Lakeside Imagers

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

We are committed to the highest ethical standards. We expect our employees to act ethically and honestly in all dealings with all of our stakeholders, including, but not limited to shareholders, customers, families, employees, communities, vendors and suppliers, government entities, and competitors.

Legal Issues
Employees must know and obey all laws, including but not limited to antitrust laws and regulations.
Employees will follow all company and legal requirements with regard to document retention, recording and reporting information, and records management. You must report and record all information accurately and honestly at all times. Failure to follow these regulations can have legal and tax implications for the company and for the employee.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all of our employees. We will not tolerate any form of harassment, either verbal or physical. We are committed to protecting the natural environment and will be good stewards of the resources we use.

Conflict of Interests
Employees should avoid situations in which there is a conflict between their personal lives and the interests of this company. If you're in doubt as to whether some action might violate this statement, you are encouraged to write a disclosure of any such activity and seek management approval before engaging in that activity.


Employees are allowed to build goodwill with customers and potential customers through the use of business gifts and entertainment. However, these should not viewed by others as extravagant, should not be used to unduly influence their decisions, should never be illegal, should never be a bribe or kickback, and should never be such that it would embarrass the company if the facts are disclosed.

Employees should not seek or accept gifts or entertainment from a vendor or supplier without a true business purpose. However, an employee can accept small gifts or favors, with a market value of less than $25, from any supplier or vendor, as long as accepting said gift will not unduly influence the employee's decisions. Employees can never accept a cash gift or cash-equivalent gift card, however. Employees can never accept any fee or commission for referring customers to third party vendors.
Employees can not seek or accept any personal loan (except from conventional loans at stated rates of interest from established lending firms) from any supplier or vendor.

Employees shall not accept any gift, favor, or entertainment from any competitor.

Employees should not seek donations from suppliers or contractors to fund any social functions or company events.

We never misrepresent our company or our products. Where silence could be misleading, it is the employee's responsibility to disclose significant information.
You are expected to be honest in all statements to anyone. If you believe someone has misunderstood you, it is your responsibility to correct that misunderstanding at once.

Employees can gather legitimate competitive intelligence but must do so in an ethical and legal manner. It is okay to ask customers to provide us with a competitor's proposal, but we will never encourage a customer to violate an agreement of nondisclosure.
Employees should not share information from their former employees if that information is considered proprietary.

Employees can never assist a competitor in any way, including serving as an employee, consultant, or as a member of the competitor's board of directors.

We will maintain the privacy of our customers and not share information with anyone else without proper authorization and for legitimate business reasons connected with our firm.

Company Assets
Employees will protect any company assets (including intellectual property) from theft, loss, and misuse. Company assets can never be used for the employee's personal benefit and can not be sold or given away without proper written authorization.

Employees will not make any contribution of company funds or services to any political party or candidate without the written approval of corporate headquarters.

Leaving Company
If you leave the company for any reason, including retirement, you must return all company property and you can not disclose or use any company information. Also, anything you created (e.g., software, processes, products) while you worked for our company remains the property of our company.

You are encouraged to report any violations of this code to Mary Parkhurst, Senior Vice President of Compliance.