Academic Credit Details

Guidelines for English 5591 section 221, Independent Study

As a general rule, students seeking credit for English 5591 must meet informally with the instructor, read agreed-upon Irish texts, and submit a paper (4-5 pages per credit). The following reading list is keyed to the tour:

Lady Augusta Gregory Selected Plays or folk and legendary materials

1 credit

James Joyce Dubliners 1 credit
James Joyce Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 1 credit
James Joyce Ulysses (for advanced students of literature only) 2 credits
Frank McCourt Angela's Ashes 1 credit
Sean O'Casey Selected plays 1 credit
John Millington Synge Selected plays 1 credit
W. B. Yeats Selected poems 1 credit









Other writers/works must be arranged with the instructor.

Students seeking academic credit must, prior to registration, confer with the instructor and agree upon a reading list, tentative times for discussion during Spring Semester 2003, and general guidelines for a paper.

For more information about academic credit or to consult the instructor, contact Martin Bock, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of English, at 218/726-7138 or e-mail Dr. Bock at


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