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Mission Statement Example One

I. Mission Statement

My mission is to act as an instrument of positive change in my family, my work and my community. I will utilize all of the talents that God has given me and will participate in all aspects of my life with energy, purpose and gratitude. I will utilize my talents in strategy and administration to ensure that my home is loving and calm, my workplace is productive and positive and my community is responsive and growing. Through this focus I will give more than I take and will provide a positive role model for my children.


I am guided by a spiritual belief that everyone has a purpose on this earth and that we are all called to serve in some capacity. I also believe in the power of gratitude both as prayer and as a motivation to serve. I will not be guided by the promise of money or fame in making my life choices.

Important Relationships

Husband - I will have a relationship with my husband based upon love, trust, respect and laughter. We will continue to nurture our life-long friendship and will never lose sight of the fact that we are more than just parents. We are partners. I will respect his individuality and will support him in achieving his life goals.

Children - I will love and care for my children. I will teach them to respect themselves and other people. I will never lose sight of the unique individuals that they are and will support them in the paths that they choice for themselves. I will give them my time and attention and as such will ensure that they always know that they are loved.

Work - I will approach my job with energy and passion. I will find a position that allows me to utilize all of my talents. I will help facilitate organizational goals and will be a positive influence on my co-workers. I will never cheat myself or my employer by working solely for a paycheck. Should I ever find myself in that position I will find other employment.

Community - I will participate in my community. I will participate in volunteer activities for my school, church and community to help ensure that my community prospers. I will be a willing volunteer and won't hesitate to lend a helping hand when and where it is needed either locally or globally.

Self - I will not compromise my principles and/or dreams based upon the opinion or disapproval of others. I will be true to myself and my purpose, in doing so I will be a better wife, mother, friend, daughter and employee.



I will gain academic knowledge through completion of my MBA. I will gain spiritual knowledge through adult Bible classes and a study of other religions. I will gain physical strength through continuation of my running. I will gain wisdom by living my life in congruence with my life's purpose. I will gain personnel strength through my faith.

Self-Esteem and Security

I measure my self esteem by my ability to look at myself in a mirror and genuinely smile.
I derive my self esteem through my ability to set goals and meet them. I have learned to set goals that I have personal control over. If all else fails I keep a success file which I review if I need added evidence that I am a successful person.


I draw my strength from God. Specifically I draw my strength from people and places where I see or feel a divine presence- the road I run on, my daughter's faces, music and art. I transform weaknesses into strengths by developing an action plan that divides big goals into very small steps. I find that if I take one small step every day pretty soon I am well on my way.


Mission Statement Example Two

A. Life's Mission

My mission in life is to model all aspects of my life to reflect my Christian beliefs and values of faith, honesty, hope, kindness, forgiveness, and love. My mission is to remember that each day is a gift, and to live each moment to its fullest. My mission is to provide as much love and support to my friends, family, co-workers, and those who need it. To happily share my gifts, talents, and wealth with those who are less fortunate, and to do all I can do to keep myself from getting caught up in the rat race of materialism and greed. My mission is to be brutally honest, to myself and to others, in all that I say, think and do. My mission is to be a trustworthy friend and employee.

My mission is to provide a loving, Catholic home to my yet unborn or unadopted children, and to help them grow and learn the right and wrong, good and bad on their own, to grow up and live happy, healthy, morally true lives. My mission is to provide unconditional love to my family with my entire being, with an open heart and mind to any challenges that may arise. My mission is to teach by example. My mission is to listen. I will always put my family before my career and professional goals.

My mission is to act in a manner that promotes and demonstrates respect; for myself, for others, for all of God's creatures and all living things, for mine and others' property, beliefs, and opinions, and for the earth. My mission is to stand up for what I believe in; always. Even, and perhaps especially, when it is uncomfortable. My mission is to live simply. My mission is to accept responsibility; for what I have done, and for what I have not done. To forgive myself and others. To accept responsibility for my mistakes and learn from them, and to welcome constructive criticism, and use it to become a better person. My mission is to cherish my health and the health of those around me, and to make decisions to maintain and improve it.

To act honorably and graciously in situations that are challenging. To assume nothing, and to expect the best from people. My mission is to appreciate differences and to value diversity, and to never forget the lessons I am always learning. My mission is to do whatever I can to improve our community and our society; socially, ethically, environmentally, and aesthetically. To respect the wisdom of experience, and to value integrity. My mission is for all of my actions to have the best of intentions; honest, ethical, and true to what I believe. My mission is to live a life outlined by the word of God, and to let my conscience be my moral guide.

The end result will be a rewarding life well lived.

B. Guide

The primary motivating factors in developing my mission statement is my faith, and my heart. I feel that I have a strong sense of morality,and I want that to show through in how I live my life. I am pretty fundamental - I want to live simply and share what I have with those who do not have much. I want my actions and my thoughts to reflect the person that I hope I am becoming, and I want to feel good about all that I do, every day. I do not want to be a victim of corporate America; I do not want to be motivated by the dollar, and I do not want to fall into a pattern of greed. Perhaps I do view the world through rose colored glasses; if so, I like wearing them, and hope I can continue to do so.

C. Relationships

The most important relationship in my life is between God and myself. Without Him I would not have a life to live, and without Him I would have no strength, no values, no soul. I want to be sure that all I do reflects God's word, and that my thoughts and actions reflect my Catholic Christian values. My faith goes before me in all that I do, and it gives a purpose to my life. I can only see this intensifying through the years.

Family has is the next important relationship. My husband is my soul mate and partner in life, and I love him to the very depth of my heart. We hope to soon have success in starting a family of our own, through birth or adoption, whatever is meant to be, and we anxiously await the day that we can love and nurture our children in person instead of just in our hearts. I have a strong relationship with all of my family and extended family, which I cherish and work to maintain. Family is important for growth and learning, and for understanding who you are. Family has been for me and will continue to be the cornerstone of my life, and I will do all that I can do to so that my life is a positive role model for our children and for my family. My family will come before my career, even if I have to leave the workforce to do it. Part of my mission is to provide unconditional love and support for my family, and help them to grow spiritually, morally, mentally, and emotionally, into strong and happy adults.

Friends & Neighbors
I have many close friends that I have been blessed with on my life's journey so far, and they have been vital in helping me become the person I am, and in continuing to become the person I strive to be. I am thankful for them, and place a high value on their friendship and presence in my life. I consider them family and care deeply for them, and will continue to work at maintaining these friendships.


Removed in order to maintain confidentiality.

D. Learning
The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Though that is truly a cliche, it is one that I thoroughly believe in. I think the value of education is priceless, and plan to further my own as well as doing all I can to provide the best opportunities to my family. We read often, and as a husband and wife, try to broaden our horizons through books and literature as opposed to mass mainstream entertainment. This is a value that we hope to instill in our children as well.

E. Self Esteem and Security
My self esteem is primarily determined by my conscience, and my level of satisfaction with myself and the decisions I make in life. In my high school years, we moved around often, and after attending my 9th school by the time I reached the 10th grade, I had learned that it is foolish to base your self esteem on what others think of you. In my life, the buck stops here. I hold myself to high standards, and I hold myself fully accountable for my actions, successes, and failures. I learn from them, and I use my experiences to help me become who I want to be, as defined in my mission statement. In the end, my utmost level of accountability rests with God. I am not to judge, but when I come to that point, I want to know that without a doubt, I did the best I could do in all that I did. I wouldn't have it any other way.

F. Strength
I derive my strength primarily from my faith, and from my relationship and daily conversations with God. This is how it has been for me since I was old enough to truly understand what it means to have a faith, and live your life with it. I derive my strength from my family and friends, and from my conscience. I value criticism and use


Mission Statement Example Three

Overall Mission Statement

My goal in life is to be a great friend and wife to my husband. A wonderful mother that teaches her children not just right and wrong, but how to be healthy, happy, successful, responsible adults who can do the same for their families. I want to not lose sight of who I am and the person I am meant to be in the process. All the while, honoring God with the choices I make and the way I live my life.

My Guide

My guide is God. I truly believe that if you put God first in everything you do, He will direct your path. I pray. God has also placed in my life a husband and close friends with whom I can confide if I am struggling with a decision, looking for guidance, or just need encouragement.

Important Relationships

My husband : Being married for me is like running a marathon. At first you take off all happy, full of excitement thinking: “no sweat”, “I can do this!” Then there are the hills. Down hills breeze right by, but those up hills, boy, you start thinking: “What am I doing here?” “This is ridiculous! I should just quit!” Pretty soon everything hurts, parts of you even go numb. Then you remember why you started this race in the first place. You learn to pace yourself and just enjoy running. I married my husband so I can grow old with my best friend in the world. And sometimes we loudly remind each other of that.

My Children: A very long time ago I heard Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis state: “If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much.” It is a statement that has stuck with me. My children and I have wonderful relationships based on love, trust, respect, and honesty. Each time I dive into one area of my life too deeply, for example work, the effects show up visibly in the lives of my children. It is then that I am reminded of Mrs. Onassis's statement. I see the need to pull back, re-evaluate what I am doing and get back on track. Raising my children well and maintaining good relationships with them is, to me, the most valuable thing that I can accomplish in this lifetime.

Other Family Members: My extended family is a unique blend of beautiful characters held together by the word “family”. From the spirited Irish Republicans to the Italians who solve everything with wine and pasta, each have their own opinions, tastes, and humor. Generally, I just try to be blend in, go-with-the flow when it comes to the in-laws. As for my parents and my brother I make a point to stay close to them and be supportive. They are a big part of my connection to who I am and where I came from, that is something I do not want to forget.

Friends : Friends: I have a few. They are the people that God blessed you with to lift you up when no one else can. They are the people that cry with you when something bad happens. They are the people that listen when you really need to talk. Friends understand when you answer the door in your pajamas and your house is a mess. Why? Because they know you would do that for them. Those are my friends.

Employee within the Firm : I have been both an employee and a manager. As an employee I first have had to recognize my learning style. I am a person who is very detail oriented. I need to understand things a little more in depth than most people. I am not afraid to work hard and learn something new. No matter what the job is, I always try to do the best I can.

As a manager, I felt it was important to have clear expectations of employees, to give them adequate feedback and training so they can do their job well.


Learning is a never-ending process. To be successful in business, education and experience are the best combination. An MBA will help me to build on what I already know about business. In the future I want to pursue my Ph.D. in accounting and teach college.

Self-Esteem and Security

My life had some rough beginnings. I remember moments when my life came close to ending. Some of those moments were at the hands of another. There were very dark confusing years that followed. All the people who thought they saw a spark of hope in me. All of those who said I couldn't make it. My self-esteem comes from knowing that I not only beat the odds, I knocked them out of the ballpark. I made all of those people who reached out to me proud; and surprised those who thought I couldn't.

My family is my security. They remind me that life is good and no matter what challenges come my way, the sun will still shine in the morning and they will still be there to help me through.


My strength is in my faith. I know God and He knows what I can handle. I do not always feel up to the things He puts in my life, but with prayer and time, I am able to meet these challenges head-on.


Mission Statement Example Four

I. Mission Statement
A. Overall Statement of My Life's Mission
My overall mission is to reach a position in my career, whether working for myself or someone else, in which I can make a lot of money without working excessive hours, so that I am able to provide a nice home, a warm environment, and an excellent education for my wife and kids and so that we can afford to travel, have fun, and enjoy life without worrying about money.
B. My Guide
I am guided by my own set of morals and principles that I have developed through relationships with my parents, my family, friends, peers, from people I respect and admire, and through continuous learning and contemplation.
C. Important Relationships
1. I want to have a relationship with my wife in which we love and respect each other, have fun together, and support each other in whatever comes our way.
2. I want to be a father that my kids can look up to and come to for safety and security whenever and wherever they need something.
3. My family members know that they can rely on me for help whenever they need it.
4. With my friends, I strive to be a good, loyal friend, provide help to them when needed, and I want to be someone they know they can have fun with.
5. In my job, I want to be a leader, who people respect and admire for my ability to get the job done right, as someone who treats employees well, and as someone they can come to for advice and answers.
D. Learning
I believe in the statement "Knowledge is Power" and I have continually pursued different forms of further education (work related and non-work related) and working towards an MBA is another step in my continuous pursuit of knowledge.
E. Self-Esteem
My self-esteem comes from knowing that overall I am a decent person and that I am very good at what I do. I believe I can accomplish anything I set my mind to and I don't let other peoples' opinions bother me.
F. Strength
My strength comes from a strong feeling within that whatever happens, I will survive, and no matter how many times I am beat down I know that through determination and persistence, I will eventually succeed at whatever I am dedicated to.


Mission Statement Example Five

Overall Statement of my Life's mission

My mission in life is to glorify God and to do God's will. The roles that I fill in my life are roles that God has provided for me and I need to conduct myself, as God would want me to. I have responsibility to lead my family in a Godly way, to show people in my life a Christian life style and understanding, and in the community what God would want from everyone's life.

My Guide

I am guided in my mission by God's will. I know what God would want from me as I spend time in prayer and ask for his guidance in all things that I do. The times that I feel lost in my life are the times that I do not spend the appropriate time in prayer or allow for my desires of worldly positions to overtake my actions. The thing that I will not allow to guide my decision making is the pursuit of worldly desires. The point that I allow these worldly desires to provide me guidance is the point that I stray from what God would want from me.

Important Relationships

Wife - I desire from my relationship with my wife to laugh every day, to love and respect each other, and to work on our relationship every day of our lives. My goal is to work towards a life long partnership that changes and evolves as our lives evolve.

Children - being a father to 3 beautiful children is a challenging and fulfilling role, I desire to be a role model, a teacher and leader in their spiritual development, a good provider, a life long partner in their lives. I desire for my children to respect, honor, love, and truly desire my kids to want to be part of our family. I desire for our kids to be tied together through their entire lives and want to carry on our family's values and traditions after my wife and I move to a final destination of heaven.

Other family members

•  Son - my relationship with my parents is extremely important to me, I want to support my parents in all decisions that they make, to remember that all that I am- they showed me the way, and to make their lives as easy as possible as they grow older.

•  Brother - my relationship with brother over the years has been strained to the point we have not kept in touch. My relationship with my brother needs to continue to evolve to the point we can be active participants in each others lives.


Friends as a group - my relationship with my friends needs to take on a life of its own, early in my life my friends where very important to me but as time as continued I have grown away due to my career, family, and educational commitments. I desire to rediscover those relationships along with growing new ones. I would like to make time to have meaningful relationships with people outside of my current inner circle

Business partner -getting ready to begin my new business with a friend and colleague I want to build a relationship of mutual trust, respect, and life long partnership that does not lose the friendship element of what we have today.


Formal - I want to complete my MBA and potentially continue with my learning in some aspect. At some point in my life I would like to take the knowledge of business that I have learned and teach at some level.

Spiritual - I desire to continue to build my relationship with God and learn how to be the Christian that he would have for me to be. This area of learning has been one that I have put off at times, that I have not been as committed to as I should be, and needing to fulfill.

