Examples of Products - Services That Students Have Chosen in Prior Personal Selling Courses

Cinema ads to a retailer.

Trying to gain support from a wealthy person for Campus Crusade for Christ.

Health insurance to a large firm.

A line of sweaters to Walt Disney World.

Service as a lawyer for a football player.

Mattresses to a retail store.

Surge Protectors to a retailer.

Magazine advertising space to a university.

Water purification systems to a contractor.

Airline reservation computer systems to a travel agency.

Ping golf clubs to a pro shop.

Printing service to a catalogue marketer.

Awnings to a business.

A resort to a retired couple.

Telephone systems to a business.

Copier machines to a church.

Clarion facial cleansers to a retailer.

Speculative stocks to an individual.

Post-It notes to a large retailer.

Toyota trucks to a retailer.

A tennis racquet to a pro shop.

Aluminum baseball bats to a college baseball team.

Land to a commercial developer.

Radio spots for a record store.

Advertising space in a business journal to a local business.

Air bags to General Motors.

Balfour pens to a sorority.

Industrial chemicals to a processing plant.

Mohawk carpet to a retailer.

TV's to retailers.

Aluminum siding to a homeowner.

Classified ad service to an employment agency.

Rossignol snow skis to a ski resort.

Clinique skin care to a retailer.

Johnson & Johnson gauze to a hospital.

Radio spots for a nightclub.

Wire spools to a manufacturer.

Basketball camps to a boys club organization.

Champagne to a retailer.

Minolta copiers to a retailer.

Advertising in Ebony magazine to Honda.

Jewelry to a retailer.

Hospital satellite network to a hospital.

A Principles of Marketing textbook to a professor.

Human insulin to a physician.

Maxwell House coffee to a retailer.

Pecans to an importer.

Bridesmaids dresses to a bridal shop.

Gas monitor to a public utility.

Catfish to a retailer.

AT&T small phone systems to a small business.

The services of an advertising agency to an advertiser.

An Apple MacIntosh Computer to a small business owner.

Jello Fruit Bars to a retail store.

100% Natural Cookies to a Convenience store.

Secure Business Vault Storage to a bank.

Plastic components for salad bars to Arby's.

Mazda trucks to a fleet purchaser.

Brinks prison locks to a prison.

Employment agency services to a manufacturer.

Polaris fitness equipment to a body building shop.

Toys to a retail buyer.

Max Factor Cosmetics to a retailer.

Remington Model 1100 shotgun to a gun shop.

Wheelchair leasing to a hospital.

Canon Copiers to a large manufacturer.

Prescription safety glasses to a plant.

Business Week advertising space to Time Magazine.

Men's suits to a retailer.

Soup Supreme to a grocery store.

Rock performers to a record company.

A band to a convention center.

Recycling services to a city.

Waste management for a health clinic.

Lumber to a lumber store.

Loreal hair color to a retailer.

Perfume to Walmart.

Electrical tools and supplies to an electrical supply house.

Air bags to Honda.

Boats to a boat dealer.

Water purifier to a health club.

Packaging glue to Coca-Cola.

Coors beer to a bar.

A drug to a hospital.

Steel to a construction company.

Revo sunglasses to a ski shop.

American Airlines to the Chicago Bulls.

Baseballs to a retailer.

Photography service to an advertising agency.

Student internships to UPS.

Laminated folders to a paper supply house.

Dixie Chopper lawnmower to a city Parks and Recreation Department.

Jetwash parts cabinet to an auto repair shop.

Industrial supplies to a container corporation.

Ciggarest stop smoking services to a clinic.

Advertising gift specialties to a retailer.

Paymaster check writer to an industrial firm.

A night at the horse-race track to a business for entertainment.

Surgeon's gloves to a hospital.

Handkerchiefs to a retailer.

Interstate rail car service to a railroad.

Coors Party ball to a retailer.

Motorola Cellular phones to a construction firm.

Pella Windows to a construction firm.

AT&T long distance services to a retailer.

Vanity Fair clothing to a retailer.

Prince tennis racquets to a tennis pro shop.

Partymasters Balloons to a caterer.

Fast heating element to an electrical supply firm.

RCA Appliances to an appliance retailer.

Bartel & James Wine Cooler to a retailer.

Federal Express services to NCR.

Cash registers to a retailer.

Vuarnet Sunglasses to Eye Wear Optical.

Watt Saver solar reflectors to an industrial plant.

Noxell Clarion to a retailer.

Sony CD players to a retailer.

Ultima 2 Cosmetics to a retailer.

John Deere lawn equipment to a lawn service firm.

A fleet of GM trucks to a large industrial facility.

Reebok basketball shoes to a professional basketball team.

Table lamps to a retailer.

Heating and air conditioning service to a manufacturer.

Steelcase office furniture to AT&T.

Photography mini labs to a photography store.

Disposable medical supplies to a hospital.

Security alarms to a contractor.

A ski catalogue service to a ski shop.

Trojan Condoms to be allowed to advertise on television.

Swatch Watches to a retailer.

Calloway Golf Clubs to a pro shop.

Health up-date journal to a physician.

Estee Lauder Cosmetics to a retailer.

Coppertone tanning lotions to a drug store.

L. A. Gear gym shoes to a retailer.

Ink for Jet Ink Printers to a manufacturer.

Redken Hair Care Products to a beautician supply company.

Fuji Cameras to a retailer.

Kitchen Aid Appliances to an appliance store.

Car stereo-cassette lock to Walmart.

Otis Spunkmeyer Ovens to a cookie shop.

Envelopes and printing service to an industrial firm.

Intermodal Containers to an international shipper.

Advertising space for the Chicago Bulls.

The Jaws of Life to a fire department.

Textbooks to professors.

Mobilube service to Ryder Trucks.

Push buttons to a manufacturer.

Cloth diaper service to a hospital.

Disc Jockey services to a convention center.

Budweiser Beer to a bar.

Fragrance components to a manufacturer.

Baseball trading cards to a retail store.

Corporate travel services to an industrial firm.

Hot melt adhesive to a manufacturer.

The student newspaper to a beer distributor.

The Boy Scouts of America for sponsorship by Pepsi Cola.

Swim goggles to a retailer.

Homestead fans to a retailer.

Scan tracker services to a food store.

Frozen pizzas to a park system.

A portfolio fund to an individual.

Aluminum hockey sticks to a professional hockey team.

The United Way to a local city.

Sporting goods to a sporting goods store.