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I. Consumer Products


Selling to grocery stores, discounters, drug stores, retailers, ectů(Nestle, P&G, Noxell, Best Foods, Advanced Care Products, Hormel, Sara Lee).


II. Missionary Selling


A.    Selling to Doctors, Pharmacies, Hospitals  (Pfizer, Roerig, Marion/Merrell Dow, Roche Labs, Abbot Labs).


B.     Selling textbooks to professors  (McGraw Hill)



III. Industrial Trade Selling


Selling industrial products to retailers or resellers.  Parts and Tools (Ideal Industries, Goodyear).


IV. Business to Business Selling


Selling to businesses a product that will be used in their manufacturing or in their operations.  Not to resell.


A.    Computers, Electronics (NCR, IBM, Motorola, XL Datacomp).

B.     Office Equipment  (Cannon, Camadon, United Business Products, Minolta, Lanier).

C.    Parts, Tools  (Premier Industrial).

D.    Raw Materials  (usually agents).

E.     Construction  (Ryerson Steel, Pella Rolscreen).

F.     Office Supplies (Wallace).

G.    Selling Hospital Supplies (Baxter).

H.    Other (Marathon Oil, Mohawk Carpet).


V.  Services to Businesses


Selling services to businesses.


A.    Telecommunications  (AT&T, Sprint, Ameritech).

B.     Cleaning Services (Servicemaster).

C.    Maintenance and repair  (Honeywell Bull).

D.    Computer Services  (ADP).

E.     Recruitment  (CPS Inc.)

F.     Inspection Services  (Conam Inspection).


V. Advertising Space


Selling ad space to retailers, businesses, not-for-profit.


A.    Newspapers  (Local and National, News Media Corp.).

B.     Cable, TV  (Local and Network).

C.    Magazines  (Local and National).

D.    Radio  (Local and Network).


VII. Hospitality


Selling convention space and hotel rooms to businesses and groups.


A.    Hotels  (Marriott, Hilton).

B.     Convention Centers  (McCormick Place).


VIII. Selling to Consumers


A.    Insurance (Metropolitan, John Hancock, Northwestern Mutual Life).

B.     Investments  (IDS, The Phoenix).







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