Volcano Project


In this course you and a partner will spend most of the semester researching, writing about, and giving two class presentations on one of the following 9 volcanoes:


  1. Mount Vesuvious with emphasis on the 79 ad eruption
  2. Tambora and the 1815 eruption
  3. Santorini and the 1650 bc eruption
  4. Mt. St. Helens and the 1980 eruption
  5. Krakatoa and the 1883 eruption
  6. Pinatubo and the 1991 eruption
  7. Mt. Pelee and the 1902 eruption
  8. Iceland with emphasis on the 1783 Laki Fissure eruption
  9. Soufriere and the eruption that began in 1995


Once you have chosen a volcano you will, individually:


  • Write two poems about your volcano
  • Do two writing assignments about your volcano
  • With a partner give one 10-15 minute and one 20-25 minute presentation on your volcano.  This will include such things as:
    1. Past history of the volcano (Presentation I)
    2. Eruption products and dispersal patterns (Presentation I)
    3. Hazards (Presentations I and II)
    4. People, towns, etc within volcanoes danger zone and are they prepared for an eruption
    5. Detailed description of major eruption you are working on
    6. What was the world like when the volcano erupted
    7. The effect of this eruption on people, towns, civilizations, politics, history, art, music, climate, writing, etc.
    8. what the future holds


The presentation can be any format you choose.  The research and the presentation should be shared equally!