Computer Science 5641
Compiler Design
Project Part 4 (70 points)
Due December 15, 2009 (No Late Programs)

To complete the project you will now need to implement an interpreter for one of your parsers. You are welcome to use either your C++ or your Java parser in this section (and no, you do not have to do both). Again our language is the one found in math_language.html. You should implement the language by parsing a file of commands, then executing a statement at a time, before executing the statement you should type check that statement to make sure all of the operators can be correctly applied.

Implementation Rules


Test your code on a variety of input files showing each of the errors you can capture as well as how each command executes. Also, attempt to implement a larger programming (calculating the inverse of a matrix if possible) to show off your code's capabilities. Note that you will be graded on how completely you test your code..


Document your code and your testing. You should writeup a summary of the system. In addition, each student should write up an assessment of their teammates performance.

Extra Credit (up to 20 points)

Make a second version of your code that reads and executes individual statements from a command line. If you do this make sure to test this code as well. In this version you may want to add an extra command to show all of the variables that have been defined.