Geol 4350: Economic Geology
Fall, 2007


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Academic Conduct
The instructor will enforce and students are expected to follow the University's Student Conduct Code
( ).  Appropriate classroom conduct promotes an environment of academic achievement and integrity. Disruptive classroom behavior that substantially or repeatedly interrupts either the instructor's ability to teach, or student
learning, is prohibited. Disruptive behavior includes inappropriate use of technology in the classroom. Examples include ringing cell phones,
text-messaging, watching videos, playing computer games, doing email, or surfing the Internet on your computer instead of note-taking or other instructor-sanctioned activities.

Academic Integrity
Academic dishonesty tarnishes UMD's reputation and discredits the accomplishments of students.  UMD is committed to providing students
every possible opportunity to grow in mind and spirit.  This pledge can only be redeemed in an environment of trust, honesty, and fairness.  As a result, academic dishonesty is regarded as a serious offense by all members of the academic community.  In keeping with this ideal, this
course will adhere to UMD's Student Academic Integrity Policy, which can be found at .  This policy
sanctions students engaging in academic dishonesty with penalties up to and including expulsion from the university for repeat offenders.


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