Dr. Richard A. Davis
Professor & Head of Chemical Engineering
Swenson College of Science and Engineering

University of Minnesota Duluth

Office: 176 Engineering Building
Phone: x6162 Email: rdavis


My ChE Courses
  • ChE 3031 Computational Methods in ChE
    • Textbook: Practical Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineers using Excel with VBA 4th Edition
  • ChE 3111 Fluid Mechanics
  • ChE 3112 Heat & Mass Transfer
  • ChE 3211 ChE Laboratory I
  • ChE 3791 ChE Independent Study
    • Green Engineering
    • Bioprocess Engineering
  • ChE 3894 ChE Research
  • ChE 3196 ChE Cooperative Education I
  • ChE 3296 ChE Cooperative Education II
  • ChE 4111 Separations
  • ChE 4211 ChE Laboratory II
  • ChE 4301 Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • ChE 4501 Chemical Engineering Design I
  • ChE 4502 Chemical Engineering Design II
  • ChE 4601 Biochemical Engineering
  • ChE 5031 ChE Analysis

The engineer's code of ethics can be [simply] stated
... in five words: Be honest, competent, and polite.

- W. O. Felsman


Absolute zero is cool!

Do you have the knack?
(Its really nothing to cry about!)

My Chemical Engineering Family Tree

"Super Bowl of Chemical Engineeringl" fever!

"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate."

Famous Chemical Engineers

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