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"Crimson Twilight, Kentucky"  Adam Jones





University of Minnesota Duluth   UMD

Master of Science May 2005  

Computer Science


University of Minnesota Duluth   UMD

Bachelor of Science May 2003 Cum Laude Cumulative GPA: 3.5/4.0

Computer Science,  Major GPA: 3.5/4.0        Minor: Applied Mathematics



Advanced Machine Learning                 Automata                                              Natural Language Processing    

Advanced Computational Logic              Computer Organization                          Object Oriented Design

Artificial Intelligence                              Computer Networks                              Operating Systems                   

Advanced Data Structures                     Databases                                             Probability Models

Advanced NLP                                     Modeling with Dynamical Systems         Software Development                                                             


·         Programming Languages:     C, C++ (STL), Perl, JAVA, Lisp, Prolog

·         Internet Programming:         PHP, JavaScript and HTML

·         Databases:                          mySql, Oracle, SQL, FileMaker Pro and MS Access

·         Software Packages:             Mathematica, Visual Studio.NET, Borland C++ Builder MS Office & Star Office     

Suit, Komodo, Active State Perl, Adobe Products, Macromedia Products



Identifying Sets of Related Words from the World Wide Web,

Goal of my thesis research is to use the World Wide Web as a source of information to identify sets of words that are related in meaning. The Web creates a unique set of challenges, including its ever-changing state, and the presence of repetitive, noisy, or low-quality data. We will use a commercial search engine such as Google to retrieve text from the Web. Google and many other search engines provide APIs that allow a programmer to interface with their content, and retrieve the data in a more convenient form.



            Summer Internship, 3M Pharmaceuticals, St. Paul June 2004 - August 2004

·         Provided informatics support to research scientists.

·         Implemented robust software solutions given project goals, screens shots and requirements.

·         Deployed software solutions to scientists through training, coaching and presentations.

·         Extracted data from scientist's flat files and organized and prepared it for relational databases.

·         Mentored junior intern throughout summer.


Graduate Teaching Assistant, Computer Science Dept., UMD Fall 2003 - present

·         Conduct programming labs and recitations for computer science classes. 

·         Conduct lectures and labs.

·         Proctor and grade exams. 


Technology Consultant, Career Services, UMD Fall 2001 – Summer 2003

·   Developed database driven resume referral system.  

·   Maintained and designed Career Services web site using PHP, MHTML and mySQL.

·   Maintained web servers and various application servers.

·   Installed hardware and software in office computers.

·   Provided technical support to staff and website users.



Google-Hack, Fall 2004

Implemented a Perl package using the Google API. Given two words, the program tries to predict if the words are related to each other or not. The program tries to predict the Semantic Orientation of words and text (such as, positive or negative association).Given two or more words, tries to find a cluster of related set of words using pattern matching techniques. Version 0.06 can be accessed through http://google-hack.sourceforge.net.


Automated Essay Grader, Fall 2004

Implemented an essay grader which will prompt the user with argument analysis type questions. The system will analyze the user’s response and give immediate feed-back to the user regarding the response. The system will assign a score for the response based on irrelevant, gibberish and incorrect sentences.


LAN Emulation, Fall 2004

Implemented the functionalities of stations, hubs and bridges using BSD sockets for inter-process. Functionality of Bridge included backward learning and Distributed spanning tree protocol.


Routing Emulation, Fall 2004

Implemented an IP routing emulation program with ARP protocol. Used BSD sockets to emulate the functionalities of hosts and routers for inter-process communication.


Chemical Compound Request System, Summer 2004

Implemented a web-based application using PHP and Oracle for scientists to request chemical compounds.


Genetic Algorithm, Fall 2003

Implemented a Genetic Algorithm that tries to produce a set of rules which can classify data by learning hypotheses from sample datasets. The hypotheses were represented as bit strings of random size. For each pair of parent hypotheses, off spring hypotheses are produced and the evolution process is repeated to create rules that can make an accurate prediction. The program was implemented in C++.


K-Means Clustering Algorithm, Fall 2003 -

Implemented a K-Means clustering program that clusters data according to their similarity. The cluster centroids are calculated and data points are assigned to the number of clusters specified. The cluster centroids are then re-calculated and the process is repeated for a given number of epochs. The program was implemented in C++.


MINIDB , Spring 2003

Implemented a Buffer Page Manager, Heap File Manager and System Catalog that supports DML commands using C++. 


UMD Career Services Events , Fall 2002

Designed and implemented a web application which allows companies to register for job fairs using a PHP and mySql interface http://careers.d.umn.edu.


Graduate Follow-up Approval System, Fall 2002

Designed and implemented a web application to store and manipulate student placement data using a PHP and mySql interface. The user uploads a comma- separated file, and the system parses the information, formats and validates the data and loads it into the mySql database http://careers.d.umn.edu.



Dean’s List for Academic Excellence 5 semesters, Fall 2002, Summer 2002, Fall 2001, Spring 2001, Fall 2000

            UMD Leadership Certificate, 2003, 2002



President, UMD International Club, 2002-2003

Public Relations Officer, UMD International Club, 2001-2002

Volunteer, Endion Center, Duluth

References Available Upon Request