Lab Assignment Requirements
CS-1011, Introduction to Computers and Software
Instructor: Rich Maclin

How labs work

The lab time each week is devoted to getting started on the next computing assignment. Do not assume that you will be able to complete the whole thing in 50 minutes. You will have the rest of the week to work on what you started in lab.

When you come to lab, make sure you have already got the files you will need and are ready to begin. The files may be downloaded from the textbook website: . You should not waste valuable lab time downloading the files.

During lab, the TA will demonstrate how to open the software program used for this assignment. He/she will then demonstrate how to accomplish several of the first steps in the assignment. After that, you are free to work on your own. The TA will be available to answer your questions.

Remember, your assignments must be ready to hand in at the beginning of the lab hour next week. If you do not have them finished you will lose points (see the course syllabus for details. You can also lose points if your assignment was not completed properly (yes, it must look exactly like the one in the book) or if you did not present it properly. Lab assignments must have a stapled coversheet, as described below.

Cover sheets, etc.

All labs must be assembled in a way that makes them easy to grade and hand back. Labs will not be accepted unless they have a typed coversheet and are stapled. The cover sheet must have your name and section number, in 12 point type, located in the upper right-hand corner. In addition, you must provide a centered title in the upper middle portion of the page that includes your assignment number and title, your name, and course and section identifier in 14 point type as below:

Ima Student
Section 91
Spring 2003

Lab #3
Excel Tutorial 3: Creating a Spreadsheet
Due February 7, 2003

On my honor, I have neither given nor received any aid on this lab.
Your Signature
Ima Student (Printed or typed please)

Fraudulent labs

As part of your cover sheet for each lab you will be expected to sign a statement indicating that the lab is your own work (see above example). NO lab will be accepted without this signed statement. Your labs should be your own creations. If your name is on a lab, you are claiming credit for having completed the assigned tasks without the assistance of others. Unless specifically stated in the lab assignment there are no group projects in this course. This means that it is unethical to work as a group and then each claim credit for the assignment submitted individually. Similarly, it is unethical to acquire a copy of the assignment from another person to aid in solving the lab. In this case both the giver and receiver of the lab are equally at fault.

Teaching Assistants will be instructed to report labs that are in violation of these policies. Penalties for misrepresenting the originality of your work range from taking a 0 on the lab (in minor cases) to formal charges of scholastic dishonesty brought against the student through the student conduct code violation procedures of the College of Science and Engineering.

If you need extra help with this class there are several options. First, make sure you are reading the text. Attending lecture is not sufficient to provide you with all the knowledge necessary for this course. The text does a very complete job and contains numerous examples not covered in lecture. Second, visit the TA's or the instructor during their regularly scheduled office hours. Finally, If you need a tutor you should check with the Tutoring Center (Campus Center 40).

If you have a problem with your program you should first go to the lab consultants. They can sit down with you at the terminal and examine what is wrong with the lab. If the consultant cannot help you should see your TA, preferably in a computer lab when they are holding office hours. If all else fails come see your instructor during office hours. Make sure to bring a hard copy of the lab showing the problem (if possible).

Email is not a particularly effective or timely method for seeking help with a lab assignment, although it is useful for other course-related questions. If you do send email to your TA or instructor be sure to identify what class and section you are in.

The most important thing you can do to help yourself with the labs is to


Late lab penalties
All assignments are due on the date given in the course calendar. Unless otherwise indicated, assignments are due at the beginning of class.

Penalties for late assignments are as follows: