CS 8751, Spring 2009

Class Presentations

Each research presentation should be done in PowerPoint or an equivalent and should be approximately 30-40 minutes long. For your presentation you should plan to:

Note that you should NOT simply replicate the material as presented in the paper. Remember that you are trying to help people understand the material.

Also note that you should try to make the presentation interesting and informative. Make extensive use of pictures and graphs (though you should NEVER simply cut pdf out of the paper and present it - redraw or redo a formula if you want to use it). Make sure to use examples to illustrate points.

Presentation order:

Day Speaker 1 Speaker 2
1: 4/20 Atul Kulkarni
Netflix Prize Prediction Method
Project Writeup
Siddharth Deokar
Weighted Nearest Neighbor Algorithms
Project Writeup
2: 4/22 Dinesh Bhirud
Learning from Implicit Feedback
Project Writeup
Varada Kolhatkar
Project Writeup
3: 4/27 Prasad Kulkarni
Randomized Variable Elimination
Project Writeup
Andrew Larson
Semi-Supervised Support Vector Classification
4: 4/29 Pavan Poluri
Project Writeup
Varun Sudhakar
Empirical Comparison Experiments from Caruana's Work
Project Writeup
5: 5/4 Chaitanya Polumetla
Optimal Brain Damage
Project Writeup

Research Writeup

You should writeup a study of the paper as a set of web pages, presenting the main algorithm, a discussion of related work, and any experiments you performed as part of your implementation. You writeup should make extensive use of pictures, graphics, diagrams and other visual aids. You should also carefully present and analyze your experimental results. Your writeup should exist as a base web page and any related pages and should be made available on your home web page for your classmates to view.