CS 4993 Course Syllabus
Fall, 2005

Course Information

Instructor:Rich Maclin
Office:315 Heller Hall
Office Hours:13:30-14:30 Tuesday, Thursday and by appointment

Course Description

Written report and oral presentation of a topic relating to the social and ethical implications of computing.

Course Goals

The primary goals associated with this class include:

  1. To revisit ethical and social issues in the computer science profession and to enable you to recognize and deal with ethical dilemmas.
  2. To provide an opportunity for you to expand your oral and written communication skills developed in your degree program.

Student Responsibilities

Class will meet periodically during the class time according to the schedule posted on the class web page. Students are required to attend all class meetings and to actively participate in the classroom discussions.

Students will be required to read a paper on ethical and social issues related to computer science and to write a four page, double spaced synposis of that paper. Students will also be required to make a 20 minute presentation on that paper during the class period. Students will be graded on their final synposis, their oral presentation, and on their class participation.

Grading Basis

Attendance and Participation20%
Written Synposis40%
Oral Presentation40%

Equal Opportunity

As instructor I shall make every attempt to treat all students equally, without regard to race, religion, color, sex, handicap, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation. I encourage you to talk to me about your concerns of equal opportunity in the classroom. To inquire further about the University's policy on equal opportunity, contact the Office of Equal Opportunity (6827), 269-273 DAdB.

Students With Disabilities

If you have any disability (either permanent or temporary) that might affect your ability to perform in this class, please inform me at the start of the semester. I may adapt methods, materials, or testing so that you can participate equitably. To learn about the services that UMD provides to students with disabilities, contact the Access Center (8727), 138 Kirby Plaza, or the Office of Equal Opportunity (8217), 269-273 DAdB.