Self-Esteem and Security

I maintain my self-esteem and confidence from several sources. My primary source is my relationship with God; spiritually I am confident that eternity is the ultimate goal and that by my relationship and trusting Jesus Christ as my savior. My second source of strength comes from my upbringing. My parents taught me to be confident in myself, to trust that I will make the best decisions, and to respect all people regardless of who they are and where they come from. My mom particularly taught me that I own my own self worth and self esteem. You cannot be strong within relationships with others if you are not strong and happy with yourself. I feel that the times that I struggle with these things are the times that I lose confidence in myself or stray to far from God. When I recognize the symptoms, then I spend time praying and reading God's word. When I feel I am not happy, I push myself back to learning either mentally or physically through the workout routines.


My strength comes from my relationship with God. Strength for me is a function of prayer and my relationship with God. My wife provides a source of strength through love, understanding, and encouragement. These two sources of strength in my life provide guidance and direction as I live day to day.


Mission Statement Example Six

_My Mission Statement

Overall Statement of My Life's Mission

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

My life's mission is to come upon my undiscovered talents that best bring about perfection in the material and spiritual worlds, as well as be a giving and loving man in my important relationships and those that may extend beyond my immediate circle.

My Guide

“I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.” – Mikhail Baryshnikov

I believe that where I am right now is the right place for me to be; this does not suggest I take a passive role in my life.

Important Relationships

“To handle yourself, use your head. To handle others, use your heart.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Partner: The relationship shall be of mutual respect and where I can differentiate between that which is satisfactory (significant other) and that which is perfect (significant other, if improved).

Child / Next Generation: Until I have a child of my own, I extend myself to my nephew and Godson (who are both back in St. Louis) any way that I can but wish that I were physically closer to celebrate their birthdays and every holiday with them.

Parents: I love my parents. I always welcome their unconditional love and advice. I shall continue to work toward transitioning our parent-child relationships into adult-adult relationships.

Siblings: I could afford to strengthen my relationships with my two step-sisters (on my father's side) and adopted brother (my late mother adopted him when we were adults). Presently, my knowledge of the events in each of their respective lives remains at a high-level.

Friends: My friends are an extension of my family. I love to converse and explore new ideas with friends, will always offer to bring them chicken soup if they are sick, and work harder to not be heavy-handed with advice.

Employer: I will use the power of communication, industriousness, and efficiency to get my work done and rise to any challenge, hopefully whilst ensuring that my goals and values are aligned with the mission, vision, and values of my employer.

Community: In August 2007, I moved to Minneapolis but have yet to engage in volunteer opportunities within the literacy, health, and/or arts communities. I would like to resume my volunteering efforts upon graduation from Carlson.


“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I consider myself a work in progress and a love of learning assists in my quest for self-improvement. By keeping an open mind and appreciating thoughtful academic research, well scripted television banter, provocative articles, friendly social networking sites, books of interest, and smart and funny conversations during hours of happiness, I hope to have a more tolerant, imaginative, and positive approach to my personal, social, and professional lives.

Self-Esteem and Security

  “Be yourself. There is something that you can do better than any other. Listen to the inward voice and bravely obey that.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are many ups and downs in life but as the above quote says, there is something that I can do better than anyone else. Now it is just a matter of inducing this competency and sustaining it.

I derive my worth from the quality of my relationships, the material and spiritual things in my life, and knowing that I have faith – all of which are measurable with a smile. I try my hardest not to compare myself to others since we are different persons with different experiences; but that is not always the case, therefore, I seek to turn insecurities in opportunities or discard them as irrelevant.


“Anger is only one letter short of danger.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Two primary sources from where I draw strength to achieve my life's mission are the interactions with and feedback provided by family, friends, and colleagues, and the ideas that challenge my existing way of thinking. Also, by being versatile in my communications with others and sympathetic to my surroundings, I can learn to be less demanding of myself and others – decreasing the disappointment when my demands aren't met and reducing the potential for pessimism.


Mission Statement Example Seven

Overall Statement of Life's Mission

My Mission Statement

I am here on a mission --- a mission from God. Ok, before someone calls the guys in the white coats, let me explain. God has given this mission to all Christians; Jesus said in Matthew 28: 19: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” My mission is to tell people how much God loves them and how much he wants to be a part of their lives. While all Christians have been given this mission, we are each given different gifts to use in order to accomplish our mission, as Paul says in Romans 12:4-6a: “ Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.” I believe that God has given me the gift of telling others about him; some call this the gift of evangelism.

God's goal is to have the entire world know Him. As Paul said in 1 st Timothy 2:4: “[God] wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.” My goal is a bit smaller; I would like my family, my friends, my colleagues, my neighbors and all those I come into contact with to come to know God as their leader and provider. I hope to accomplish this through my words and through my actions.

To this purpose God has given me many resources; a good job that pays well, a good education, the chance to travel, family, friends and much more. I also am aware that I need to put these resources to good use, as the Bible says in Matthew 13:12: “Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him,” and in Matthew 6:20-21: “ But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” To accomplish my mission I will share what I have with others.

As I go about my mission I want to be someone others see as a person who not only speaks the truth about God but who demonstrates it. 1 st Corinthians 13:1 says: “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.” My life must be a reflection to others of the love God has for me. As Matthew 5:16 says; “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” Actions alone will not be enough, as Romans 10:14 says: “How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? “ My actions must be accompanied by an explanation of my faith.

I want my life to model the verse from Acts 10:2 which states: “He and all his family were devout and God-fearing; he gave generously to those in need and prayed to God regularly.” And I can think of no better words for my tombstone than a paraphrase of 1 st Corinthians 13:13 “And in her life we saw these three things: faith, hope and love, but her greatest demonstration was that of love.”

Ultimately I will know how successful I have been in reaching my goal when I am reunited with all my loved ones in heaven. As Romans 6:5 says: “If we have been united with him like this in his death, we will certainly also be united with him in his resurrection.” Yes, there are other things I would like to accomplish before I die, such as learning to fly a plane, teaching at a University, losing weight and others, but nothing is more important to me than to have my loved ones join me in Heaven. After all, as Matthew 16:26 reminds me: “What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?” And as Philippians 3:20-21 says: “… [O] ur citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body.”

My Guide

My guide through this journey of life is God. I receive direction from him through his Word, the sacraments and prayer. As Psalm 119:105 says: “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” God is always there to guide my decisions through what he has written in the Bible. In the sacraments of baptism and communion that I receive at church, I am united with God and my weaknesses (or sins) are forgiven. Through prayer I can have conversations with God. As Philippians 4:6 says: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” These three things: reading the Bible, praying and participating in the sacraments at church, provide the framework for my mission, my goals and how I make many, if not most, of the decisions in my life.

Important Relationships

The following are the groups with whom I have relationships. There is an order of importance in this list, as Gayle Sayers said: "The Lord is first, my friends [and family] are second, and I am third." (Sayers and Silverman, 2001, back cover). T here are other relationships in my life but these three come first.

My God and I

I realize that nothing I have done merits the love God has for me. As Ephesians 2:8-9 says: “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God, not by works, so that no one can boast.” Nor was I able to make it to God on my own. As Martin Luther said, “I believe that I cannot by my own reason or strength believe in Jesus Christ, my Lord, or come to Him; but the Holy Ghost called me by the Gospel, enlightened me with His gifts, sanctified and kept me in the true faith; even as He calls, gathers, enlightens and sanctifies the whole Christian Church on earth, and keeps it with Jesus Christ in the one true faith; in which Christian Church He daily and richly forgives all sins to me and all believers, and will at the Last day raise up me and all the dead, and give unto me and all believers in Christ eternal life. This is most certainly true!” As a result of my belief in God, my life has been changed to be a reflection of Him, as Ephesians 5:8 says: “ For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light.”

God wants my relationship with him to be personal. He wants me to talk with him and he with me. I can turn to him in times of trouble as He says in Jeremiah 29:12: “Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you,' and again in Psalm 50:15: “… call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me."

God wants me to trust in him, as he says in 2 nd Corinthians 5:7: “We live by faith, not by sight.“ He wants to be my guide and helper through all circumstances in my life. 1 st Peter 5:7 summarizes this: “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

Lastly, God has put me here for a specific purpose. As Ephesians 2:10 states: “ For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” To accomplish the purpose God has for me, I must keep my relationship with Him fresh and vibrant through prayer and daily study of His Word. I must trust him in all things and constantly seek His guidance in my life.

My Family and I

God provided me with loving parents and grandparents who helped me at an early age to understand God's love for me. They not only taught me about God and his promises but their lives provided a living example for me that formed the basis of my faith today. I want to be that kind of person for my sister and brother and their families, especially for my nieces and nephews. I want them to see those same attributes of faith, hope and love that existed in my parents and grandparents. My greatest thrill would be to overhear someone talking to my nieces or nephews and saying something like 2 nd Timothy 1:5: “I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your Aunt Becky and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.” I would love to stand up with my entire family and say as in Joshua 24:15: “… But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."

I have a close relationship with my mother, brother and sister and their families. Our love is unconditional; it cannot be separated by the enticement of money. We do not keep tabs of who owes whom nor how much Mom has given one person over another. They know that they can depend on me for anything they need: physically, emotionally and financially, and I know I can depend on them.

My Friends and I

Since I don't live close to my family, my friends are an important part of my life. I have both Christian and non-Christian friends, both locally and throughout the world. I use as a guide in my relationship with my non-Christian friends verses 22-23 from Jude 1 which says: “Be merciful to those who doubt; snatch others from the fire and save them; to others show mercy, mixed with fear--hating even the clothing stained by corrupted flesh.” This ties back to my basic mission of life of telling others about Jesus. My Christian friends provide me with support and encouragement, serving as role models on how to be effective in my mission.

My friends (and family) have my unconditional love. 1 st John 3:16-18 explains this love I have, it says: “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers. If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” In other words, my friends know that what is mine is theirs, but even more, that I would physically give my life for them.

Lastly I believe that a part of being a friend is to be an encourager as well as wanting only good things for them. As Hebrews 3:13 says: “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness,” and Philippians 2:4 says: “Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

Me, Myself and I

As a single person, I am accountability to myself. First, to honor myself (and God) by treating my body with respect, as 1 st Corinthians 6:18-20 says: “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.”

Second, I should enjoy the things God has given me, as James 1:17 says: “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” God gives me more than just money; He gives me friends, family, faith, and much more. I know God has provided me with things not only for use in my mission but also to use for my enjoyment, however 1 st Timothy 6:17 warns me to not put my trust in my possessions, it says: “Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.” While I have many things, I do not consider that I own them, instead I consider that they are but on loan to me for use by others as well as myself.

Lastly, unlike many people I am not afraid to die nor am I afraid to live. As Philippians 1:21-26 says: “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. If I am to go on living in the body, this will mean fruitful labor for me. Yet what shall I choose? I do not know! I am torn between the two: I desire to depart and be with Christ, which is better by far; but it is more necessary for you that I remain in the body. Convinced of this, I know that I will remain, and I will continue with all of you for your progress and joy in the faith, so that through my being with you again your joy in Christ Jesus will overflow on account of me.”


My Job and I

Because of my Christian framework, I believe that I should give my all to doing the job that I have been given, as Colossians 3:23-24 says: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” In my dealings with my co-workers I try to follow the advice of Galatians 6:10: “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” So at work, I treat all people with respect and honesty.

However in business, especially the higher up you go, there are always people around whose ethics allow them to “stab others in the back” or who expect you to do all the work. In these situations I look to Matthew 5:41-44 for advice; “If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles. Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you. You have heard that it was said, 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” God calls me to go the extra mile and to love those who would hurt me.

My Neighborhood and I

The following Bible passages provide the framework for my relationship with my neighborhood; Luke 10:27 says: “'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself;'" and Romans 13:9-10 says: “The commandments… are summed up in this one rule: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.' Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.”

As an affluent American, I could afford to live in a large house on a big track of land; however, I live in a small house in a “blue collar” neighborhood. “Keeping up with the Jones” is not a part of my way of life. Instead I believe in helping out my neighbors by taking care of their walks, loaning out my possessions such as my fertilizer spreader, my snowblower, my lawnmower and other equipment. I let my actions demonstrate my faith and whenever possible tell of this faith to my neighbors.

My Church and I

My church is an important part of my life, as I am a part of a church family. 1 st Corinthians 12:27 states: “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” As part of this family, I provide encouragement to other members of my church. I also provide support for church by giving my time to teach Bible Class or to sing in the church choir and by giving my resources, such as my money and my possessions to the church. In addition, I weekly attend church service to as Ephesians 5:19-21 says: “Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”


My Community and I

I believe God is asking me to share my riches with people in need, not only my riches but also my time. As Romans 12:13 says: “Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality.” In addition, I believe that God is calling me to obey the government, to pay my taxes, and to respect my leaders, this is in keeping with Hebrews 13:16-17: “And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. Obey your leaders and submit to their authority. They keep watch over you as men who must give an account. Obey them so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no advantage to you.”

We are living in times of stress. However, God is calling us to choose love instead of hate. I want to live at peace with all people and take every opportunity to pray for not only my friends and family but for the entire world. This is in keeping with Romans 12:18 that says: “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.“



My wisdom comes from God as Proverbs 9:10 says: “"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” I could never learn all there is to learn as Psalm 139:17 says: “How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them!” The core of my learning comes from reading and studying God's word. Wisdom comes from God and is mine for the asking as it is stated in James 1:5: “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.” What some people think is wise is not, 1 st Corinthians 3:19 says: “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight.“ My wisdom comes from experience and from God's presence in those experiences; 1 st Corinthians 2:13 says: “This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, expressing spiritual truths in spiritual words.”

Of course I will continue my learning through the completion of my Masters Program as well as by reading the paper, watching television news, the history channel and other educational shows.

Self-Esteem and Security

My self-esteem comes because I know God loves me as Jeremiah 31:3 says “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” Sin is the one thing that can dent my self-esteem, however God has told me that he has forgiven me my sins as 1 st John 1:9 says: “ If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

My security is found in following God's direction as Psalm 16:8 says: “I have set the LORD always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken .” I know also that God is watching out for me as Matthew 10:29-31 says: “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” I put my hope in the knowledge that God has the best in mind for me. I know this because it is confirmed in the words of one of my favorite Bible passages, Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you…plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” This is way I am able to sing with certainty “ My Hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus' blood and righteousness, I dare not trust the sweetest frame, But wholly lean on Jesus Name. On Christ the solid Rock I stand; All other ground is sinking sand” (Lutheran Hymnal 370).


My strength comes from my faith in God. First I know he is always with me as 2 nd Thessalonians 2:16-17 says: “May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.”

Second, I know that it is not by my strength that my mission will be accomplished for Isaiah 55:10-11 says: “As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

Third, I believe that the saints who have gone before me are cheering me on as Hebrews 12:1-3 says: “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.”

Fourth, I know that nothing I do can separate me from God. He says in Romans 8:38-39: “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Lastly, I know that God is always with me as he said in Matthew 28:20: “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." Even when I moved to England, I knew he was with me because Psalm 139:9-10 says: “If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.”

