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For each talk you attend you should fill out the following form.  Note that
I will be taking attendance at each talk and will only accept feeback from
students attending a talk (I will also be taking into account how many talks
talks you skipped).  Please fill out the form, trying not to be overly
negative.  Note that your name and ID# will be stripped off the form and
a photo-copy given to the speaker, so if you are uncomfortable about your
handwriting being recognized please write in block letters.

Speaker Name: _____________________________

On a scale of 1-7 (1=very strongly disagree, 2=strongly disagree, 3=disagree,
4=neutral, 5=agree, 6=strongly agree, and 7=very strongly agree) indicate
how much you agree with the following statements.

I learned a lot from the talk.        [  ] - value from 1-7
The talk was very understandable.     [  ] - value from 1-7
Overall, the speaker did a good job.  [  ] - value from 1-7

In the spaces below please add comments for the speaker.

Some of the strengths of the presentation were:

Some of the weaknesses of the presentation were:

Suggestions for improving future presentations would include: