Ancient Earth and the First Ancestors:

A Cultural and Geological Journey


Ron Morton and Carl Gawboy

Continuing where the award winning book “Talking Rocks” left off this work follows an earth scientist and Ojibwe elder as they travel through three billion years of geological time exploring the ancient rocks that make up a large part of the state of Minnesota. As the geologist describes how these rocks formed and brings to life the ancient worlds they created, the elder, through Native American stories, oral history, culture, and science illustrates how his people had an intimate understanding of, and deep respect for, these ancient rocks and the land they give shape to.
Traveling from Ely, Grand Portage, Gunflint Lake, and Isle Royale in the northern part of the state south to Jeffers, Morton, and Blue Mounds State Park the two find themselves discussing such diverse topics as the nature of science, holistic geology, mining, science and spirituality, the legacy of the fur trade, and much more.
Ancient Earth and the First Ancestors not only tells a fascinating story that spans billions of years, but is also a wonderful chronicle of two people from different cultural and scientific heritages learning to understand, appreciate, and see the value and importance in each other’s way of viewing this land, and the planet we all call home.
Table of Contents
Places to Visit Ancient Ancestors (where we went)

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