Smooth bits of earth


Shining in the sunlight



These lines are an example of a type of writing called a Syntu- a special type of short poem that originated in Japan.  Syntus are special because they are written about the earth.


There are certain rules for writing a syntu.  Writing such a poem is one way of describing something and telling your feelings about it.  Syntus have 5 lines and the following are the rules for writing each line:


  • Line 1. One word only- the name of the geological feature you are writing about.
  • Line 2.  A scientific observation about line 1, using only one of your senses (sight, touch, hearing, taste, smell).
  • Line 3.  A thought, feeling, or evaluation about line 1.
  • Line 4.  Another observation about line 1, using a different sense from the one you used in line 2.
  • Line 5.  A one-word meaning for line 1.




High white peaks

Strength and power

Quiet and asleep



Write 2 syntus on two different plate tectonic features that interest you or you find really striking from viewing the map.