Research Interests


Oxide deposits in mafic and ultramafic rocks.

PGE and Ni-Cu deposits and their relationship to ultramafic rocks.

Chemistry of disseminated chromite and its relation to Ni-Cu ores. Formation of ultramafic rocks.


Representative Publications:

Hauck, S., Severson, M., Zanko, L., Barnes, S-J, Morton, P., Alminas, H., Foord, EE, Dahlberg, E.H., A review of Sulfide, 1995, Platinum Group element and oxide Mineralization along the Western Contact of the Duluth Complex: As related to Structural Development. R. W. Ojakangas et al., (eds.), Basement Tectonics 10, 47-54, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Hauck, S. A., Severson, M., Zanko, L., Morton, P.,Barnes, S.J., Alminas,H., Foord, E., and Dahlberg, H., 1997. An overview of oxide, sulfide, and platinum group elements, and oxide mineralization along the western and northern contacts of the Duluth Complex, Geological Society of America Special Paper 312, pp 137-186.

Morton, P., and Hauck, S.A., 1987. PGE, Au and Ag contents of Cu-Ni Sulfides Found at the Base of the Duluth Complex, Northeastern Minnesota, Technical Report NRRI/GMIN-TR-87-04, NRRI-UMD, 85 pp.

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