I don't worry about my weaknesses because God turns them into strengths as 2 nd Corinthians 12:9-10 says: “… 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” Not only do I not worry about my weaknesses, I know that God has given me someone to help me when I am weak. The Holy Spirit helps me as Romans 8:26-27 says: “ In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God's will.”


Mission Statement Example Eight

Overall Mission

I believe my goal for my life is best expressed by a Cal Ripken Jr. comment about Baseball. He said, “ I want to leave the game better than I found it.” I heard this quote at an early age, and as my life has gone on, I have found this is a simple metaphor for life. Cal wanted to play the game of baseball in such a way that the game would be better because of him. It would be better because of the example he provided other ball players. It would be better because of how fans saw him. It would be better because of the other players he was able to mentor throughout his career. Along with this goal, Cal had another goal. He didn't want to do anything to jeopardize the game. If he messed up, he wanted to contain his error so as few people as possible would be affected.

This is the same way I want to live my life. I want the world to be a better place because of my actions, and because of the impact I have on other people. Also, on my bad days, where it seems I can't do anything right, I hope I don't mess things up too badly. A simple illustration of this point is that I do not drive when I've been drinking. But, moving back to the larger meaning, I envision myself improving the world thru my relationship with my wife, with my daughters and with my family. I also want to lead by example. I feel a good attitude, whether it is at sports or in the office, is a valuable mentoring device. With that said, I will take the opportunity to act as an example and teach anyone I meet. I've taught youth league basketball. I've volunteered on numerous organizations and committees. I try to foster good relationship with my friends. Overall, I try to lead a good life.

Mission Guide

What guides me? I am a rule deontologist. I have a set of rules that I refer to for any decision I make. I find that regardless of how simple the decision, I refer to these rules. I've found this to be a subconscious act. I wasn't even aware I did this until I began analyzing myself as part of this course. I'm constantly review my decisions against my rule set.

Following are my current top 10 rules.

1. What would Jesus do?

This is my interpretation of Divine Command. To me, this doesn't mean follow the rules of the Church, or follow the Ten Commandments. It means that I should try to make decisions similar to those Jesus made. This is an impossible rule to consistently follow, but should be the basis for all my decisions. In other words, for me this rule by itself has consistency and feasibility issues. The remaining rules are needed to fill the gap between this ideal behavior and what's actually realistic.

2. Be able to look yourself in the mirror each morning.

If I can't accomplish rule number 1 and I do end up participate in unethical behavior, I hope that I don't commit any act so repulsive as to loose respect for myself. While this doesn't provide strict guidelines to follow, its generalizability makes it powerful. I often refer to this rule as the litmus test or tie-breaker concerning difficult decisions.

3. Those without sin can cast the first stone. Don't judge yet thee be judged thyself. Walk a mile in their shoes.

All these sayings summarize my 3 rd rule. I try not to judge other peoples behavior and thoughts. I feel that you can never truly know why someone acted as they did, and there is no way to know if you would act differently if you were in the same situation. As a result, don't judge others, because if you judge them you'll act differently (and usually less favorably) toward them.

4. I want to leave the game better than I found it.

Cal Ripken Jr. said this about baseball. I feel the same way about life. I want to act in a way that improves society, either by example or action, so the world is a better place after I leave.

5. Protect the innocent.

This is another broad rule that is directly related to rule 6, and supercedes rule 6. I feel there are certain demographics that should be protected and sheltered from the evils of society. I frequently equate this rule to children and the disabled. But I do expand this rule as the situation dictates. For example, if a decision is being made to fire an individual, and that person isn't involved in the discussion, I try to act in a way that provides respect and shelter for that individual. I also apply this rule to justify minimum wage, workplace diversity, and other questionable societal issues.

6. Freedom of choice is critical, even if that freedom could allow others to hurt you or your loved ones.

I think freedom is imperative to society. We need to give people the freedom to act however they like. In some cases, we need to give people the freedom to make tough decisions, knowing that people could disobey these decisions and hurt themselves or society. While this is a risk, taking away that freedom has a greater loss than living with the possibility of tragedy. I use this rule to justify the existence of companies, products and social causes that I do not agree with. I would rather these products exist than live in a repressive society. With that said, I think there are certain groups that need to be protected, so laws are required to protect those groups. Laws are required to limit freedom in certain cases.

7. Admit when you are wrong and accept punishment with dignity.

I learned this in college, and it basically went against family values I was taught. I had the option of hiring a lawyer to help me reduce a sentence for a verdict I was guilty of committing. I couldn't see the reasoning behind this. Instead I investigated other avenues and found a rehabilitation program for first-time offenders. This was a culmination of many events that resulted in me adding this rule to the list. I believe taking responsibility for your actions and failures is essential to development. Trying to get out of trouble usually results in getting into more trouble. It's best to stop the cycle, admit you are wrong and accept responsibility for whatever punishment will follow.

8. Don't say anything about someone who isn't present that you wouldn't say in front of them.

This is another simple rule that I use frequently. When truly used, it grows to encompass not only words, but behavior. In fact, it personally has iterated to have nearly the same meaning as treat others the way you'd like to be treated. But for me, the foundation is not to talk or act questionably bad behind someone's back. I find myself in many situations where I feel pressure or am inclined to break this rule. For this reason, this rule is in my top ten.

9. Use the 80-20 rule.

This rule states that it's easy to make decisions that impact 80% of possible outcomes, but difficult to make decisions that capture the remaining 20%. I interpret this as the decision that seems the best on the surface is usually the best decision. Digging into all possible circumstances and consequences is often wasted effort. I've found that if you make a decision based on good intentions (see rule 10 for possible conflicts) things will usually work out for the best. If, unfortunately, unimaginable consequences occur, be flexible to adjust your decision and rational to include this new information. This, by it's nature, makes cost-benefit decision making more difficult for me, because I often overlook the remaining 20% of people due to this rule.

10. Trick me once, shame on you. Trick me twice, shame on me.

In other words, learn from your mistakes. I find that I often trick myself into questionable behavior. I often don't question the entire situation, because I'm happy being ignorant of all the implications. This rule could also be stated, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission. Meaning, people are apt to forgive bad decisions if you claim you didn't know what you did was wrong. Regardless of whether you trick yourself or another person does, you should adjust your list of rules as needed. Add, modify, reorganize rules as needed to continue personal growth and help prevent unwanted behavior.

I adjust these rules often. I change their sequence. I add and remove rules. I believe I usually alter the rule set in an attempt to resolve consistency issues in my life. As I discussed in my position paper, I was raised in a family that preached similar rules to what I have listed, but practiced deception and exploitation. At times, when I don't reference my rule set, I fall back into exploitation. At work, I could easily convince myself to go home with office supplies or to lie on an expense report. It's only when I consult my rule set that I realize the inconsistency and stop the behavior.

I have to admit, it only takes me a split second to review a decision against my rule set, but I do perform this review. Again, I didn't even know I was doing it before this class started. It had always occurred subconsciously. At times when I fall back into exploitation, I may find that I add a rule to my top 10 that allows me to perform unethical actions. For example, if I wanted to inflate an expense report, I could alter my rule set to rationalize this behavior. This change would make my action rational, but would create a consistency conflict that would begin to bother me. I would refer to this conflict as guilt. To remove the guilt, I would end up changing my decision and readjusting my rule set back to one that is both rational and consistent.

Given this background, I have to say I struggle with what controls me. The greater good usually prevails, but I am human and I do make poor decisions. In these cases, I would say that power, or egoism, control me. I find this painful to admit, but at these points of weakness they do control me. I usually win, that is why I don't consider myself an egoist. I also know my initial tendency is to exploit. This also adds to my struggle. I feel I have to change my default decision because my initial thoughts are unethical and exploitive. I find that if I don't refer to my rule set, I can easily make unethical decisions that completely go against the goals I've set for myself. This is the battle I fight.

Important Relationships


Ideal Relationship

Ideally I want to be the doting husband. I want to provide the ultimate life for my wife. I want to remove all worries from her life. I want to provide whatever she may desire. In my ideal relationship, my wife and I would take time to discuss the deep philosophical issues we witness in our life daily. I'd want us to hardly disagree on the trivial activities of life. I'd want to live our lives in a way that our children can tell just by looking at us that we are in love with each other. I'd want our children to describe their parents as “being in love”.

Actual Relationship

My actual relationship with my wife is drastically different. We debate the complex issues of life as well as the trivial. At times, we have these debates, or fights, in front of the children. I focus 90% of my energy on getting thru the chores of the day which includes work, the house, paying bills, taking care of children, etc. I spend the remaining 10% of the day in personal time preparing for the next day. I rarely spend time with my wife. Time I spend with my wife is not spent doting, or nurturing, or loving. Time spent with my wife is usually spent comparing scorecards we keep on our activities. We compare these scorecards when we argue, because we desperately want to convince our partner to take on more responsibilities. My wife and I are in marriage counseling to help with this. I imagine if things continued down this path, our children would say we love each other but are too caught up in daily life to show each other that love.


Ideal Relationship

Ideally, I want to “be there” for my children. My father was a consultant and traveled frequently. He was basically away during the week and busy with chores during the weekend. I knew my father loved me, and knew he showed his love by working so hard; however, I wanted my father to be more involved in my life. That is the role I want to pay in my daughters' lives. I want to be involved. I want to play with them. I want to help them learn. I want to teach them of the mysteries of life. Since I was a child, I've had a vision of my daughter pointing to a star in the sky and asking me about it. In this vision, I tell her that the star is actually a planet. I go on to tell her specifics about the planet. She's amazed by how much I know. To her, Dad is a superhero.

Actual Relationship

I do take time to be part of my daughter's lives. I do make time to play with them, and teach them. I consider myself fun. I consider myself a good father. Right now my daughters are too young to point to a star and ask questions. If they did I wouldn't be able to tell them anything about them. I couldn't point out a planet, from a star, from a plane, from a satellite.

Extended Family

Ideal Relationship

My wife and I moved to Oregon, after we got married. We stayed there on assignment for one year. This helped us realize how important family was for us, because neither of us had family on the West coast. We moved back to the Mid West, where our family is located, with the belief we'd take advantage of living so close to family. We said we'd no longer miss the small events of life. We'd make time to be there for all important moments. We'd be the family members who traveled for Baptisms, weddings, birthdays, etc.

Actual Relationship

In actuality, since we've moved back from Oregon, we routinely decide not to travel due to these obligations. We've missed two Baptisms since we've moved back. We find it extremely easy not to attend less formal family events. However, once we realize we're ignoring family, we do make the effort to join in.

I think part of our missing events is due to our family's current stage. We have a two-year-old and a six-month-old. Given this, I think our lower level of family involvement is somewhat justified. As the children get older, I foresee us traveling to more events.


Ideal Relationship

I have a small amount of core friends that I keep throughout life. To me, these friends are family. I want to be there as a family member would be to my friends. For example, I want to be the friend who helps my friends move, paint, or work on a similar project.

Actual Relationship

I have helped friends move and paint. I believe I am a good friend; however, due to my current family complexity I haven't had as much time for extended family or good friends. I need to spend more time maintaining these relationships as the girls grow up and I gain more free time.

Employee of XXXX

Ideal Relationship

I consider myself a loyal employee. I have this romantic notion that XXXX is there for me and I am there for XXXX. As a result, I want to take positions that allow me to help XXXX as much as possible. Also, I want to act with integrity, even if it may hurt my own career.

With this said, I know my family is more important than work. I do not want to make the same mistakes I feel my father made. I want to have a good work-life balance. I want to be able to leave work for a family emergency. I'd like to be able to take a vacation without calling into a meeting or carrying around a laptop.

Actual Relationship

I think I am a loyal employee. I think I do act with integrity at the office. I have acted in ways that improve the company but hurt my career. Also, I do balance work and life effectively. I do have moments where I have to call into meetings when I'm on vacation; however, I try to limit this and I do enjoy vacation time. I have to admit that there are times when I let work take control of me. I do find myself working at 1am in the morning. However, I think I quickly recognize when this occurs and I take actions to resolve this conflict.


A few rules summarize my learning style. First, I want to try everything once. Second, I don't judge, unless I want to be judged by others. To me, these rules merge into the perfect learning spirit. To summarize, I think you learn best by experiences. You should try anything once. Also, you shouldn't be arrogant and think anything is above you. There isn't anything you shouldn't do. For example, an overly masculine individual should try to paint, write, dance, etc. Similarly, a feminine personality should spend a day on the farm, should go fishing, should try to fix a tractor, etc. This is my method for learning. I want to keep trying things. I want to keep learning.


Through introspection and thru counseling, I've found that I depend on my core group of family and friends for my security. I get this security thru confidence. I get this confidence by succeeding at new situations I place myself into. This is directly related to my comments about learning.

To cut to the chase, I'm a “Type A” personality. I am a pleaser. I need to succeed at events. I also need to witness my success through someone else. I depend on others to rate my performance. I find it is like a mirror. I think I am “good”, but I need someone present to be able to see the “good” inside of me. In reality, this means I lack self-confidence. I need someone present to validate my confidence. As a result of this, maintaining my self-confidence, maintaining my security has been and will continue to be one of the key struggles of my life.


This is also related to my learning style of trying things. I gain strength and confidence from having accomplished new activities. I draw upon these successes when I have new challenges or new situations I'm presented with. As a result, I feel that I turn challenges into strengths.

Digging deeper into this point, I find that I concentrate on a shortcoming or a weakness I have. I eventually attack that weakness head-on, trying new things and putting myself in situations where the weakness is exposed. My goal in doing this is to eliminate the weakness. I've tried to address a number of weaknesses in my life, from my lack of self-confidence, to talking in public, to questioning power figures, to admitting when I need help. All these are issues I struggled with over my life. I haven't completely addressed each of these issues, but at least I've started attacking them.


Mission Statement Example Nine

I. Mission Statement

A. Overall Mission :

My mission in life is basically to be a good and honest person. I want to be a good wife, daughter, sister, mother and friend. In addition, I want to be a good employee and have a successful career without ever having to compromise the principles that guide my life. By ‘good,' I mean that I want to be honest and trustworthy, compassionate and caring, loving and forgiving, and above all, I want to be a productive member of society. If I can accomplish my mission, the results may not be tangible, but they will bring me personal satisfaction.


B. My guide:

The moral values taught to me by my parents and my religion is what guides every aspect of my life. I will never allow ambition for power or money to influence my mission or my daily life if it means that I have to compromise my principles.


C. Important Relationships:

Spouse: My relationship with my husband is that of a friend. I would like to continue to nurture this relationship with mutual respect and trust, and be supportive of him.

Child: I am expecting our first child in November. I would like to have a relationship with my child like the one I have with my own parents. I want my child to be able to openly discuss any aspect of his life with me. I want my child to respect me not out of awe or fear but out of love. In turn, I would like to give my child the respect, trust and friendship that come with unconditional love.

