Linked List


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Linked List


Limitation of Arrays

Dynamically Allocating Elements

Linked List Notes

Linked List Type

Sample Linked List Operations

Sample Linked List Ops (cont)

Sample Linked List Ops (cont)

Sample Linked List Ops (cont)

Common Mistakes

List Initialization

A Helper Function

List Insertion (at front)

Insert at Front Example

Insert at Front (Again)

Insert at End

Insert at End Example

Reading a Group of Elements

Reading Group - Add at End

Reading Group - Add at End (cont)

Printing a List

Finding an Element in List

Deleting an Element

Deletion Code

Selection Sorting Linked List

Item Before Largest

Linked List Variation: Dummy Head Node

DH List Initialization/Insert

DH Inserting at End

DH Printing a List

DH Deletion Code

Linked List Variation: Sorted List

Sorted Insert (with Dummy Head)

Author: Richard Maclin


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