anthony j rostvold

art 3907-02 typography 2

Art 3907, Typography 2 is an advanced graphic design course in the manipulation of type for cogent, targeted, vivid and visually compelling communication. The class structure is primarily studio-oriented and project-based. It consists of four major assignments, in-process and final critiques, visual and verbal presentations by the instructor on the masterworks of typography and other applicable subjects, as well as readings, research, class discussions, and occasional tests design to meet the following course objectives:

• Broaden knowledge and skills in typography by developing legible, coherent, and delightful visual and verbal narratives.

• Organize, arrange and present clear and meaningful information within a single or multifaceted layout.

• Enhance understanding of the letterform as a potent visual and verbal force

• Define, conceive, and develop competent logotype design.

• Expand skills in the critical analysis of design and typography in the context of historic and contemporary practice.

• Refine research, process, and presentation techniques for accurate and sophisticated communication with clients and the end user.