Other family members : My relationship with my parents has always been one of admiration and respect. I've always tried to emulate their lives and tried to live by their guidelines. I am not always able to spend as much time with them as I would ideally like due to the geographical distance separating us, but whatever time we get together, I would like to show them how much I love them. My relationship with my siblings has been one of love and support for each other. I would like to continue to be supportive and let them know that I am always there for them. For me, family is the most important thing in the world. My husband's family is also an important part of my life for the past five years since we've been married. Their outlook to life is a little different from that of me and my family probably due to cultural differences, as my husband and I are from different countries, but I respect their opinions and they have accepted me as I am. When they are here, I do a lot of things out of respect for them that I normally would not do. I try to make their visits to my home comfortable and enjoyable.

Friends: I don't make friends easily. I am a friendly person and have many acquaintances, but only a select few are true friends that I would trust with my life. Once I consider someone a friend, I will go all out for that person. If they ever need me, I will never think twice about helping a friend. This is however, a fine line, because if a friend asks me to do something illegal or immoral or unethical, then I would have to refuse even if it costs me the friendship. However, I also know that the true friends that I have will never put me in a situation where I would have to choose between them and my principles and that is the reason they are my friends.

Employee: I've always been a loyal and conscientious worker. I've been known to go above and beyond the call of duty. I'd like to continue to work with that ideology, without thinking of what benefits I may get. To me the biggest benefit of being a good worker is my reputation and my credibility. A few years ago, when I was still very new at my job, I had recommended a friend for an internship position, and when he was interviewed, the team lead said, “We are hiring you because XXX has recommended you. We have great confidence in her judgment.” This to me was the greatest compliment I could receive because I knew that my co-workers respected my honesty and integrity and knew that I would never recommend someone unless I felt that they were competent and good for the position. I have refused to recommend friends and family members at times when I felt that they were not a good fit for the job, and have had to face their resentment and displeasure. But I was not willing to compromise my integrity for the sake of friendship.


D. Learning: I believe that life itself is a learning experience. In addition, to my formal education, which includes pursuing an MBA degree, I am also an avid reader of novels from all over the world. This exposes me to different cultures and lifestyles. I also like to watch movies from other countries. I occasionally read religious books. I have read the Quran and the Bible as my father is Muslim and my mother used to be a Catholic. Also, having grown up in India , I was also exposed to Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and some other sects. Exposure to different religions and cultures has made me more open minded and tolerant to diversity.


E. Self Esteem and Security: I derive my self esteem from my family. They have always been incredibly supportive and have always believed in me. They always encouraged me and told me that I could do anything I set my mind to. I derive my security in the knowledge that my family is always there for me, no matter what.


F. Strength: Although I am not a deeply religious person, I have a strong faith in God and believe that whatever happens to us happens for a reason. In the Holy Quran, it states that God gives each person only as much as that person can bear. It is this belief that gives me strength in the most adverse of situations.



Mission Statement Example Ten


My Mission Statement


Overall Statement of My Life's Mission


My life's mission is to provide a stable, positive environment that enables my family to grow and prosper. I want to create a legacy for my children to add to and pass along to their children. As humans, we don't live forever. And, for most of us, we won't end up in the history books. However, this doesn't resolve us to be forgotten when the final bell rings. I truly feel that we can live forever in the sense that the generations that come after us will use the lessons and values that we taught them. I feel particularly strong about this belief as a parent.


In order to do this, there are many smaller objectives that I must meet. First, I feel that I need to help them develop their own moral framework from which they will make all decisions, both in business and in life. Second, I feel that I have a responsibility to help them establish a sense of work ethic. Third, I need to give them a sense of self-worth and self-esteem through positive learning. Fourth, I must set a good example when it comes to a stable family environment. Fifth, I need to help them to see the virtue in the never-ending process of learning. Finally, I feel that I need to instill a sense of discipline that keeps them moving along this path. This list is not all-inclusive; rather, it is the list I am currently working with. If history is a good predictor of the future, I will certainly learn more, and hopefully improve and expand my list of objectives to better accomplish my life's mission.


My Guide


I feel that I am very fortunate to have a guide to accomplish my life's mission. My guide is not one person or one thing; it is the experiences that I have had, the people that have taught me along the way, and my interpretation of it all that illuminates the path to my future. The beauty of being an interactive member of society is the exposure to other people, their values, and their experiences. It is comparable to eating at the world's greatest buffet; every ideal, every value, and every experience is there to learn from, but you only have to take away what you choose to. This concept applies to both my professional life and personal life. As a young manager, I always try to adopt good examples of leadership from those around me. As a young parent, I do the same with other parents.




Important Relationships


My Wife


The relationship I have with my wife is arguably the most important relationship I am involved in. It is also one of the most challenging. It is with this person, who is both physiologically and psychologically different, that I must meld with to create the stable environment that I discussed in the first paragraph. Our relationship, apart from our children, is one of unconditional love and respectful compromise. Yet, we can never truly be apart from our children, so our relationship is the flagship of the family's stability. The better we are at working together to make a brighter tomorrow, the more easily we will be able to help our children to become successful. In looking at it, my life's mission is really the mission of “our” lives.


My Children


I see my relationship with my children as the cornerstone of my life's mission. I don't aspire to be in the world's history books. However, I don't think that I'll be a failure for not making my mark on the world; I aspire to simply be a great character in the history of my family. To accomplish this, I must accomplish all of the objectives set forth at the beginning of this paper. When all is said and done, I don't intend to keep any success secrets to myself; if it has the potential to help out my children, I will pass it on. My function in the relationship is to develop my children, and hopefully propel them to a life even more successful than my own.


My Family


My relationship with my family is a mix of learning and passing along information. The relationship is as much a place as it is a thing. I go there to feel the comfort of the group that helped to develop my character. This group continues to provide me with wisdom, and I readily take it. Additionally, I am able to do this with another great group, my family through marriage.


My Friends


This group is where I go to relate common issues, to unwind, and to socialize. I tend to learn a great deal from this group. Most of this group is the same age as my wife and I, and they are constantly facing the same challenges that we are. It is easy to relate to this group, and friendship comes easily. We often turn to this group for advice on parenting, savings, home improvement, and a vast array of other issues that we come across. Usually, their knowledge is fresh off the chopping block; whereas our parents can give us advice from years ago, this group can give us advice from situations that happened last week.


My Employer


I think my relationship with my employer relies heavily on loyalty and respect. It is not just that I am loyal to my employer; my employer is also loyal to me in the sense that they allow me to maintain a stable family life by providing me with income and benefits. I feel that my function in the relationship is to do things that make the organization a better place to work, and a better place for customers to come to. Even in uncertain economic times, my end of the relationship doesn't change. Regarding ethics, I feel that I bring a great background through both my upbringing and the career path that I have been on over the past 10 years. I feel very fortunate to have attended an undergraduate institution that founded itself on integrity, character, and loyalty.




For me, there are several different types of learning, and I intend to pursue each of them for as long as I'm able to. As a logistician, on the job training, formal schooling in the form of advanced degrees, and networking with peers are three venues that I use to gain wisdom and knowledge. Outside of work, I tend to learn from all of the groups mentioned above. Some of this learning takes place formally, but most of it is informal. Without a hint of doubt, the best route for me to continue learning is through astute observation and listening. Many people spend most of their lives talking, and spend little time listening. Years ago, I came across an entertaining quote. Though it has little to do with wisdom, it does hint at the virtue of listening.


“Tis better to be thought of as a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”


If I have something good to say, or something of value, I feel that it is important to pass it along. For the most part, however, I am more interested in what those around me have to say. I won't advance far by re-hashing the thoughts already in my head; in order to learn and grow, I need to find new thoughts, and new thoughts tend to come from the teachings of others.


Self-Esteem and Security


I derive my self-esteem and security from my family, and to a lesser extent, from my work. Recently, my wife and I moved from Colorado Springs to Duluth, with a 3 month old daughter and not a single job between us. It was during this time period, when both of us thought that we had found “the bottom,” that I had a moment of clarity. Regardless of what happens at work, and provided that you have properly laid the foundation, your family is always there for you. A good family is security, and it positively impacts self-esteem. Within a couple of months, we both had jobs, and we were back on our feet. We had hit “a” bottom, but probably not “the” bottom. We crawled back out, and we brought our new lesson regarding the importance and indomitable nature of the human family with us.





I draw my strength from my wife and children. Additionally, I draw strength from other family members, from knowledge, and from work. This type of strength tends to reside in the mind. Though it is a bit of a stretch, a mind is like an investment. The more you put in, the more you tend to get out. With the mind, each bit of knowledge you put in tends to make you a better, wiser person. Every day, either at work or at home, I become better at what I do by gaining new knowledge and applying it. This gives me strength.



Mission Statement Example Eleven

Personal Mission Statement

A . Mission Statement

My overall mission is to reach a point

B. Guide

I don't have a set of explicit guidelines that shape my life. Other than not hurting/harming others in anyway and doing what is the best for my family everything, I haven't followed any rules consistently. My family has gone riches to rags and to just barley surviving (financially), because we took the social and moral high ground in our family business investments. Given this background, it is hard for me to justify to do anything that is not in my (and my family's) best interest. As much as I have been a supporter of socialism, I realize I have been following Adam Smith's philosophy in my personal life. For the last ten years or so, my family's well being has been the sole criteria in my decision making process. Of course my religious and cultural background would guide me subconsciously to a certain extend. My respect to cultural norms of the place I live will guide my choices to a certain extent.

C. Important Relationships

1. Spouse

I want an equal partner in life who will understand my personal life experiences, my family, my culture, and my religion. I will try to understand her background and honor her expectations as well.

2. Children

Having children is something that has not entered my mind yet. If and when I have children, I know that I would like to raise them in atmosphere in which they would know and appreciate their cultural and religious heritage.

3. Other family members

My family is the most important thing in my life. In particular, the dearest and most important people in my life are my sisters. For all practical purposes, I am the functional head of the family. My sisters' successful future is my responsibility. I maintain a friendly but a protective brotherly relationship with my sisters. We are a closely knit family; yet there is that cultural aspect of distance and tension between each member. All of us deeply care about each other and would not do anything to harm other, but the love for each is never explicitly expressed; it is implicitly expected and understood. In fact there is not a single word in my language that I can use to express my “love” to my family. The relationship and the communication in the family is becoming more open, friendly, warm and discussion based rather than the traditional distant, implicit and command based structure.

4 . Friends as a group

My friends play an important role in my life. I have managed to make many friends during my college and professional career. As it is the case for many international students in this country, I and all my close friends became a family. The relationship within this group of friends is always deep, personal and long-lasting. My friends are my source of comfort during tough times as well as celebrating partners through good times. I spend all my free time with my friends, some times at a cost of my personal priorities. As a group, we will go all out to help each other and be very much involved in each others personal matters. Because of this very personal and invested nature of my friendships, lately I have felt the need to make new friends. I hope these new friendships to be just friendships, nothing more - nothing less.

5 . R elationship as an employee within your firm

I believe in giving my best to my employer. But I also expect good faith effort from my employer to provide me adequate financial compensation and a successful career path. I believe in a cordial but strictly professional atmosphere at work, but I expect my employer to understand there is world beyond the workplace. At the same time I would also keep personal life interfering with my professional life. I consider my colleagues as a source of inspiration and a source of knowledge. I also expect my employer to be ethically and socially conscious.

6 . Spirituality

I consider myself to be a spiritual person. Religion is something personal and private to me. But I don't believe I am bound by a firm doctrine. My religion DELETED fits with my philosophy of life; it gives me the choice to follow the things which I believe to be right, correct or applicable to my situation. Other than expecting my religion to be an invisible guiding hand, I don't put my religion as a focal point of my life. It might guide to my decisions and beliefs but it doesn't dominate my decisions and beliefs.

D. Learning

There is no question that my education has increased my knowledge and wisdom. My concern about my education is that it was geared towards making me a successful career professional. My education has not been towards knowledge for the sake of knowledge or personal development. All my formal education so far was done with a goal of getting a good paying job. Following my heart and studying was always an option, but not a practical one. I wasn't forced to choose the path I chose, but it was something I had to do and it was something I have no regrets doing. It was a byproduct of the needs of my family and my future financial stability.

I learned more from my overall life experience in regards to achieving personal development and wisdom. Ideally, I would have preferred to study more about my culture and religious philosophy. I would have preferred to study about social issues and policies and the implications of such policies facing my region.

E. Self-Esteem

Overall, my self-esteem is derived from my pride in my culture, my family, my upbringing, my accomplishment and my optimistic nature. My parents taught me to be self confident and to behave dignified under all circumstances. That plays a large role in shaping my self-esteem.

In my mindset there are two levels in self-esteem. One level is in my daily life, in my immediate world with my friends, coworkers and neighbors. There, I derive my self-esteem by my achievement in education & profession, involvement in the community and in my conduct. In the second level of self-esteem, my self-esteem per my tradition is intermittently linked to self-esteem of my family. This plays out in my realm of relatives, my home town and in my extended family network. Here, my self-esteem is derived from how my family had fared and conducted itself over the past 25 to 30 years.

F. Security and Strength

I draw strength from my spiritual roots and my life experience. Most of my strength and sense of security comes from knowing my capacity, my ability to adapt to surroundings, my sense of morality to do the right thing and my belief that good things happening to good people. I gain strength from the experience from living in middle of a civil war. From hiding in bunkers dodging shelling and aerial bombardment to moving from town to town to avoid getting caught in crossfire, my life has forced me to be scrappy and scramble. This experience had helped me to become toughened and be mentally strong. It also gives me reason to believe I could survive under tough situations and be a good human being.


Mission Statement Example Twelve

My Mission Statement

Overall Statement of My Life’s Mission:

My mission is to enhance the lives of my family, those around me, and myself through my actions. I want to live so that these individuals' lives are better for having had contact with my life, even in the slightest way. I think we often take for granted the amount of impact one person can have on their surroundings and how something as little as a smile can have an influence on someone’s life.

In this ongoing pursuit, I wish to care for my family, achieve a career that leaves people better off, experience as much of this world’s beauty and culture as I can, and to do what makes me happy, whatever that may be at the time.

My Guide:

My guides through life are the very people whose lives I would like to affect. I think that I can take away something from everyone and everything I encounter. Within every experience there is some value; as long as something can be gained from that experience, then nothing is wasted. Past events are what makes us who we are and what type of person we have become. All I can do is make the best choice based on what I know at the time.

Important Relationships:

My Family: These are the people who have built the foundations for me. They raised me and always will be influencing me. My father, my mother, and my two younger brothers have provided me with the experiences from which I’ve learned more than anyone else in this world. They push me to do my best and to be a better person and I do my best to return the effort. I would not be who I am without them.

My Friends: These people are a big influence in my life. They help me to see things from a perspective outside of my family. They remind me that the differences between us are what make us wonderful. They’ve helped me to develop socially and taught me a lot about myself. I like to think that anyone I have ever called a friend has left me a better person.

