How to Get a Job

From notes taken by Dr. Castleberry from a Classroom Presentation by Chad Stinchfield, Nov 10, 2005

1. Resume – Have a firm goal at the top. And know where to post your resume. He got his latest job from, by posting his resume in a subcategory (pharm sales).

2. Interviews – First, get the right attitude. When talking on the phone, speak clearly and show interest. Follow up after the call. Ask for the job!

In the face-to-face interview, be aware that they are watching you every second. Know the company. Practice interview questions with a friend. Also read books on interviewing. Schedule that company’s interview for sometime after you’ve already had several “practice” interviews. Chit chat at the beginning but stay away from weather. As you start the interview, ask “What do you want to get out of this meeting? Where are you in the search process? And Do you mind if I take some notes?” Answer every question the interviewer asks completely.

Always have two questions to ask at the end. e.g., What sets you apart from your competition?

Close the interview: “Based on what we talked about today, do I have your recommendation?” Also ask, “What is the next step? What is that person like (the person you are going to interview next)?”

Don’t forget to get a business card.

3. Take a portfolio with you when you interview. Resume, sales reports from previous jobs or something which proves your track record, list of awards and recognitions, activities, driving record (no DUI’s).

4. Follow up after the interview. Send a thank you note. Better yet, send something to him/her FEDEX NEXT DAY. In the follow-up, sell about how you have been trained, etc. Chad sent a Brian Tracey book to his interviewers, with the follow-up note written in the inside cover of the book: “I look forward to hearing from you about working for Hospira. I hope you like this book. I especially like Chapter 2 ...” Chad didn’t have to call the interviewer, the interviewer called him the same day he got the book to say thanks!

5. On the job. First week, find out how your manager is compensated and rewarded and evaluated. Help make him/her look good. Also find the top 5% of sales reps and mimic them. Make a name for yourself. Volunteer to go out of your way to help your other reps. In sales training, outshine your colleagues, do well on all tests, help others learn, and be a leader. 

Some of Chad’s favorite books: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, and The Integrity Advantage by Adrian Gostick and Dana Telford.

Posted on the web with Chad’s permission


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