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Farewell To Fallen Marines

Some of My Favorites
Survive an active shooter situation Shelfari: Books I've read Ellerslie Short Films-- The Gospel Google's Explore Flights (find LOWEST rates)
College ROI scores! KINDLE Dashboard for books SHORT UMD url's How Generations collide at work
The Story

Imagination Theatre

The Stella Awards (crazy judgements by juries) Sustainable food in school lunches--Ted Talk
Dailymotion UMD LIST OF AUDIO BOOKS Patient Portal Hammer Dulcimer

This American Life

Serial Podcasts Slide Share Buzzfeed
WPR Chapter a Day Flick'r Photo Sharing The IgNobel Awards Reddit
Old Time Radio Recent prices of used items (from eBay, etc.) World Wonders (street view of interesting things)
Third Coast Audio Festival CarTalk

Sunset and sunrise times (N 46.64760, W 91.79246)

The Scale of the Universe

Bob Stromberg


Verizon wireless

Tribute to Ronald Reagan

Ft. Lauderdale Beach cam

Venice Beach cam

Hawaii Beach cam

Miami Street cam

Boca Raton Cam

Daytona Beach cam

New Smyrna Beach cam

St. Augustine cam

St. Augustine 2 cam



Tom Harmon

Falling Plates Video

Crosshaven sermons

Life without Limbs (very strong story)

Team Hoyt: A father who doesn't let his child down!

Why Bring a Child into This World

Put down your cell phone and talk to real people

How to keep your college graduate from moving back home!

Global Cures (how to keep cancers from coming back)




Berlin in 1900 in color YouTube

It's NOT about the nail in my head

How to Do Things
How to pronounce that name AnyWho (find businesses and people) Careers Available (quick and honest insights into almost all careers)
Fix Your Own Appliances (expose urban myths) Great Free OLD CLIP ART
Instructibles (how to do just about anything) Truth or Fiction? A Web Site That Exposes Urban Myths How to glue things
eHow -- Clear instructions on how to do just about anything UW Eau Claire LTS Online Help Documents Great to help you work through all sorts of issues with PowerPoint, Excel, etc. ONLINE training (UMD access) 3D + Animation Audio Business Design Developer Photography Video Web -- Answers and definitions to just about everything Force of impact of a falling object  
TINY URL (for Twitter) How to Write an Article Academy of Management  

Hockey links

Duluth Heritage Center UMD Hockey Hockey on TV (channels 10 and 13 ABC RTV) FOX 21 TV
UWS Yellowjacket Hockey Live and archived Hockey on the Web Listen to UMD Hockey NBC Sports
WESSMAN Arena Ice Schedule UMD Ice Rink schedule UMD Hockey on TV (channels 3 and 6 NBC CBS)


Minnesota Wild

Local News and Information

Town of Lakeside City of Superior, Wisconsin Duluth Playhouse
Douglas County, Wisconsin Lake Nebagamon  
Wisconsin EMS site   City of Duluth
Wisconsin BEACH info The Superior Daily Telegram  

Other Misc.

Playing With Time (interesting time-lasped videos) Wisconsin Power of Attorney and Living Will forms OnLine Searchable Bible
Where idioms (e.g., it's in the bag) came from MTSU Alumni Page Buy old time radio programs
Free translation (between English and Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian , Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese) What makes Roost unique is we allow consumers to search true MLS listings, giving the user a 100% accurate snapshot of the market they are interested in.  In short our search is fast and easy to use, our data is comprehensive. UMD Photo Library
Value of Real Estate in Your Neighborhood Body Mass Calculator  
  A Way With Words Interesting facts wildammo

HELP OTHER PEOPLE Free tools to set up an online calendar for meals, transportation and other services for those in need:

Care Calendar

Lotsa Helping Hands

Todd Graf Businesses

The Rhino Group ICS Solutions

Coon Creek Hunt Club

Traffic in Vietnam

Weird ad (concealed carry class in Texas)

Weird ad (mobile home)

Free College Courses and Lectures

Open Courseware Consortium (to find schools that offer it) Webcast Berkeley --U of California  
MIT's over one thousand courses iTunes.u LAbri lectures download (lectures by distinguished scholars and scientists at conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. Academic Earth London School of Business and Finance --free mba through Facebook (LSBF Global MBA)



Fun on the Web


Book a Minute (for those who REALLY don't have time)

Clean Jokes

IQ Tests, fun quizzes, etc.

Introducing the Book

Maverick Roller Coaster

Web Site about the Northern Lights

Happy News

Lots of optical illusions and visual phenomena

Dixie or Yankee? Take the test and see

Music from around the world (UMD only)

Kidnapped music track

Unclaimed Property in the U.S.

Sermon Illustrations

Bible Map

An Irish Blessing

Random Acts of Culuture

Fridge leftover conversations

Professor Ratings

Another professor rating system


Cx Panel

Centurytel Portal

CF Press



Pay Statement



CRIME: Sad to Need This

Crime Mapping (see what crime is happening in your neighborhood)

Wisconsin Circuit Court

Find sexual offenders in Minnesota

Find sexual offenders in Wisconsin

Neighborhood crime (Stats by Police Dept)


About doing business in Wisconsin

Building a sustainable business

Registering Your Business in Wisconsin (online, etc.)

Primer on various types of business (pros and cons)

FAQ about starting a business in Wisconsin

IRS: FAQ about LLC Corporations

IRS Rules with regard to LLC's


Travel Information

Trip Advisor (hotels, best airfare, guides)

TSA Rules for AirTravelers

Road Conditions and Travel Information for U.S.

City Data


How much your fuel is going to cost you to travel in your car



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