 Myself: I feel many people underestimate the relationship that people have with themselves. If one doesn’t know one's self and evaluate the way one does things, I think personal growth can never be fully achieved. I believe self reflection and looking inward is essential and can teach a person a lot about themselves. I think that I know myself; there are things that I have taught myself, and I am able to criticize myself and make better choices based on that critique.

 As an employee: I feel that past employers have taught me quite a bit about my work ethic and what kind of relationship I want to have with future employers. I want my future employment to be one of mutual benefit. I want my employer to know that I will work as hard as I can to accomplish the tasks that are set before me. But, I also want my employer to work for me by providing the type of work environment that is conducive to my success, not only in work but in life as well.


As I have previously mentioned, I firmly believe that every encounter with someone and every experience has something that can be taken away from it. These are the lessons that help us to develop and to better ourselves. I feel that wisdom can only be gained by understanding; that there are two sides to every coin and only by understanding the logic behind both sides can we truly make a choice we feel is right.

Self Esteem and Security:

My self esteem and self worth can be derived from knowing myself. I know that I am a good person at heart. I know that I can achieve much when I apply myself. I know what makes me happy. And above all else, I know that I am loved unconditionally by my family and friends. These truths are what sustain my self esteem and self worth. They are the things that are truly valuable to me, and life's ups and downs will not change that.


A recent movie had a line, “ Why do we fall, sir? So that we might better learn to pick ourselves up.” Life is full of ups and downs, successes and failures. I’ve had many of both in my life and on many different levels, but by merely trying my best I have found success even in failure. As long as a person learns that, one never fails. This concept gives me strength. Although I am going to experience wins and losses, it is what I learn that makes me who I am.


Mission Statement Example Thirteen

My mission is to provide true joy, fulfillment and real value in living for myself and for others. The source of this is God. I will honor and worship God with my life.

My Guide  Society and the whims of man will not be my guide. God's Word is my ultimate guide and against which I judge my thoughts and behavior.

Spouse.  Susie is my best friend on earth. I will honor her with my thoughts, words and actions.

Children/grandchildren. I will bring real joy to their lives and will balance my life to make sure I have time for each one. 

Employee. I will fulfill my responsibilities with integrity and diligence.

Friends.  They will know me as a caring, dependable person they can turn to in a time of need.

Learning  I will develop my mind through reading, studying, observing, and experimenting in multiple contexts. My primary source of wisdom comes from the Holy Spirit.

Self-esteem and Security  Susie is a significant source of my self-esteem. But I am ultimately secure in the faith that Christ died for my sins and that I am justified by His love.

Strength  I’ll draw my strength and the power to accomplish my goals from the power of God. With God's help, I will strive to transform my weaknesses into strengths.


Mission Statement Example Fifteen

  Overall Statement of My Life's Mission :

I am here on this earth to help and support those that care about me. My mission is to feel that I am viewed favorably by these individuals. Ultimately, when I die, there will be few people who will remember me – generally those that cared about me. I want those people to view me positively during my life (and to remember me favorably after I die). If I accomplish my mission, I will have died satisfied with my life and also left those that cared about me with positive memories and experiences that will help them in their lives.

•  My Guide:

I am guided by the lessons I have learned in my life. The sources of these lessons are many – they include my own personal experiences as well as my experiences with and observations of others. Ultimately, through these lessons, I have developed (and continue to develop) my own personal moral viewpoint – my own opinion of what is right and what is wrong. These lessons, and the resulting views that I take from them, guide me in everything I do. They help me prioritize, set goals, and also make decisions in my life – helping me to achieve my mission.

•  Important Relationships:

  •  Spouse:

My wife and I trust each other completely. She is my best friend and the person I feel I can talk with about anything. This openness and honesty is what makes our relationship work so well. I want for our relationship to continue to be one where we are open and honest with each other. The one main weakness in this regard that I personally need to improve upon is that I would like to enhance my communication of my problems with her. Sometimes I keep things to myself when I am having problems and I intend to do a better job of opening up in the future. I know this is something she would appreciate and is also something that would help me in dealing with my problems. I also want us to continue to spend significant time with each other. Currently, we do most everything together and I wish to continue this in the future.

•  Children:

Although not yet born, once they are born it will be very important for me to spend as much time as I can with them. Thinking about my conversations with my father and other experienced fathers, I find that most regret the limited time they spent with their children. I intend to take advantage of their advice and spend as much time as possible with my children. By spending significant time with them, I hope to share with them many of the lessons I have learned in my life – so that they can incorporate these into their “database” of lessons that will ultimately guide them in their lives. Looking back on my childhood, I wish I would have had more interaction with my father. I want to make sure my children are given that chance with me.

•  Other family members:

My other family members (both my side and my wife's side) are very important to me. One of the more recent lessons I have learned related to them was from my wife. She has always placed a high level of importance on these other family members – and I have learned to do the same. In the past, I visited my brothers, sister, and parents very infrequently – sometimes only once a year. I now wish to spend more time with them and my other family members (including my wife's side). I feel my prior limited interaction with many of my other family member was a mistake. My wife taught me an important lesson here. I also feel it is important that my children, when born, spend time with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. This way, they can hopefully learn the importance of maintaining relationships with these family members (and avoid making the mistake I made).

•  Friends as a group:

My friends continue to amaze me with their generosity and kindness. My mother suffered from cancer and passed away recently, and many of my friends sent flowers to her during her cancer treatment. Many also traveled long distances to attend her funeral. I wish to be as good a friend to them as they have been to me. I wish to not only be with them in good times but also to provide support during times of trouble. I want to communicate with them and be a good listener. I want to be someone they feel they can talk to and not just someone they have fun with. I also want my friends to get to know my children (and my children to get to know my friends). It is important to me for my children to know the value of a good friend.

•  My relationship as an employee within my firm:

I work because it helps provide the monetary needs and desires of my family. Admittedly, I am not someone who loves his job. If I were to have sufficient money outside of work to support my family, I would likely not be doing the work I am currently doing. At my current job, I get paid very fairly and am provided a strong benefit package. The work is fairly interesting as well. Because my employer provides me with the opportunity to support my family, I feel it is my responsibility to strive to put forth my best effort in working for the company. Also, based on the lessons I have learned in life, I feel that morally it is my responsibility to do my best at work as well – and to act ethically in the work that I do. My interaction with my co-workers is generally very business-like. I don't partake in many activities with them outside of work and I wish to keep it that way. I wish to keep my work life separate from my home life.

•  Creator:

Based on the many honest and caring people I have met from a variety of religions, I believe that my Creator does not judge a person based on the religious group he or she belongs to. Instead, I believe we are judged based on our honesty and morality. Therefore, my relationship with my Creator is one in which I try to be as moral and ethical as possible. I pray to my Creator for guidance in tough times and for help in staying on a moral path in life.

•  Myself:

I am my own worst critic. I set very high expectations for myself, and don't deal well with failure. I intend to deal with failure better in the future. One way I plan to do this is to better communicate my problems to others – especially to my wife as mentioned earlier. In the past, I often would keep my problems to myself. I feel that the support of my family and friends help me through problems I am experiencing.

•  Learning:

Throughout life I have valued formal education. Currently, my efforts in the University of Minnesota MBA program help me ensure that I have the skills to continue to be paid sufficiently to support my family. However, I learn valuable lessons in a variety of ways (not just in my formal education). To recognize and learn these lessons I need to continue to pay attention, analyze, and keep an open mind when facing these situations. I intend to develop my mind and gain wisdom by paying attention and analyzing these experiences and opportunities throughout my life. These all add to the “database” of learning that guides me in my life.

•  Self-Esteem and Security:

My self-esteem, feelings of worth, and feelings of security are measured by my ability to fulfill my mission in life. If I feel like I am failing those who are important to me (i.e. my wife, my family, my friends, etc.) my self-esteem suffers, my feeling of worth suffers, and I feel more insecure about myself. In the future, when I feel like I don't meet my mission, I intend to contact those that are important to me and to try to get their help and advice. They can help me to see the positive things that I do in life, and can help me to overcome my problems and any self-esteem issues I am dealing with. Through discussions with them, they can help me to realize that I am achieving my mission more than I am giving myself credit for.

•  Strength:

I will draw my strength and power to accomplish my mission from the lessons I have learned in my life as well as from the important relationships noted earlier (especially from my wife). Currently, I feel a few of the biggest weaknesses in my life include being somewhat overweight, being too hard on myself, and not always communicating my problems to my wife. These weaknesses hinder my ability to accomplish my mission in life. I will overcome these weaknesses by discussing them with my wife (so that she can be a partner in helping me overcome these). I will also overcome these by drawing upon my prior experiences. I have had success in the past in dealing with personal weaknesses and this gives me confidence in facing these problems. I find that the battle of overcoming weaknesses ultimately makes me a stronger person, and I have no doubt that the process of working to overcome these will make me stronger as well.


Mission Statement Example Sixteen

•  My mission statement

  •  Overall Statement of My Life's Mission

  ‘Be Good'

-In the things that I do.

-In how I treat others.

-In the decisions I make

I have never felt a compelling or specific mission in life other than to live it well. Take the joys from life and cherish them. Take the hardships and face up to them and persevere. Take advantage of the present while always having something to look forward to in the future.

I am a religious person but have an agnostic view of my purpose on Earth. I was born. I live. I will die. Thus there are an infinite amount of opportunities available to me in a very finite amount of time. Given this view, procreation and children have always been an important influence in my life planning. Fulfillment of this goal will be the knowledge that my children thrive within the context of their own lives as a positive reflection of me and those before me. I believe the axiom ‘leave the world a better place' applies both for me and through my children. •  My Guide

My experience and values have grown through my life to date. I have been shaped by my parents, first and foremost, who provided a critical framework that has guided me to achieving my goals through the decisions I make. These values place a premium on importance and value of self, not reliance upon others. This was a key construct of my upbringing. God, friends, and family will certainly play a huge role in supporting me and my family. However, my actions are guided by the principle that through hard work and perseverance, you make life what you want it to be.

•  Import Relationships

•  Spouse – I strive to be a loving husband and provider. I too often do not express this enough through words and deeds. I have always been faithful and put my spouse before myself. However, I don't always communicate as I should.

•  Children – I commit to provide a safe, loving, environment for my children to grow, learn, and hopefully, become ‘good' people. I aspire to support my children to have a better life than me. I have done more and seen more than my father and his father before him. I aspire to give that opportunity to all of my children without dictating how they can best live their life.

•  Family members - I will love and support my family as well as my wife's family. My support of their well-being comes second only to my wife and children. I will continuously learn and benefit from the wisdom of my elders. They shaped my childhood and continue to enrich me through their wisdom and insight. Having lost 3 of 4 grandparents before I had my own family, I have strived to take advantage of the time I have with my paternal grandmother although never as much as I should.

•  Friends - I will cherish and respect my friends. Their opinions and experiences enrich my life and I hope I can do the same for theirs.

•  Employee within Mayo - Being an employee for an institution that is founded upon serving patients has presented a new set of duties. I am driven by a sense to accomplish goals and projects that will result in the fulfillment of that duty to serve patients. This shapes the jobs and activities I become involved in as I want to feel I can help improve the institution I work for.

•  Learning

I have already identified through my significant relationships how I will strive to learn from those people. In addition, I will seek every other opportunity to be a life-long learner through books, hobbies, coworkers, and the observation of life as I experience it. By always thinking about life and how it works, I intend to learn and grow as person throughout my entire life.

•  Self-Esteem and Security

My self-esteem was fostered and nurtured by my parents early in my life. I was taught and my experience has reinforced that self-esteem is not a fixed entity and must be protected. People who love and care for me help ground me and provide support for my self-esteem. By being true to them, they see me for who I am and allow me to understand how I contribute to their lives.

•  Strength

My inner strength has never been a problem and has always been something that I have relied upon. I have always felt I know who I am and therefore strive to the best person I can be. One definition of an ‘introvert' is that they draw strength from solitude and not the interaction of others. I am an introvert in that sense. I enjoy people and am very social but my strength comes from within. This does not to say that I don't believe in a higher power, I do. But this belief leads me to do the best I can with the talents I have been given.


Mission Statement Example Seventeen


My Mission Statement

My mission in life is to be happy. Although this may seem to be a trivial response to a question I have been constantly asked in academia and industry, in actuality it's somewhat complex. If you were to ask 100 people to define “happy”, you'd get 100 different answers. So what's mine, right? Let me start out with what it's not. It's not about financial security. Too much importance is already placed on money for me to include it in my life's mission. It's not about bettering my life-style. Compared to the rest of the world it would be egoistic of me to want more. It's not about advancing my career. I believe anything work-related in my life's mission statement is taboo. To me, being happy centers around three things; learning, understanding, and teaching. Those three are interrelated. Learning provides me new experiences which then enable me to understand things which are different (i.e. apply what I learned), which in turn allows me to teach (or pass on) what I have learned to others. If I follow this cycle with vigor and purpose I believe I can be a good role model, increase my self-esteem, and as a result make society a little better. That would and does make me happy.


My Guide

Life experiences are what guide me in accomplishing my mission. Through the people I meet and the places I travel I witness different cultures and values. This in turn ignites a spark of desire inside of me to understand why people do certain things, or why they hold values so different from my own. As I learn and understand I become more tolerant and can pass my knowledge on to others. I will not let stereotypes created by the media or others break my process for being happy. My process will allow me to become a better decision maker and avoid making snap-judgments.


My Personal Relationships

Spouse: My relationship with my wife will be based on love, respect, and most importantly, trust. Just as we made our wedding vows, I will be there for her in both good and bad times. She is my partner and there is nothing more rewarding than learning and experiencing new things with her.

Daughter: I will try to be the best example of a good parent as I can be to my daughter. I will strive to teach her as much as I can. I will let her evolve into her own self. I will introduce her to new things as frequently as I can. I will let her know that I am supportive of her interests. And most importantly, I will let her know that I'll always be there for her no matter how simple or complex a situation may be for her.


Mother: My mother and I have a strong relationship. It was through her that my core beliefs were established. She is a true example of the benefits hard work and determination can bring. I will continue to have a loving, trustful, and respectful relationship with her. Because of the excellent example she was (and still is), I will make sure my most important possession (my daughter) spends quality time with her.


Brother: Over the last 10 years or so my brother and I have not had a strong relationship. We are very different people. Now that my brother lives in close proximity I will strive to build a stronger relationship with him. I will and want to ensure that he becomes more important in my daily life. I will embrace the differences we have to gain new and different perspectives on issues that affect both of us.

Friends: I have a core group of friends that are very important to me. We have had a strong relationship since high school. The great thing about our relationship is the differences between one another. Getting together with this group gives me a whole new perspective on life, and through their own personal experiences I gain knowledge. These types of friendships are rare and I will continue to foster the relationships by maintaining communication and getting together with each or all of them at least once a month.


Employer: I will continue to build a relationship with my employer that is based on respect, trust and loyalty. I will make every attempt to not mix my personal life with work. However, I expect my employer to be conscience of my work-life balance. I also expect my employer to be ethical in its decision making and I myself will do the same. I will work hard and give my best effort and in return my employer should do the same for me.



