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Content is now on Moodle, so much of this will be old and out-dated. I leave it here in case someone who is not currently enrolled would like to find some sites. However, the links may be old and outdated.

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Sample Mission Statements | Grading of Mission Statement

WEB VISTA -- Make online comments and get PowerPoint© slides


Course Syllabus--Duluth MBA8111

Course Syllabus--Rochester MBA8111

Class Policies for Duluth and Rochester

Course Syllabus--Twin Cities MBA6315 Policy Statment specifically for Twin Cities Students


Babson College: Giving Voice to Values


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Job Hunting Resources

Marketing Research Students

Personal Selling Students

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Here is a student orientation site:

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sCases that we may use in class for

CEO Compensation

A Supervisor's Suprising Lifestyle

Who to Lay Off?

How Young Is Too Young?

ADM Price Fixing

Off Duty

Mercy Medical Center

The Garmet Industry Sweatshop

GM Foods


Links tied to Course Topics


Want a job in Business Ethics?

Some sample openings

Examples of Experiential Activity Papers


Some ethical issues in various business disciplines
(this may help you think of an ethics issue)

Examples of Papers From Prior Classes (Many papers turned in will be posted here, after removing the student's name from the cover page. Make sure you don't include ANY confidential information in the body of your paper)



Social Responsibility

Who Are the Best Corporate Citizens? A Corporate Social Responsibility Report That Is Updated Regularly

Don't be Selfish--a great article

Largest online directory of corporate non-financial reports (e.g., sustainability, environmental and social reports)

McDonalds Corporate Responsbility Website

Corporate Responsibility OnLine Newsletter

Socially Responsible Investing

The Association for Private Enterprise -- The Invisible Hand



Corporate Power Facts and Stats

A Virtual Replication of the Milgram Study

Coercive Power

Bases of Social Power


Executive Paywatch


I Paid a Bribe website I paid a bribe video


Custom, Convention and Courtesy



Legal Issues/Business and Government

The Holloran Center for Ethical Leadership in the Professions

A white-collar plea bargain (outlines offense levels, fines, etc.)

Insider Trading Case -- Court Documents

Top Ten Lessons Learned From White Collar Criminals by Hank Shea. An excellent article. READ IT. (Permission was granted to have this here by Hank Shea)

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Lobbying Spending Information

The Fix is In -- ADM Price Fixing. Audio of This American Life show.

Jim Vileta's Legal Issues Website


Weighing Costs/Benefits

Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

The Miniture Earth

Equity, Justice and Fairness

Measure your unconscious biases against various groups: Tolerance. Org warning: takes a long time

Challenge to be different

UMD and the UnFAIR Campaign

Research Ethics/Whistle Blowing

Confidential Reporting of Ethical Misconduct at UM


ARRA Whistleblower Protection Notification for UM


Professional Ethics and Responsible Research Conduct --UM Brochure


Whistleblowing site for Springer Journals

Overlooking Other's Unethical Behavior

Research Ethics Resources on the Web


Some items on reserve about Research Ethics

Enron's Code of Ethics

The IgNobel Prize Winners

International Values

Social Accountability International -- SA8000

ISO 26000 Standards

The Impact of Intel in Costa Rica


Honesty and Deception

Improv : The ethics of Deception

Honesty to Congress?

The Excused Absence Network (online termpapers)

Lying and Living a Life of Deception

Springer: Fighting Plagiarism

Campaign for Real Beauty -- Dove

BzzzAgent -- Word of Mouth Marketing


Center for Media and Democracy


Adbusters Magazine

Worldwide Advertising Clips

TV AD sites on the web

Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia



Copenhagen Consensus Center

Want to sell carbon credits and you're a farmer? Here's three places:

University of Minnesota Sustainability Website (to give away and get local stuff for free)

Greenwashing: Don't believe all environmental claims

The Global Warming Challenge (forecasting errors)

Global Warming -- Another View

Global Warming -- The Stern Report

Building a Sustainable Business: Business Plan

Greening the Ghetto


Your Mission Statement

Take Back Your Time!

The Simple Living Network

FranklinCovey Mission Builder

Quint Careers Mission Statement Exercises

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey, 1989


Misc. Business Ethics Links

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