environmental Impact
Cookie Mining doc xls
Synopsis of ppt
History of a mining area of your choice due April 14
12. Apr. 14
Celestia Stellarium
Using Celestia Using Stellarium
13. Apr. 21

A mapping exercise outside
Sunday April 25: Field Trip Duluth Area
14. April 28   Trip to Thunderbird Mine, Eveleth Notes from either the Sunday or Wed. field trip
15. May 4

Impacts on Land Usage
Mining; Use of Water; Energy

Refer to Mining and Environmental Impact: Water Problems; Coal problems
Extra-in case of rain on the 21st
Water Resources
Use of Water
Water Problems
Water quizzes
The Cadillac Desert! A book for all excerpt!
Exam Week
Lesson Plan of your choosing due by Thursday May 13th at 2 p.m.