Teaching Assistant: Ruinan (Renie) Lu

Lab for CS 5641 meets in 177 MWAH every Wednesday at 17:00-17:50. Below are suggested review materials and things to try for each lab.


  1. (9/4/2002) Review makefiles and the debugger gdb. Some useful web pages include:
  2. (9/11/2002) Use flex, the GNU automatic scanner generator. Try to use flex to do the following: The flex online manual can be found at http://www.gnu.org/manual/flex-2.5.4/html_mono/flex.html .
  3. (9/18/2002) Work on the flex solution to your homework 1 question with the TA.

    Introduce yourself to your project teammate and work out work times and schedules.

    The TA will discuss project part 1 and some implementation suggestions.

  4. (9/25/2002) Discuss project part 1 with TA
  5. (10/2/2002) Discuss project part 2 with TA (and how it interacts with project part 1)