CS 1011 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Spring 2001

Where do I hand in assignments?

Bring them to lecture or lab (as appropriate) or bring them to the CS office (Heller Hall 320) and give them to one of the secretaries making sure to indicate to whom you are turning in the material.

Can I hand in assignments on-line?

No. You must turn in a hard copy. Electronic submissions create a number of problems and also require the TAs to spend significant time printing these submissions out for grading purposes.

Are you going to curve the score for (Lab X, the Final, etc.)?

No. Your total score is simply the sum of all of the points you accumulate on the various assignments/exams. But I will take into account the overall difficulty of the various assignments/exams when determining how many points it requires to achieve a particular grade.

What do I need to hand in for the lab assignments?

If the assignment involves creating a document of some type print out the document. In other cases you should print out a "screen dump" (a printout of what the screen looks like) at the end of each section of the lab. Luke will show you how to do a screen dump. You should also check out the lab policies page.