Geol 4350: Economic Geology
Fall, 2007


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Economic Geology Introduction

Classification of Ore Deposits

Classification of Mafic and Ultramafic Bodies

Notes on the History of Ore Genesis

Ore Bearing Fluids Fluid Inclusions
O and H stable isotopes S Isotopes
Overhead Ni-Cu Deposits S isotopes of Ni-Cu deposits
Compostion of a Mafic Magma Sulfur Saturation
Fe-S-O melt Distribution Coefficient
Billiard Ball Theory Relationship of Mg/Mg+Fe to Ni/Cu ratios
Sudbury Ore Types Sudbury Composition of Melt

Sudbury Geology

Notes on Kambalda I, Kambalda II

Adding SiO2 to a mafic melt

Notes on Duluth Complex

Chromite Reserves

Comparison between Podiform and Stratiform
Chromite Deposits Crystallization of Chromite

Bushveld Complex

PGE Deposits
Where are Chromite Deposits Found?
Stratabound Deposits: Outline, General Sedimentary Cu Deposits
  SEDEX deposits






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