CS 1011: Introduction to Computers and Software

Summer 2000

Lecturer: Rich Maclin

Teaching Assistant: Hariprasad Bommaganti (Hari)



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Class Calendar (all items tentative until the day of class)

Week 1

5/22/2000, Monday (Day 1)
  Lecture: Introduction
  Homework: Chapter 1 Checkpoint, p. 1.42
  Review: if you are unfamiliar with computers plan on doing Win95 Tutorial 1 (Exploring
    the Basics), p. Win95:3
  Purchase: 2 floppy disks to bring to lab
  Lab: Win95 Tutorial 2 (Working with Files), p. Win95:29
       complete and hand in Tutorial Assignments at the end of the lab
  Review: if it has been a long time since you have used a word processor you should
    review MS Word Tutorials 1 (Creating A Document) and 2 (Editing and Formatting a
  Reading: Chapters 1-3
           Lab for Tuesday

5/23/2000, Tuesday (Day 2)
  Lecture: Computer History, Computer System Organization
  Homework: Chapter 2 Checkpoint, p. 2.51
  Lab: MS Word Tutorial 3 (Creating a Multiple-Page Report), p. W:3.1
  Reading: Chapter 4
           Lab for Wednesday

5/24/2000, Wednesday (Day 3)
  Lecture: Computer System Organization, Computer Input
  Homework: Chapter 3 Checkpoint, p. 3.36
  Lab: MS Word Tutorial 4 (Desktop Publishing a Newsletter), p. W:4.1
  Reading: Chapter 5
           Lab for Thursday

5/25/2000, Thursday (Day 4)
  Lecture: Computer Input, Computer Output
  Homework: Chapter 4 Checkpoint, p. 4.34
  Lab: MS Excel Tutorials 1 (Using Worksheets to Make Business Decisions) and
       2 (Creating a Worksheet), p. E:1.1 and E:2.1
  Reading: Chapter 6
           Lab for Monday

5/26/2000, Friday (no class)

Week 2

5/29/2000, Monday (no class)

5/30/2000, Tuesday (Day 5)
  Lecture: Computer Output, Storage Devices
  Homework: Chapter 5 Checkpoint, p. 5.32
  Lab: MS Excel Tutorial 3 (Developing a Professional-Looking Worksheet), p. E:3.1
  Reading: Chapter 8
           Lab for Wednesday

5/31/2000, Wednesday (Day 6)
  Lecture: Storage Devices, Operating Systems
  Homework: Chapter 6 Checkpoint, p. 6.34
  Lab: Integrating MS Office 97 Tutorial 1 (Integrating Word and Excel), p. I:1.3
  Reading: Chapters 10, 11
           Lab for Thursday

6/01/2000, Thursday (Day 7)
  Lecture: Operating Systems, Intro to Databases
  Homework: Chapter 8 Checkpoint, p. 8.32
  Lab: MS Access Tutorials 1 (Introduction to Microsoft Access 97) and
       2 (Maintaining a Database), p. A:1.3 and A:2.1
  Reading: Chapter 9
           Lab for Friday

6/02/2000, Friday (Day 8)
  Lecture: Intro to Databases, Information Systems Development
  Homework: Chapter 10 Checkpoint, p. 10.40
  Lab: MS Access Tutorial 3 (Querying a Database), p. A:3.1
  Reading: Chapter 7
           Lab for Monday

Week 3

6/05/2000, Monday (Day 9)
  Lecture: Information Systems Development, Communications and Connectivity
  Homework: Chapter 11 Checkpoint, p. 11.38
  Lab: MS Access Tutorial 4 (Creating Forms and Reports), p. A:4.1
  Reading: Chapter 13
           Lab for Tuesday

6/06/2000, Tuesday (Day 10)
  Lecture: Communications and Connectivity, The Internet
  Homework: Chapter 9 Checkpoint, p. 9.40
  Lab: MS Powerpoint Tutorial 1 (Creating a PowerPoint Presentation), p. P:1.3
  Reading: Chapter 12
           Lab for Wednesday

6/07/2000, Wednesday (Day 11)
  Lecture: Computer Program Development, Multimedia
  Homework: Chapter 7 Checkpoint, p. 7.40
  Lab: MS Powerpoint Tutorial 2 (Creating Graphics for Your Slides), p. P:2.1
  Reading: Chapter 14
           Lab for Thursday

6/08/2000, Thursday (Day 12)
  Lecture: Ethics
  Homework: Chapter 13 Checkpoint, p. 13.36
  Lab: Integrating MS Office Tutorial 2 (Integrating Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint), p. I:2.3

6/09/2000, Friday (Day 13)
  8:15-9:55:    Written Final (300 points), HH 302
  10:00-11:40:  Lab Final (100 points), SBE 45

Class Note Outlines:

Sample Questions for the Written portion of the Final

Study Guides and Old Exams (from Jim Allert)

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