We are a group of Anthropology students from the University of Minnesota Duluth who sought to conduct surveys, interviews, and gather existing information on alternative transportation. By “alternative transportation,” we mean specifically commuting by means other than driving a multi-passenger vehicle without passengers. Yes, that means driving to campus in your car. Alternative transportation includes public transportation, biking, walking, and ride sharing.

We are trying to promote alternative transportation in order to reduce greenhouse gases, cut down on pollution, rely less on foreign oil, increase the size of the campus itself (by reducing the number of parking space) and thus expand the scope of UMD's teaching capacities, and, of course, to save students, faculty, and staff money.

Below are the results of our anthropological research, which arose from themes we found in our work with University administrators and students, Duluth Transit Authority administrators, and members of cycling clubs.

We hope that your questions about sustainably commuting to school are well addressed by the following information. If not, please contact us (see contact information below).

Cat Empire Members

Jenna Carlson - carl2384@d.umn.edu

Jesse Ewert - ewer0032@d.umn.edu

Kelsey Gronberg - gronb009@d.umn.edu

Adam Hughley - hugh0317@d.umn.edu

Achilles Sangster II - sangs012@d.umn.edu


David Syring, PhD (Professor of Anthropology; led the senior seminar for which this research was conducted) – dsyring@d.umn.edu

UMD Administrators

John Brostrom (UMD Auxiliary Services) - jbrostro@d.umn.edu

Mindy Granley (UMD Campus Sustainability Coordinator) - mgranley@d.umn.edu

Cheryl Love (UMD Parking Services) - clove@d.umn.edu

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