Learning, as mentioned in my mission statement, is a very key aspect in my life. I want to continue to learn until the day I die. I find it one of, if not the, most rewarding experiences in life. I will continue to be curious. I will take on challenges in my work and personal life that will teach me new things. I will strive to continuously ask questions. I will pass on my knowledge to help people become more aware and tolerable of the unknown.


Self-Esteem and Security

My self-esteem comes from the fact that I believe I am a good, moral person. I have had the opportunity to live among different cultures and I truly feel I hold no prejudice towards any one group. I am not quick to judge anyone, and have always, since I was young, tried to analyze all sides before making a decision. This ability allows me to be confident in the choices I make and that helps guide me through life's trials and tribulations.



The majority of my strength comes from the people I interact with on a daily basis; my family, friends, coworkers, and so forth. It's through dealing with these different people and understanding other views and opinions that I gain knowledge which in turn, translates to strength and power. I rely on people to feed my strength and I will continue to meet and interact with as many people as I can. When dealing with other individuals the ability to truly understand their values, morals, and beliefs can be a very powerful asset both in personal and business relationships.


Mission Statement Example Eighteen

I. My Mission Statement

  A. Overall Statement of My Life's Mission

  My overall mission in life is to praise and glorify God. To accomplish this mission, I will try to be a light in this world and set an example through my actions and behaviors. I will continue to spread God's word to all those around me and live a life that models itself after Christ. My sincere hope is to be able to pass the gift of Christianity to my children as my parents have done for me, so that we can continue to carry the torch of God's love and spread it throughout the world.

I will strive to be a loving husband to my future wife, a caring father to my future children, an obedient son to my parents, a best friend to my brother, a hard-working employee to my employer, and a socially responsible citizen to society. I will strive to live my life with love, patience, kindness, integrity, and honesty.

I sincerely believe that this mission will lead to a fulfilling life during my short time here on earth. A short quote from one of my favorite movies expresses this mission:

What we do in life, echoes in eternity…” Gladiator , Perf. Russell Crowe, 2000.

B. My Guide

I will continue to seek God's wisdom and guidance to lead me through my life's mission. Reading God's word, communicating to Him through prayer, diligently attending Sunday worship, and fellowship with other Christians will help guide me through difficult decisions. I will remain steadfast in not allowing the temptations of this world to sway me from my mission.

I will also rely on the morals and ethics instilled in me through my parents to resonate throughout my life as I experience difficult situations. I will trust in my upbringing and the voice of the Holy Spirit to always lean towards the side of righteousness, justice, and equality.

C. Important Relationships

1. God- This will be my most important relationship. I will seek to grow in Him and ask for guidance as my life unfolds. Without a relationship with God, my life will have no direction, meaning, or hope.

2. Future wife- I will strive to be a good husband and live a life that will honor her as my wife. I will strive to always be there for her physically, emotionally, and financially. I hope that we will become life partners, tied by marriage, bound by love, confronting life's challenges together. I hope that she will become my best friend, comforter, supporter, and counselor. I will strive to be a man that she can be proud to call her husband and father of her children.

3. Future children- My hope is to pass the gift of eternal life to my children. I will work hard to be able to provide for them physically, emotionally, and financially. I hope to be their role model in life and their safety net in society. No matter what happens, I will always be there to support and love my children in all that they hope to do.

4. Family- I will strive to be an obedient son and honor my parents through my life. I will continue our family traditions through the family that I plan to start with my future wife. I will strive to be an older brother that my younger brother can come to for support and encouragement. My hope is that we will be best friends and lean on each other throughout our lives.

5. Friends- To have good friends, you need to learn how to be a good friend. I hope to always be a good friend by being impartial, understanding, and sympathetic to their lives. I would like to develop new friendships with the people that I may not necessarily have chosen to be “friends” in the past.

6. Employee- I will strive to be an employee that is hard-working, ethical, honest, and trustworthy. I will use integrity for all of my business judgments and treat all of my fellow co-workers with respect and dignity. I will maintain an adequate work/life balance so that I can remain motivated and disciplined throughout my career.

D. Learning

I will continue to spend time in God's word and have daily interaction with Him in order to seek His wisdom through life. By regularly attending worship and involving myself in church, I will be able to receive His answers to life's questions through the world around me. Intellectually, I will complete my MBA and continue to seek worldly knowledge through video, books, CDs, and daily interactions. You can learn from anybody, anytime, anywhere…sometimes, we just need to slow down and listen.

E. Self-Esteem and Security

My personal worth and self-esteem will come from living a life that emulates Christ. Sometimes these values will conflict with society; however, I will strive to remember what my ultimate mission really is. My own self-esteem will come from obeying God's word and being a man that my family can be proud of. I want to be able to wake up every morning and conquer each day with my support system behind me. Even in the wake of life's disasters, my God and my family are the only things that are important to me. Only they can affect my personal worth in this world.

F. Strength

I will draw upon my God for strength and power to accomplish my mission. Clad in the armor of God, I will be able to fight for what is right and live each day by His word. I will rely upon my family for support in times of weakness. My parents have always been my safety net and continue to be there for me as I get older. My brother is always there when I need him; my most reliable friend. I will draw upon the support of my future wife and children as I live my life to make them proud. Armed with this support system in my life, there is no goal that I cannot accomplish, no weakness that can hold me back, and no tragedy that I cannot bear.



Mission Statement Example Nineteen

I. My Mission Statement?

A. Overall Statement of My Life's Mission?

My overall mission in life is to maximally realize my values in this society. I am grateful to God who gives me my life. With all talents and characters God gave me, I will try to seek a wonderful life as perfect as I can. I want to be strong in my health; I want to be successful in my professional career; I want to be happy in my life. Only if I accomplish all these missions, will I feel that I am responsible for my God, for my parents, for my wife, for my kids, for my relatives, for my friends, for my coworkers, and all others who care about me and whom I care about.

B. My Guide

I am guided by my God's word, mercy, grace, forgiveness, love of Jesus Christ, and joy of Holy Spirit, as well as my own morals and principles that I have developed through my family background (from my parents, and sisters and brothers), education and experiences.

Following God's Word, praying and participating in the sacraments at church, obeying laws and respecting social responsibility provide the principles for my mission, my goals and decisions in my life.

I will never allow evil ambition for power, money or abnormally personal desire to influence my mission and my daily life, and compromise my morals and principles.

C. Important Relationships?

  1. Spouse or significant other if applicable

I want to have a relationship with my wife, in which we love and respect each other, trust and understand each other, support and help each other, have fun and joy together, share comforts and hardships together in our whole life.

  1. Child or children if applicable

I love and care for my kids. I want to be a father that my kids can trust and reply on, look up to and come to for safety and security whenever and wherever they need. I can sacrifice my own interest for my kids' sake. I will set up a good example for my kids in their life. I want to be their friend with whom they can share their joys and sorrows.

  1. Other family members

I love my mother, especially even more deeply after my father passed away. I consider my mother as the most important woman in my life and show filial obedience to my mother. I will try my best to let my mother spend her remaining years in happiness.

  1. Friends as a group

With my friends, I strive to be a good and trustable friend, provide help to them when I am needed, and have fun and joy together. I enjoy the feeling of being needed and relied on from my friends.

In my community, I strive to be a friendly neighbor, an active participant in church and a successful leader in our local culture group. I enjoy being needed, respected and cared for in my community.

  1. Your relationship as an employee within your firm

In my job, I strive to be a committed, innovative and careful scientist. I strive to be a highly-productive and loyal employee to my institution. I strive to be a successful and trustable team player, as supervisor, to my coworkers to get the groups with different cultures to work together and foster collaborative program. I believe “No Pain, No Gain”, “Pay First, Harvest Second”.

D. Learning?

I have a great passion in learning new knowledge, in both professional and social areas. I believe “Knowledge is Wisdom”, “Knowledge is Power”, “Knowledge is Value” “Knowledge is Money”, and “Knowledge is Needed for Everything”. Every day I am so grateful to God's bestowing me His wisdom and I strive to continue further education in my continuous pursuit of knowledge in order to gain more wisdom. I strive to learn more knowledge and cultures and hope to compare and combine these different cultures together to find and pursue a perfect realm in this world.

E. Self-Esteem?and Security

I used to measure my self-esteem by the achievement with the academic and social ranks what I received in the society. Now I gain and maintain my self-esteem by God who, I believe, bestows His wisdom with versatile talents on me. I measure my self-esteem in His eyes, His heart, His mind, His guide and blessing.

F. Strength?

My strength comes from a strong belief that will definitely succeed no matter how difficult and how long it will take to reach my goals through my strong determination and persistence. I firmly believe that I will eventually succeed in pursuit of a wonderful life. Now my strength comes more from my God's love, mercy, grace and forgiveness.


Mission Statement Example Twenty

•  Overall Statement of My Life's Mission:

The pursuit of happiness is the main goal of my life. My happiness is not bound by simply gaining materialistic objects, but also by showing kindness towards humanity. I want to live my life with good characteristics such as honesty, rationality, and faith in God. It is my conviction that I will be able to fulfill my future dreams to become a philanthropist and help many in poverty to get a higher education. I strongly believe that education is the only means where the disadvantaged could alleviate the pain of their misfortunes. In my life, I would not have achieved education without the generosity of other individuals and institutions. Helping others will be a rewarding experience. This is also the best means of helping society from my perspective.

I believe that the virtue of my life is shaped by the grace of God. I want to respect individuals solely based on who he or she is, not on other factors such as race, education, color, etc.

  •  My guide:

  Ayn Rand, a novelist-philosopher and author of Atlas Shrugged, has motivated me in every step of my life. She proclaimed, “My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.” Her philosophy creates a strong base for me that will help me in achieving my goal of being a philanthropist. I also use her philosophy to create my moral standard in life.

In reality, it might be challenging to accomplish my future dreams because I do not have any form of parental support and I had to achieve everything by myself. When I am faced with bad times, Rand's philosophy encourages me to persevere. As result, I believe that my faith in God and strong philosophical beliefs will keep me afloat from any dangers.

•  Important relationships:

  Maintaining strong relationships with the people I care about is a very important aspect of my life. I really enjoy being with my friends and meeting new people. Unfortunately, I have not seen my parents or brother for over a decade. However, I envision some of my future relationships might look like:

•  Spouse or significant others: I would like my future spouse to also be my best friend. She will be someone who understands my needs. I want her to encourage me when I am facing difficulties in life. This way it will help me overcome any barriers that might challenge me in fulfilling my life's mission. Likewise, it will be my responsibility to meet her needs.

2) Children: Relationships between parents and children should be based on factors such as learning, friendship, and positive and negative reinforcements. I want to guide my children in explaining what is wrong and what is right. I want to become an encouraging, but not a controlling, parent.

3) Other family members: I would like to renew a strong positive relationship with my brother. Currently, he is studying in the United Kingdom. Over the years, my relationship with him deteriorated due to lack of communication. My mission in life will be unfulfilled if I do not have a good relationship with him.

4) Friends as a group: I thank God for giving me opportunities to meet so many nice people. Over the years, I have made a lot of good friends. My life would be very challenging without help from friends. As a group, my friends have helped me to understand myself better as an individual. I know that my friends will have a significant impact in helping me to accomplish my life's mission.

 5) Your relationship as an employee within a firm: I always think of my co-workers as a part of my family. I will spend a significant amount of my life in an office environment. As a result, treating my co-workers like family members will create a positive atmosphere, and at the same time will make me a happy worker.

D) Learning:

  Education is an important aspect of learning in my life that is preparing me to become a well-rounded individual. I also learn from individuals who might not have valid credentials within our social norms.

Beside Ayn Rand's philosophies, I would also like to mention that I highly respect the teachings of Milton Friedman, an economist and Noble Laureate; Fredrick Hayek, an economist, neuroscientist and Noble Prize winner; and Professor Richard Johnston, a finance faculty member at Monmouth College.

 E) Self-esteem and security:

 My self-esteem and security have derived from my philosophy in life, happiness. During my good times, I believe that happiness raises my self-esteem to a high level. My happiness is caused by success in education, work, family, friends, etc. During my bad times, I ask for encouragement from different sources, such as God, and friends. I also think about people who are living in worse conditions than I am. This encourages me to become stronger and combat any troubles that I may face.

I believe that my productivity, which is my marketability as an employee, is the only form of security that I have. Whenever I am productive, I am happy and that also gives me security in society.

F) Strengths:

  My strengths come from the confidence I have in my beliefs. I believe in God, Ayn Rand, and myself. I know in my heart that I always try to do good things, which give me courage and make me a stronger human. This kind of mind-set prepares me perfectly to accomplish my mission in life. If I am happy then I can become successful in life. This will also allow me to help the impoverished by assisting them to achieve a higher education.

My weakness always teaches me how to make myself a better individual in the future. If I do not have failures in life then it would be difficult to distinguish and appreciate my successes.


Mission Statement Example Twenty One

I. My mission statement

A. Overall Statement of My Life’s Mission  
My life’s mission is to be the best person that I can be in the time that I have here on earth.  I realize that my behavior as an individual may have little impact on the world, country, or state, but I do have an impact on my community and those around me.  I want that impact to be as positive as possible.  If I am able to be consciously aware of how my behavior impacts everyone around me at all times, I will be able to make decisions that benefit those around me as well as me.
Through this consciousness and awareness, I hope to add positive value to the lives of those around me.  My goal is to achieve a more positive community through the skills and tools I have been blessed with.

B. My Guide
When I make decisions, I will try to determine what the impact will be on me and others.  Factors that will impact me include health, both financial and physical, how would my mother react, and if I feel ‘right’ about my actions.  The impact on others includes trying to treat others fairly, with dignity, and in a manner that does not leave them feeling slighted.
I will try not to be influenced by greed, selfishness, and other negative forces.  Temptations will be many, but I must always try to stick to the positive path.

C. Important Relationships
I believe that the company I keep can influence the person I am, so I will strive to associate with people that have similar concepts of right and wrong.  I wish to continue to enjoy relationships in which I can be inspired, enlightened, and enriched.  In return, I hope those around me feel loved, appreciated, and understood to the best of my ability. 

My Fiancée
            Soon, we will become husband and wife, and as we continue down the road of life, I hope to continue to learn and appreciate the complexities that make her such an amazing person.  Furthermore, I hope to provide strength, comfort, security, and an unconditional love that permeates all aspects of our lives.

My Family Members
            My parents, brother, and extended family all provide me with unique relationships, and I will continue to nurture these special relationships.  Each individual allows me to identify traits that are admirable, and I will continue to try to be the type of family member that they can be proud of.

My Friends
            I find myself in an enviable position with the lot of friends I have been blessed to have.  Most I have known since childhood, and I have enjoyed sharing our life experiences with each other.  I will continue to seek their counsel on issues that they have been through, and I hope to provide any assistance I can when they are in times of need. 

My Employer
            I hope to have a fair and equitable relationship with my current and future employers.  I expect honesty and fair dealing from my employer; in return I will provide the company with a productive employee and leader.

