CS 4993 Class Schedule

9/6 (Tuesday)Introduction
9/8 (Thursday)Paper assignments
Discuss synopsis
Discuss Talks
9/13 (Tuesday)No class
9/15 (Thursday)No class
9/20 (Tuesday)Synopsis (first pass) due
Answer questions about talks
9/22 (Thursday)No class
9/27 (Tuesday)Synopsis (first pass) returned
Answer questions about talks
9/29 (Thursday) Talk 1: Speaker: Andrew Kasper, Paper: "Mapping the foundationalist debate in computer ethics," Luciano Floridi and J.W. Sanders , EIT 4(1)
Talk 2: Speaker: Justin Zimpel, Paper: "Computers in control: Rational transfer of authority or irresponsible abdication of autonomy?," Arthur Kuflik, EIT 1(3)
10/4 (Tuesday) Synopsis (final version) due
Talk 3: Speaker: Ryan Salsman, Paper: "Is it wrong to play violent video games?," Matt McCormick, EIT 3(4)
Talk 4: Speaker: Peter Euphosin, Paper: "Spyware - the ethics of covert software," Mathias Klang, EIT 6(3)
10/6 (Thursday) Talk 5: Speaker: Andrew Norgren, Paper: "Beware! Uncle Sam has Your DNA: Legal Fallout from its Use and Misuse in the U.S.," Marcia Weiss, EIT 6(1)
Talk 6: Speaker: Ryan Schlimmer, Paper: "Observing bodies: Camera surveillance and the significance of the body," Lynsey Dubbeld, EIT 5(3)
10/11 (Tuesday) Talk 7: Speaker: Jason Novek, Paper: "The future of intellectual property," Richard Spinello, EIT 5(1)
Talk 8: Speaker: Joseph Marty, Paper: "The tragedy of the digital commons," Gian Maria Greco and Luciano Floridi, EIT 6(2)
10/13 (Thursday) Talk 9: Speaker: Andrew Karasch, Paper: "Information technology, GIS and democratic values: Ethical implications for IT professionals in public service," Akhlaque Haque, EIT 5(1)
Talk 10: Speaker: Pat Jones, Paper: "Post-September 11: Computers, ethics and war," Richard De George, EIT 5(4)
12/13 (Tuesday)Fill out class evaluations