Computer Science I CS 1511


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Table of Contents

Computer Science I CS 1511


Outline (cont)

Computer Science History

Hardware “Generations”

Environment “Generations”

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science is ...

Computer Science is ...

Computer Science is ...

Computer System

Computer Hardware

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Memory (Storage)

Computer Software

Program in Memory

Computer Languages

Machine Language

Assembly Language

High-level Language

“Natural” Language

Creating a Program


Creating a Program

Program Execution

System Development Life Cycle

Program Development

1. Understand the Problem

2. Develop a Solution

3. Write Code

4. Run the Program

5. Test the Program

Developing an Algorithm

Structure Chart Boxes

Developing an Algorithm (cont)

Stepwise Refinement

Multi-layer Structure Chart

Another Example

Module Specification

Module Example


Pseudo-code Example

Code Testing

Software Engineering

Author: Richard Maclin


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