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Table of Contents



Pointer Basics

Pointer Variable Definition

Address (&) Operator

Pointer Variable Initialization/Assignment

Indirection (*) Operator

Pointer Sample

Reference Parameters

Pointer Return Values

Pointers to Pointers

Pointer Types

Casting Pointers

The General (void) Pointer

1D Arrays and Pointers

1D Array and Pointers Example

1D Array as Parameter

Understanding Complex Declarations

Declarations Examples

Program Parts

Limits of Static Allocation

Dynamic Memory Allocation

Memory Management Functions

Array Allocation with calloc

calloc Example

Releasing Memory (free)

free Example

The Importance of free

Array Allocation with malloc

Increasing Memory Size with realloc

realloc Example

Dynamically Allocating 2D Arrays

Dynamically Allocating 2D Array

Non-Square 2D Arrays

Author: Richard Maclin

Email: rmaclin@d.umn.edu

Home Page: http://www.d.umn.edu/~rmaclin/

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