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The Beatles

There are just so many outstanding Beatles pages on the Web that I doubt anything I could put on these pages could compare. However, since my music pages are mostly guides to others on the net looking for information, I'll provide links to those great pages here. I will also try and put some unique stuff on here as and when I find them. For example, here is the syllabus from the Beatles class I am taking here at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

John and Sean Lennon, Winter 1979

Even if you are not a Beatles fan, check out this short 36 second sound clip (290K wav file).
I guarantee it'll bring tears to your eyes ... Wow! Heartwarming ...

In my personal opinion, one of the best Beatles Boot collections out there is the Artifacts box sets. Here is a complete track listing of the Artifacts I, Artifacts II, and Artifacts III box sets. I may add some samples to these listings later!

CyberBeatles (Other Beatles Sites, Critically Reviewed By ME)

The Beatles Information Page
This should be your first stop for Beatles information on the WWW. If it isn't here, chances are high that it's not on the net. Great resource!
Rec.Music.Beatles Home Page
If you are a Beatles fan, you ought to read this newsgroup (affectionately referred to as rmb ). As a start, visit this home page for the newsgroup and see what the fuss is all about.
The Internet Beatles Album
This is exactly why I don't want to claim that I have a "Beatles Page" here. Dave Haber's Internet Beatles Album is an astounding collection of historical information, pictures, articles, sounds, and more. This link contains better quality and better presented information than I could ever hope to match. You must visit this site to see what fantastically creative Beatles pages are on the web.
The Obvious Moose Beatles Page
This site is great for a good laugh. Don't get me wrong, there's great Beatles stuff here, but Scott Chatfield , whose page this is, writes very well and seems to have a great sense of humor. Seems like a fun guy. Make sure you read about his "autographed" Beatles album.
Sgt. Pepper's Pepperland Picture Archive
A great psychadelic trip into the world of Beatles visuals. A feast for the eyes! If you plan a trip to Pepperland, you better have Internet Explorer 2.0 or Netscape 2.0, though!
Mike Markowski's Beatles Page
Although not nearly as creative and well designed as Dave Haber's page (sorry Mike!), this page has LOTS of original information (unlike my page). This is another page that has loads of information that any Beatles fan can spend hours browsing. He also has a huge listing of Beatles links, but without my insightful comments .
Alan's Beatles Page
Still under construction, but will end up being a good one-stop site for Beatles lyrics. He already has some of the albums covered there. There is also some other Beatles stuff here - images, links, etc.
The Rutles Home Page
More of Dave Haber's incredible work. The Rutles have achieved legendary status among most Beatles fans. A visit to these pages will leave you entertained for hours ... reliving their glory days ...
Ross Clement's List of Beatles Covers
I once tried to make a tape I called "Covering The Beatles" with Beatles covers. I gave up on that project when I saw this page. I had no idea there were this many! Those of you in the US may want to access an old (1994) version of the list from this American site .
Steve Clifford's Fab Four Page
Steve's page (in Canada) has recently been "remastered" to limit the Netscape enhanced features to focus more on content (just as I go wild with Internet Explorer enhancerments on this page!). Anyway, if you're getting started collecting Beatles stuff, stop here. Lots of useful information. A nice "Anthology" collection. Addresses and information on several fanzines and periodicals .
Sam Choukri's John Lennon Page
Absolutely the best John Lennon page on the net. Period. Even if you are a casual Lennon admirer, the emotional content of this page will make your heart heavy.
The Beatles Page
General collection of Beatles links.
LOTS more to come ... I have just begun ...
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