D. Learning
I will never rest in my pursuit of enlightenment; I will seek out those who I respect and admire in order to gain knowledge that they are willing to share.  In addition, I will exercise my mind through various forms of media that will allow me to continue down a path of well being; this will include books, journals, and other reputable literary works.  Furthermore, I will learn from my own errors and mistakes; I will refine my beliefs as I learn.  

E. Self-Esteem and Security
I will derive my self-esteem from the confidence that I live my life the best way that I know how.  I will reevaluate my beliefs as needed to ensure they grow and change as I mature.   It is important for me to remember that life is too short to be miserable and negative for more than brief moments. 

F. Strength
My strength will be derived from my family, friends, and a personal sense of pride that stems from living a life that I can be proud of.  As weaknesses are identified, I recognize them as growth areas.  I will be unafraid to admit deficiencies, and I will always work to turn these into strengths. 


Mission Statement Example Twenty Two

•  Overall Statement of My Life's Mission

I am an eternal child of God. The God I refer to is identified in the Bible as the God of Abraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov who was, who is and who is to come. I believe that God has set purposes for my life. Some of these purposes I understand and some I do not and may never do in this life time.

My mission in life is to follow what Jesus stated in John 2: 7-8 paraphrasing...

Love God

Love others

I understand loving God to mean following God's instructions (Bible) with the help of the Holy Spirit. It includes understanding His ways through reading His instructions, exemplifying His life as He walked amongst us, and resting in His sovereignty in all things.

I understand loving others as meaning to proactively extend Biblically good virtues onto them as I hope them to be extended the same to me.

I would like to accomplish the following statement in every day of my life.

To live today as If it is my last one but to be able to know tomorrow that I truly loved God and others yesterday.

•  My Guide

God is my guide. I completely trust that He is the God of the widow, the fatherless, and the foreigner. That describes our family and I rest assured that God drills right down to our case.

•  Important Relationships


I understand very clearly that God has blessed and enriched my life by entrusting me with my son. The gift of being a parent has granted me a tiny glimpse on how God loves us unconditionally. My son clarifies one of my life's purposes as to why God has me on this earth. I am solely entrusted with his well being. I understand to be a good steward of that means to help him grow and become a man of God. That is, to help him grow up loving God with all his being.

I would like to adhere to the Biblical instruction in raising children, to teach our children in the ways of God at all times. I understand this to include exemplifying what we say in the way we walk life. I quote a wise friend in agreement that “motherhood is not for sissies”. I have to practice consistency in defining boundaries and follow through.

Parents and Siblings

I believe that we ought to love, honor and respect our parents. I also understand that blessing parents financially is part of honoring them. I will show love, honor and respect by keeping in touch, updating them about their grandson/nephew and visiting with them more. There are limitations due to distances across three continents and financial constraints as a result of that. I would like to prioritize and plan to address the financial difficulties.


I take Jesus' layers of circle of friendship as a model. He had three close friends (John, Peter and James) who were close to him and witnessed His most intimate moments of trials and triumphs. He had twelve friends that were within his immediate circle of influence. He had a larger group of friends and their families that were constantly in His life. Multitudes surrounded Him in the outermost circle. Jesus calls me a friend and laid His life for me in a sacrificial love. I would like to be such a friend.

My relationship as an employee within my firm

Professionally I am in a more challenging situation than I have ever been. It is a new job situation. All I can say is it is a work in progress. I would like for things to be different. I would like the work environment to be based on respect. So far it has been a series of exercises in confrontations and holding people accountable about their boundaries. I will have to learn how to do that without making enemies.

•  Learning

I intend to learn on my knee. That is by prayer. I ask God to give me wisdom. To give me wisdom about parenthood, friendships, handling finances, work situations, etc. He teaches me through His word using the Holy Spirit. He also uses other people (my son, friends, coworkers and others) to teach me. King Solomon was the wisest of all men. He asked God for wisdom. He meditated on the Word of God. He also observed the ways of men and nature. He gleaned wisdom. He prayed, actively pursued, used his God given brain and gained wisdom.

I think the way King Solomon gleaned wisdom is a good master plan for me. I plan to develop my mind by praying first and asking God to teach me how to heed to the Holy Spirit's guide and discern what I need to know. I also pray to God to purge my mind off junk and to supernaturally exchange and replace it with Godly wisdom.

•  Self-Esteem and Security

I drive my self-esteem and security from my relationship with God. He loves me unconditionally. He cares for the lilies of the field and the sparrows of the sky. He assures me of how much even more He cares for me. I trust that. He knows the numbers on my hair and intimately understands me more than I do my own self. He cares about my needs and meets them all. I am not afraid of death or calamity for I know He is with me at all times. His love engulfs me continuously and is my security blanket forever. His love endures forever. Amen!

•  Strength

I intend to draw my strength from God. To love God properly, I have to admit I am a sinner at His mercy. I am not able to be sinless of my own strength and I humbly accept my weakness. I derive strength from Him who took away my weakness and became a tower of strength by His sacrificial love. I rely and draw on Him.


Mission Statement Example Twenty Three

I. My Mission Statement:

A. Overall Statement of my Life's Mission

My overall mission in life is to improve the lives of those around me based on my Christian beliefs. I feel that God has given me the ability to create joy and happiness within my life and the lives of others so I strive to be the best person I can be in the time that I have. I want to positively impact every person's life while continually improving my relationship with God.

B. My Guide

My faith and relationship with Jesus Christ is my primary guide to life. I use my faith to assist me in making the right decisions. I will continue to pray every day for guidance. I will use my past experiences and the lessons that I have learned as an additional supplement to my guide. These two aspects of my life will continue to give me the guidance I need to sustain my overall mission.

I will not let other's judgments of myself interfere with my life's mission. I will not have someone's opinion of me interfere with what I feel is moral or ethical. I will not be bound by the laws of man, but bound by the laws of God.

C. Important Relationships

God: This is my most important relationship and is my primary focus.

Spouse : I do not have a wife but I would like this relationship to be similar to the relationship I have with my current girlfriend. She is my best friend and we both have a deep understanding of each other. The most important aspect of our relationship is our faith in Jesus Christ. This is the strongest bond we share and it helps with my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Children: I do not have any children of my own, but I am already forming my parenting ideals. I came from a broken home, so I have a very good idea of how not to handle many situations. I would involve my Christian beliefs in my parenting. However, I am not yet mature or responsible enough to feel comfortable raising a child of my own.

Family: I can choose my friends, but I cannot choose my family. This is why I feel its necessary to keep all members of my family close. I never had a good relationship with my immediate family during high school. After I left for college my relationships started improving. I wish to improve my relationships with my family with quality time and communication.

Friends: My closest relationships I have are with my friends. I have many friends that are different so my interaction with each of them varies. Most of my time is spent with my friends doing things we all enjoy. I would like to continue my current relationships with all of my friends.

Employee : I would love to be emotionally involved in the company that I work for, however, this is currently not the case. I want to choose a career with a company that has moral and ethical standards that match mine. I would like to feel that I am able to rely on the company to do what is right for me. I would like there to be mutual respect between my employer and myself.

D. Learning

I feel that everything happens for a reason. Therefore, I should be taking something away from every occurrence. I try to be as open-minded and accepting as I can so I can continue to learn more and more about others and myself. Education and learning are lifelong processes. I am prepared to learn something new everyday.

E. Self-esteem and Security

I derive the majority of my self-esteem from my past experiences. I have had more negative experiences in my life than I think many others have. I have taken away everything I can from these experiences and I feel proud of who I have become. My ability to set goals and achieve them has made me a better, more accomplished person.

I draw my security from my faith in God. He watches over me when no one else can.

F. Strength

My strength comes from my past accomplishments. Knowing what I am capable of has made me a much stronger person. I am able to identify many of my weaknesses, which in result makes me a stronger person. I feel proud to be able to look back and see what I have accomplished and endured to get to where I am today.


Mission Statement Example Twenty Four

Overall Statement of My Life's Mission

My mission in life is one of peace, balance, and influencing positive growth and change to the individuals and overall world around me on a daily basis, or more basically stated…service onto others. To this end, I will seek to utilize and continuously enhance the gifts and talents that I have been provided through both nature and education. I will strive to always be a positive and moral example to my family and friends; a source of strength, sound advice, and colorful experience to those that I am surround by; an ethical compass to those with which I share my professional life and ambitions; a trusted guide to those closest to me towards a life that is simpler and less material with the focus upon the balance of all things and the emphasis placed upon the core items of importance…those being family, friends, community, and only then… self.

My Guide for My Life's Mission

For my journey along the road of my mission, I have guidance from several influences; however, my overall compass in this journey is that of the examples set by my grandfather and father. Their influences during my childhood and beyond into today are what provide me my true north towards the mission of my life. They both strongly believed in a life that was simple, balanced, and directed towards service to others within the community. I strongly believe that I have been presented with many gifts in my life, from level of education to the success that I have had in business, in very similar fashion to the road of my guides. With that success and privilege, it has been instilled that those blessings should be used for ever continuous and increasing service to others and the community, whilst keeping one's own life simple and balanced, to ensure focus is retained on what is important regarding ones core values. Those values again are kept simple…family, friends, community, and self.

Important Relationships for My Life's Mission

Wife – I will hold true to my promises made in the journey that we entered into together. I will continue to be supportive in all matters, and placing her needs and issues before mine. I will work to be the best friend that I can be to my wife, always with a ready ear to listen, ready shoulder to cry upon, and ready smile to enjoy the very simplest moments within our life together. For my wife, I will ensure that there is never a question of trust, and that devotion and fidelity are never in question

Parents – I will look to be a better son, always looking to return the advice and guidance that I have been provided in whatever capacity that is available. I will ensure that my communications remain strong and that our relationship never loses prominence within my life. I will continue to reach out to my mother to try and break down the barriers that have throughout my life, caused our relationship to be contentious.

Sister – I will continue to make efforts to be a stronger brother and friend. I will look to always make myself available for her, when she needs guidance, advice, or just someone to talk to about topics that she cannot discuss with others. I will try to instill my life's direction and its values, benefits, and beliefs onto her, and urge her to focus more on the service of others, rather than the service to one's self as the primary focus of one's life.

Friends – I will focus the most important item possible to friendship…that of time. I will work to become a better friend, in so much that all relationships need balance, and the balance tends to shift away from friends as others areas take up more time from that balance. I will be trustworthy, honest, ethical, and provide sound advice and counsel when requested, and often when it is not truly wanted. I will be the friend that you can call in the middle of the night for anything, and the answer will just easily be the assumed statement of “…I will be right there”.

Self as an Employee – I will focus every day to bring all of my talents, education, and experience to the table for the role that I will be playing that day. I will be the positive influence within the organization, readily accepting both change and new challenges with a smile and sound determination to achieve adjustment and success, always looking to have that attitude be reflected through others via my leadership. I will hold true to my values, ethics, and beliefs in all situations within my professional life, up to the point of leaving the organization should it become necessary to hold true to my core values. I will be an implementer of change for the better of our customers, our shareholders, our community, and ourselves.


Learning for My Life's Mission

I will continue to strive for additional education as a key component of my life's mission. I will seek to increase this education both formally and informally, via both higher education and the wisdom that one gains through relationships with friends, mentors, employees, family, and those surrounding one every day in the community. I will reach to be the best student that I can with my abilities, and then look to reach beyond those abilities. I will continue to create and walk the path towards my Doctorate, and the end goal of entering into the profession of teaching at the under-grad and graduate levels, and volunteering to teach those that may never have the opportunity to receive higher education. Beyond all, I will strive to never stop learning, right up to my eventual leaving of this life.


Self-Esteem & Security for My Life's Mission

I will continue to maintain my self-esteem from the positive view of myself, and the daily knowledge that I have put forth all of my efforts that day towards my life's goals and mission. I will look to my core relationships with my wife, my family, and close friends in times of turmoil for reassurance to ensure perseverance. I will look to the inner satisfaction that I retain from the services that I provide to my community, though mentoring, volunteer work, and other endeavors. Overall, I will look within for maintaining my self-esteem through the tough times, as I know that there is not a challenge that will be presented to me in my life that I cannot overcome.


Strength for My Life's Mission

The strength that is required both now and in the future to achieve my life's mission will come from within. I have always had an inner strength from early childhood, which just seemed to be there without reason. It has, over time and experience, been added to with the support of friends, family, and others throughout my life. This is a strength that has allowed me to be the ‘rock' in the darkest situations throughout my life to date. Through the murder of a close childhood friend, to the suicide of several others, the loss of family members, the loss of jobs, and all of the other challenges throughout my life, I have a personal strength of resolve and resilience that will allow me to press forward even through the most difficult periods of working towards the fulfillment of my life's mission.




Mission Statement Example Twenty Five

I. My mission statement:

A. Overall Statement of My Life's Mission

My life's mission is to discover all the gifts God has given me and completely develop them to serve His purpose for my life. Proverbs 16:9 says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” My heart is telling me that while I am not gifted to go on missions, I can help make missions happen by sponsoring them financially. Recently, I have also given more consideration to writing children's books to help parents' introduce the word of the Lord at an early age through fun, special bonding time.

The result of living a Godly life is stated in Proverbs 8:18-19, “Riches and honor are with me, enduring wealth and righteousness. My fruit is better than gold, even pure gold, and my yield better than choicest silver.”

B. My Guide.

Father God is my guide. “The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.” (Psalm 18:2). “Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.” (Ephesians 6:13).

C. Important Relationships .

•  God – The most important relationship I have is with Father God. I will work harder to keep this as my first priority, which helps my other relationships become stronger and healthier. I try to spend time with God in daily prayer and reading the Bible; sometimes I just speak to him while I am by myself or when I am alone with my son.

•  Self – I view my relationship with myself the second highest priority; unfortunately, it has always been one of the lowest priorities. I am working on making myself a priority and getting healthy.

•  Spouse – My husband is my best friend. We love each other unconditionally. As new parents, we don't spend much time alone anymore but we are working on spending quality time alone. We take our marriage vows very seriously and constantly work on our relationship.

•  Child – My firstborn son, words cannot describe the relationship I have with this special little boy. He is my heart physically beating outside my body. I strive to be the best mother I can be for my son.

•  Friends and family – My friends and family will know my feelings for them through my actions and willingness to forgive.

•  Your relationship as an employee within your firm – My employer will always get 100% out of me while at work. I work for my employer as if I were working for my Lord.

D. Learning.

I will complete the MBA program in 2011. At this time I do not think I will pursue a doctorate; however, I want to be a role model for my son so I will always continue to learn new things. Once I am finished with school, I plan on making more time for leisure reading and continuing to develop my writing skills. I would also like to challenge myself to relearn trigonometry and calculus.

I will gain wisdom by spending time with God and studying His word.

E. Self-Esteem and Security.

Self-esteem and security have been a constant struggle in my life. In the past few years I have been through some challenging times in my marriage. Because I put my trust in God and focused on Him, things have actually turned out better than I would have believed in my non-believer days. God has been faithful to me and has always provided what I need, even when I did not recognize it.

