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Marketing Through Sponsorships:  Tools and Techniques for Both Sponsors and Sponsorship Seekers

Dr. Stephen B. Castleberry, Spring 2013


Course Outcome Goals:

1. Understand sponsorships and how they relate to segmentation, target marketing and integrated marketing communication

2. Understand how to develop and sell sponsorships to organizations

3. Learn techniques for financial evaluation, quantifying impact and recommending decisions regarding sponsorship purchases based on marketing and financial targets.


What is a Sponsorship?        
A strategic relationship between a marketer (e.g., Mayo Clinic, IBM, Hormel, etc.) and a property (e.g., again, it can be an organization like the Mayo Clinic, IBM, Hormel, etc. or someone like the Minnesota Twins, the Walker Art Center, Summer Market and Music Festival) in which the marketer pays a cash or in-kind fee in return for access to the exploitable commercial potential associated with the property. The degree of integration is what makes it a sponsorship (i.e., it is more than just advertising).


What are some examples of sponsorships?


Property who is looking for sponsors                       Marketer who decides to be a sponsor

Rochester Summer Market and Music Festival        Budweiser
Minnesota Children’s Museum                                 IBM
IBM Innovate 2012 event                                         Green Hat, Ltd.
Mayo Clinic (for their webpages)                            DermStore.com
Grandma’s Marathon                                               Mayo Clinic
2012 Hy-Vee Triathlon                                            Hormel
Lowe’s Motor Speedway                                         Coca-Cola
Team USA                                                                P & G
Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce                   Think Mutual Bank
Walk to End Alzheimer’s Event                               Kwik Trip        


Some sample sponsorship pages:



Potential Syllabus for Rochester Spring 2013 (2/22-23, 3/8-9, 3/22-23, 4/5-6)

Draft:  Dr. Castleberry is open to suggestions from students as to what they would like the course to entail


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