splitrockcoversmall.jpgEntertaining and informative, geologist Ron Morton and biologist Steve Morse take walkers on a guided tour of the hiking trails within Split Rock State Park located along Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior. Using easily recognizable waypoints the authors detail the natural history, scenic vistas, trail conditions, and intriguing historical places seen and/or encountered on 3 different walks within the park. Choose a walk which fits your interest or time frame and step out to where the side walk ends and the unique, natural beauty of Split Rock State Park begins.

·         Detailed trail maps showing the location of waypoints described on the walk. Waypoints are easily recognizable and are based on prominent geological, botanical, geographical, or historical features.

·         Waypoints are available from rockflowerpress.com for uploading to GPS units.

·         Each walk is rated for difficulty (tennis shoes to hiking boots) Safety concerns, if any, are listed.

·         Each walk begins with a section called "Worth a Longer Look," which is keyed to waypoints of special features to be noted on the walk.

·         The walks are all loop (or circuit) walks.

·         Includes a glossary of geological terms used in the guidebook.