Computer Science 5641
Compiler Design
Project Part 2 (45 points)
Due October 20, 2009

A simple math language is described here math_language.html. In this project you will need to implement two scanners. One scanner should be implemented in C or C++ using flex. The other should be a transducer implemented in Java. Start by identifying the possible tokens in the simple math language. Then implement the two scanners for these tokens. Over the course of the semester we will be implementing a working interpreter for a simple language. The project will be divided into several smaller parts, each building on previous parts. In this first section we will begin with something (hopefully) straightforward and give you a chance to get comfortable with programming.

Implementation Details


Test your code on a set of files containing a variety of tokens. For each file print out the original file and then the output which should be a listing of the tokens, what line and character numbers the token appears at and the value of the token where appropriate.


Document your code and your testing. You should writeup a summary of the system. In addition, each student should write up an assessment of their teammates performance.