Geol 4350: Economic Geology
Fall, 2007


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Lecture Lab Schedule

Week Date Lectures Lab
1 Sept 4/5 Introduction: Classification of Ore Deposits (RLM & PM) Minerals that you know (PM)
2 Sept 10/12 Ore fluids; Fluid Inclusions (PM) Working with ore minerals (PM)
3 Sept 17/19 Stable Isotopes (PM); Introduction to Field Trip (RLM) Ore microscopy (PM)
  Sept 20-23 Field Trip to Sturgeon Lake and Five Mile Lake (RLM)
4 Sept 24/26 VMS deposits (RLM) VMS Lab (RLM)
5 Oct.1/3 VMS and Sea Floor (RLM)


6 Oct. 8/10 Magmatic Sulfides: Cu-Ni (PM) Lab on Sudbury (PM)
7 Oct. 15/17 More Ni-Cu (PM)First exam-17 Lab on Sudbury (PM)
8 Oct. 22/24 Pt, Pd, Chromite (PM) Duluth Complex (maybe will change) (PM)
9 Oct 29/31 Porphyry Copper (RLM) Porphyry Lab (RLM)
10 Nov. 6/7 Porphyry Cu, Mo, Au (RLM) Porphyry Lab (RLM)
11 Nov. 12/14 Epithermal Au (RLM) Epithermal Au (RLM)
12 Nov. 19/21 Epithermal Au and Carlin (RLM) Epithermal Au (RLM)
13 Nov. 26/28 Mesothermal Au (RLM) Hemlo Lab (RLM)
14 Dec.3/5 Stratabound Sedimentary Hosted (PM) Hemlo Lab (RLM)
15 Dec. 10/12 Iron ore: Wrap up and Catch up (PM and RLM) Finish your journal
Tuesday Dec. 18, 2:00 p.m. Final Exam Date










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