Examples of Experiental Activities from Ethics Students

Some of these are from Marketing Ethics courses, some are from Business Ethics courses. Also, many of these papers have typos and other errors. They are provided here primarily to show you the kinds of things you can do.

Please note that from time to time I make minor adjustments in the layout or requirements of papers. Thus, use the examples found here to help see what types of information can be included, but always follow the precise instructions provided by Dr. Castleberry and in the syllabus for your course.


Examples of Field Visits to Corporate Ethics Officers

Interview with Ethics Officer 1

Interview with Ethics Officer 2

Interview with Ethics Officer 3

Interview with Ethics Officer 4

Interview with Ethics Officer 5

Interview with Ethics Officer 6


Examples of Developing a Comprehensive Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics 1

Code of Ethics 2

Examples of Actual Ethics Dilemmas

Ethics Dilemma 1

Ethics Dilemma 2

Ethics Dilemma 3

Ethics Dilemma 4

Ethics Dilemma 5

Ethics Dilemma 6

Ethical Dilemma 7

Ethical Dilemma 8

Ethics Dilemma 9

Ethics Dilemma 10

Ethics Dilemma 11


Examples of Cases

Mortgage Fraud Implied Consent

Domestic Partner Benefits

You're Fired! Social Responsibility Yahoo
Workplace Monitoring Contracts vs. Handshakes

You're Fired!

Interest Only Loans Managers Taking Credit Mature Video Games
Should Employers Provide Health Insurance? Importation of Prescription Drugs Network Neutrality
Elective Cosmetic Surgery Diversity Hiring Conversion of Credit Unions
Outsourcing Violent Video Games

Space Shuttle Launch



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