Geology 2300: Basic Mineralogy and Petrology

Lecture Subjects Photo of rosette of gypsum Photo of agate stromatolite
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Things to learn

Week 1 Jan 27   Introduction (Definitions)
  Physical Properties of Minerals Color
Week 2 Feb 4   Symmetry
  Crystal Systems, Forms
Week 3 Feb 11--a lot of stuff!  

Chemical Principles/Bonding
Solid Solution

Download a Periodic Table

  PDFN Nomenclature
Distribution of the Elements
(Plotting of Mineral compositions)
Week 4 Feb 18   Native Metals/Oxides/Hydroxides/Sulfides
Week 5 Feb 25   Classification of Silicates
Week 6 Mar 4   Inosilicates/Cyclosilicates
Week 6 Mar 11   Rocks: Igneous Rocks (lecture schedule for igneous rocks)
  Igneous Processes (What causes melting?)
  Igneous Processes (Viscosity)
Take Home
Break Week
Week 8 Mar 25 --catch up   Igneous Processes (Continental and Oceanic igneous rocks)
Week 9 April 1   Sedimentary Rocks- What to cover, importance, types, Walther's Law
  Sedimentary Rocks-weathering, Lithification ,Directional Indicators
Week 10 April 8   Sedimentary Rocks- Environments of Deposition, Definitions
Week 11 April 15   Metamorphism: Equilibrium, Contact Metamorphism
  Mineral Assemblages / Index Minerals/Metamorphic isograds
Week 12 April 22   Regional Metamorphism
  A review of all kinds of rocks
This leaves us two weeks to finish up everything

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