Derived Types


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Table of Contents

Derived Types


Type Definition

Enumerated Types

Enumerated Type Use

Enumerated Type Details

Building Enumerated Types

Structured Variables

Structured Variable

Structure Types

Field Selection

Structure Initialization

Structure Assignment

Structure Comparison

Slack Bytes

Structure Example

Passing Structures as Parameters

Structure as Value Parameter

Structure as Return Value

Structure as Reference Parameter

The Pointer Selection Operator

Pointer Selection Example

Derived Types as Fields

Array Within Structure

Array Within Structure (cont)

Nested Structure

Nested Structure (cont)

Initializing Nested Structures

Representing Table Data

Table: Array of Structures

Array of Structures

Array of Structures Example

Menu Function

Initializing Array

Saving Table Info to File

Reading Table from File

Insert Item Into Table

Inserting Student

Inserting Student (Sorted)

Removing Item From Table

Removing Student

Removing Student (Sorted)

Printing Students

Sorting Table

Selection Sorting Students

Union Variables

Union Types

Unions in Structures

Unions in Structures

Author: Richard Maclin


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