Hi all, sorry this is late, but Tara gave birth to our first child, Abby on
August 16th and we have been a bit busy.

Well folks, its that time of year again -- with the coming of winter in
Duluth (any day now) I am once again contemplating the start of football
season, and more importantly, my annual football pool.  As with past years
the pool will have no monetary reward, just the chance to make all your
friends green with envy over your prognosticating skill, plus the chance
to have your name listed in the annals of past winners:

2012 Jeff Horvath (jeff)
2011 Jesse Davis (jdavis)
2010 Brenda Podemski (bpodemski)
2009 Sean Selitrenifkoff (seanse)
2008 Jesse Davis (jdavis), Jim Pruyne (jim_pruyne)
2007 Paul Bradley (Paul)
2006 Nick Street (nstreet)
2005 Paul Bradley (Paul)
2004 Kelly Street (bostreet)
2003 Matt Koehler (matty)
2002 Mike Rawdon (rawdon)
2001 Paul Bradley (paulb)
2000 Nick Street (nickstreet)
1999 Matt Koehler (matty)
1998 Jeff Horvath (jeff)
1997 Dave Opitz (opitz)
1996 Dave Opitz (opitz)
1995 Rich Maclin (rmaclin)
1994 Bob Olsen (olsen)
1993 Bob Olsen (olsen)
1992 Jim Pruyne (pruyne)

What I need from you today are two things:

1) Confirmation that you want to be in the pool (otherwise I will assume
   you are not interested).  Note, sending in your week 1 picks from the form below
   constitutes an "I'm in."

2) Names of anyone else you think might want to play.

Note that there is a web page that allows you to get forms for future
weeks (all of the forms will be available shortly).  Plus you can look at
past results.  Check it out at:


Contact me if you have any problems with that page.  I still plan to send
out forms via email, the web page just adds an extra resource.


P.S.  I have all of the schedules for the whole year, so feel free to
request as far ahead as you like.

P.P.S.  Here is the Week 1 form.  Note the first game is this Thursday, so I need
your picks by Thursday (at least for that game).  Note, as always you can take the
Vegas line on the Thursday game, which, for this week is 14 points on Denver.  So,
if you miss sending in the picks on Thursday, send them by Sunday morning and put
14 points on Denver.

Week 1 (Due Thursday, September 5th by 7:00 pm)
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[  ] Baltimore      at [  ] Denver           7:30 pm (CT) NBC (Thu)
[  ] New_England    at [  ] Buffalo         12:00 noon (CT) CBS
[  ] Cincinnati     at [  ] Chicago         12:00 noon (CT) CBS
[  ] Miami_         at [  ] Cleveland       12:00 noon (CT) CBS
[  ] Oakland        at [  ] Indianapolis    12:00 noon (CT) CBS
[  ] Kansas_City    at [  ] Jacksonville    12:00 noon (CT) CBS
[  ] Tampa_Bay      at [  ] NY_Jets         12:00 noon (CT) FOX
[  ] Tennessee      at [  ] Pittsburgh      12:00 noon (CT) CBS
[  ] Atlanta        at [  ] New_Orleans     12:00 noon (CT) FOX
[  ] Seattle        at [  ] Carolina        12:00 noon (CT) FOX
[  ] Minnesota      at [  ] Detroit         12:00 noon (CT) FOX
[  ] Arizona        at [  ] St_Louis         3:25 pm (CT) FOX
[  ] Green_Bay      at [  ] San_Francisco    3:25 pm (CT) FOX
[  ] NY_Giants      at [  ] Dallas           7:30 pm (CT) NBC
[  ] Philadelphia   at [  ] Washington       6:10 pm (CT) ESPN (Mon)
[  ] Houston        at [  ] San_Diego        9:20 pm (CT) ESPN (Mon)
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