I continuously work on building my self-esteem. Having my son has opened my eyes to a new world. When I get down, I reflect about how much I love him unconditionally and I remember that no matter how much I love my son, husband, family or friends it does not compare to the love God has for me. If my Creator can love me that much, even when I sin, then I must be very special.

F. Strength.

My strength and power come from God. One of my favorite verses is in Isaiah 40:31, “Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary.” Bald eagles serve as a symbol of God's strength to me and often serve as a reminder of this promise.


Mission Statement Example Twenty Six

I.  My Mission Statement: My life’s mission is to live according to God’s principles to the best of my ability and to point others towards God’s love.
A.  Overall Statement of My Life’s Mission
Almost twelve years ago, I made a choice to base the decisions in my life on God’s principles as He communicated them to us in the Bible.  Before I made this commitment, my life was ok, but it seemed empty and like it was lacking purpose.  As I have grown older and had more life experiences, I have learned and realized that money, success, and recognition are nice things, but they don’t fill me up inside or give me any feeling of lasting satisfaction.  I have instead learned that relationships are what make life important and meaningful, and that we are each given interests and dreams that point us toward the path that allows us to build and have lasting relationships with others.  In all of my relationships, I desire to be a sincere and genuine person.
I think it is important to live our lives to the fullest and to pursue our goals and dreams in life, as I believe that we only have one chance to experience life here on earth.  While I consider myself to be a casual baseball fan, I have truly been inspired by the story of Jim Morris.  His life story (portrayed in the movie The Rookie, and in the book, The Oldest Rookie) is more than just a tale about his baseball career - it is a story of holding true to your word, perseverance, and never giving up on your dreams.  While my dreams of being a professional hockey player ended a long time ago, it is inspiring to see someone else pursue their dreams and realize them.  It gives me hope and encourages me to pursue my dreams.
B.  My Guide
I rely on the Bible to help me live my life the best I can according to God’s word.  I try to read a little bit each day before I go to work, as it helps me to start the day off with the right focus and perspective.  In addition to the Bible, I have also experienced great benefits from reading books written by authors such as Neil T. Anderson and Henry Cloud.  These books (Victory Over The Darkness, Boundaries, and Freedom From Fear, to name a few of them) have helped me to better understand how relationships with people work, and what it really means to respect someone and to treat others with respect.
I also place great value on the input I receive from my close friends who I have built strong relationships with.  From a very early age, I have had people placed in my life to help me and keep me on the right track and out of trouble.  I currently have a few close friends who I trust immensely who have helped me become a better person and a better husband.  I have come to realize that the best friends you can have are not the people who always tell you what you want to hear, but the people who will tell you honestly and in a gentle manner their true opinion about things.
C.  Important Relationships
The most important relationship in my life is my relationship with God, as I could not accomplish anything without the help, skills, talents, and abilities He has given me. 
My wife is very special to me, and I love her dearly.  I would not be the person I am today if it weren’t for her love, encouragement, and support over the past nine years of our marriage. 
My relationships with my family (mom, dad, brother, and grandma) are also very important to me, and I enjoy spending time with them. 
My close friends (Chuck, Joe, and Jeff) have greatly encouraged me and helped me to grow in my walk with God and as a person. 
My wife and I have a dear friend named Kami who has been a tremendous blessing to us, and has helped us to grow immensely as a couple and as individuals.  We truly appreciate her and are blessed to know her.
D.  Learning
Every day is a learning experience, and I grow every day.  I don’t think anyone is ever the same person they were a year ago, a week ago, or even yesterday.  Our life experiences shape us and mold us into who we are.  To quote my friend Kami, “life is about progress, not perfection”.  No person can ever be perfect - we will all make mistakes, but it’s what you do after that that is important.  I believe that growing and learning from your mistakes, and doing your best to make things right is how we learn and grow as people.  I think that we need to forgive ourselves and not hold on to past mistakes.  I believe this because we can become self-centered if we only focus on ourselves and the negative things we’ve done or the mistakes that we’ve made, because this negativity will hurt our self-esteem and we will not have the confidence to be who we really are or do what we are meant to do.  We need to keep our focus on making our lives better and the lives of others around us better.
On an academic and professional level, I believe that it is important to always keep increasing my skills and knowledge, as today’s workforce and economy are very competitive.  I also believe that it is my responsibility as an employee to continually increase my knowledge to be the best that I can be and bring as many skills to my job as I can to help my employer.

E.  Self-Esteem and Security
I have some difficulty in the area of self-esteem and security due to some issues I have from my childhood.  Over the past few years, I have made some progress in this area, and I am trying to change my belief system so that all of my identity, self-esteem, and security are based on God’s love and what Jesus did for me on the cross.  I am working towards getting to a place where I don’t base my self-worth on my job, what other people think about me, or how I perceive that other people view me.  This has been a difficult battle and it is one that I will continue to fight for a long time.  Fortunately, I believe that there is hope because of the grace that God offers to each of us every day.
F.  Strength
While at times I try to draw strength from my own accomplishments or from myself, I have come to the realization that this just does not work for me.  The reason that I have realized this doesn’t work is that I tend to start viewing my life as a set of scales where the good things or accomplishments I achieve never seem to outweigh the negative things or the mistakes that I make.  Thus, I have come to the realization that I need to rely on God as my source of strength, because then it’s not about weighing good and bad deeds, it’s about knowing that I am loved no matter what happens.  I know that I can receive grace so that I can focus on the positive things in life like helping others and growing as a person.

Mission Statement Example Twenty Seven

  1. My mission statement:  To use the knowledge I have been blessed with as a student, business person, and human being to pass on to those that do not yet possess this knowledge.


    1. Overall Statement of My Life’s Mission: 

Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a teacher.  I remember sitting in grade school thinking, “Someday, I’d love to be doing what my teacher is doing now.”  And amazingly, as I grew older, the age level at which I wanted to teach got bigger and bigger.  However, as I approached the completion of my high school years, I realized that while teaching was a passion, it wasn’t a profession.  It wasn’t the money necessarily (though that is daunting to a student going into education) but I realized that the business route was more appropriate, at least in the interim. 

As I moved through my college years, I joined the largest student-led business organization in the world, Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda (  I was very actively involved in the organization on the national level, in fact, holding the offices of National Treasurer and National President (  During my tenure in this organization, I had wonderful opportunities to travel and meet other students but most of all, conduct workshops both in groups and individually to high school and college students.  For the first time, this put me in a true “classroom” setting, though this did have some variations.  However, it gave me a great chance to see if I could thrive in this environment or not.  And guess what – I did. 

As I progressed through my years in FBLA-PBL, I have had more recent opportunities to do public speaking engagements, workshops, and other educational types of presentations.  While some have totally flopped, others have been much more successful.  I’ve learned as I’ve went along what works and what doesn’t.  I have also come to the realization that I’m a very natural teacher and enjoy it as a hobby…and thus the mission statement. 

I don’t for a minute claim to know everything.  In fact, there is a ton more about business, ethics, law, and even accounting that I need to learn yet.  However, I know for a fact that a few of the things I know a lot about – others know absolutely nothing.  And I also know that I can relate to people in such a way that they can understand what I show them.  So in general, that’s where my personal mission statement is going to take me.  Though I do not intend on getting out of the full-time business world, I do hope to spend at least part of my time outside of work in the classroom.  I believe that business people can offer students much more than they realize and I intend on offering as much as possible to students.

I hope that I can get to a point in my life where I have a fair amount of knowledge about a variety of topics.  Obviously, I have a lot of opinions on things now but not a lot of data to technically back it up.  I hope through my coursework, continuing education, and work experiences, I am able to gain some knowledge and insight to pass on to my students.  It is my opinion that personal experiences add to the value of teaching.  I hope I have enough experiences to make the learning both fun and applicable to their lives. 

As I look back over my life and examine those I admire most, time and time again I come back to those individuals who have taught me.  Whether it be an actual teacher or a parent or a friend, it’s those people who have shown me something new and valuable in life that I look up to the most.  I think about two of my high school teachers who got me actively involved in FBLA-PBL in college often and wonder where I’d be without them.  They are the people I went to with my successes and failures.  They are the ones who stayed up late with me to finish projects or to hear me out if I had a problem, whether it was personal or school related.  I also think of people like my father who taught me so many valuable life lessons and continues to do so even today. 

That is the person I strive to be today and throughout my life.  That is also how I will measure my success in life.  I will constantly reflect on whether or not I was able to positively affect someone’s life through my teaching.  Bear in mind that this teaching is not necessarily just in the classroom setting.  It is the teaching, counseling, and guiding I can do outside as well.  To me, that’s just as important as in the classroom.

I have visions of what my life will be like once I have touched others’ lives in that way.  My old high school teacher tells me about how often students still call to tell him of their successes in life.  I wonder if I’ll be that way someday – my former students calling and telling me about job promotions, babies, weddings, and the like.  That must be a powerful feeling of pride to hear from your students once they leave your classroom.  That’s something I hope to someday feel for myself. 

    1. My Guide


Educational opportunities are prevalent in more areas than just the classroom.  Often times, teaching opportunities arise out of unexpected situations.  As an example, in September 2004, Austin received substantial amounts of rain over a very short period of time.  As I walked in the door to work the morning after Austin received 5-6” of rain the night previous (with areas north of town receiving upwards of 12”), someone mentioned that the Cedar River was expected to flood the town.  During the afternoon hours, Hormel Foods employees were released from work because of fears that the parking lot would soon flood.  Several of us from work decided that we would survey the town and help to sandbag where needed.  At one point in the afternoon, we were working near the public swimming pool, which sits right next to the Cedar River.  As we worked, a young boy approached and told us there was a man in the river.  We ran out to the edge of the swollen river and saw the man he described, only seen by his baseball hat bobbing up and down, moving with the surging river.  As we watched in horror, the young man bobbed once, came back up, went down again, and never resurfaced.  My two co-workers and I stood there stunned for several minutes.  Though we never once mentioned it the remainder of that very difficult day, it was all we could think about. 

That is one of those times when something profound happens that turns into a learning experience, yet no one could have planned it.  I’ve used that story many times in my speaking engagements to emphasize various points. 

Further, that is how I will allow my mission to be guided.  In each student I come in contact with, I have the goal of changing their life, even if it is in a very minimal, small way.  When I work with people now, my goal is always to leave them with just a little more than they came with.  Even if that teaching comes outside the “traditional” setting, that’s okay.  It’s important to remember that a great deal of teaching happens in the cafeteria, in the park, or at a social gathering. 

I have heard educators in the past say, “That kid is just unteachable.”  I have a very hard time accepting that statement.  In my experiences, I have yet to find a student that I would label in that manner.  What we must all keep in mind is that every student comes into a class with different goals.  While some genuinely want to learn something new, others just want to get a passing grade so they can graduate.  And with that knowledge, I say that you must teach those two students differently.  One will be much easier to influence – the other one will take a bit more time and effort.  It is the effort exerted that sets apart a good from a great teacher.

What I will not allow to guide me toward my goal is the red tape of educational institutions.  I believe that many colleges make it difficult if not impossible for educators to do their jobs.  I will not allow myself to get involved in the politics of a school, nor will I play the games with policies and procedures.  If a school has a requirement that the class average must be 80% and my class is excelling at an average of 91%, 91% it is.  I will also not be tied down by the confines of what an educational institutions deems as “correct” and “incorrect” teaching styles.  If I want to take my class on a field trip, I’ll do it, provided it allows for an educational opportunity.  In other words, administration will not stop me from teaching my kids.  The beauty of this plan is simple.  I won’t be working as an educator for my primary income.  Therefore, if administration doesn’t like how I’m running my classroom, then fire me.  I won’t be teaching for the money or even a supplement to it, but rather because I love it and want to help students.  And if the school doesn’t like what I’m doing, I’ll find one that will be a bit more liberal.

When sorting out these thoughts above, I often think about the movie “Dead Poets Society” starring Robin Williams.  The story describes a teacher who instills learning in his students in the face of a rather rigid, structured school system.  Much of what the students are doing is against the rules, yet Robin encourages them to do so.  At the end of the movie, Robin is eventually let go because of a “scandal” he’s blamed for.  The administrators come to his classroom to take him away as his students stand in protest.  Though I wouldn’t necessarily compare my ideas directly with those portrayed in the movie, I see a lot of my own personality in Robin William’s character. 

    1. Important Relationships


I truly believe in the value of strong relationships.  Every person you come in contact with has entered your life for a reason.  Specifically in regards to my mission statement above, it is crucially important that I remain in contact with the people who educated me, both present and past.  I have maintained a wonderful relationship with my two high school business teachers.  They have guided me through many up’s and down’s.  As I grow older and keep accumulating knowledge, it will also be important for me to learn what has and has not worked for them in the past regarding teaching styles, structure, etc.  I have been fortunate to pick up a lot from them already.

In addition, it is important for me to remain up to date on issues regarding society.  I recently became affiliated with the Habitat for Humanity group in Austin.  I was affiliated with the group in college, but had not taken the chance to do much since.  This is a group that I find some value in being acquainted with.  They give so much to the community and allow so many people educational opportunities as volunteers.  I feel it is important to remain in close touch with groups like these, as these types of organizations shed light on the ways people can benefit their communities.  Again, this gives me a chance to instill positive values on my students.

Spouse/children – at this point in time, a spouse will not be a large consideration in my life.  That being said, my search for a spouse will be searching for a person who has the same sorts of values that I do in regards to education.  I could even see myself marrying a teacher someday!  J

Family members – I have been blessed with a wonderful family who encourages me to go for what I want.  What I will need from my family is the constant love and support that they have always provided.  In as many cases as possible, I would also like to incorporate them into my teaching (just as I understand Castleberry does in our class).

Friends – I have generally attempted to surround myself with friends who believe the same sorts of things that I do.  As my friends, it will be important that they accept what I’m doing and support my decisions.

Employer – I do not get the impression that Hormel would be highly in favor of me pursuing educational opportunities, unless it could be done solely outside of “Hormel time.”  I have heard of people having issues of getting time off to coach sports (which are definitely a form of teaching) in the past and this disturbs me.  I know in my own case, my boss had some “issues” with my leaving work early to attend this MBA program.  My personal thought is that I can find an employer who values education as much as me.  If it’s not Hormel, then it’s another company.  That being said, it will be very important that my goals are made clear to my company and that they are on board.  While I won’t be confined by administrative rules/regulations, I will be forced to walk the line of the corporation’s rules.  After all, they are where my (main) paycheck is coming from!

    1. Learning


Clearly, learning in the educational area is crucial to do a good job with your students.  Though the conclusion of this MBA program will mark the end of my education for awhile (time for a breather), it is impossible to do well in the educational arena without continuing education.  I will need to continually remain on the leading edge of business issues and new ways to teach students.  Therefore, it will be important for me to work with my employer on outside learning opportunities.  I will also need to remain very sharp on my day to day business knowledge as well.

One area I believe coincides strongly with educating others is human psychology.  This has always been an area of interest for me more on a personal level.  Tentatively, I plan to pick up an undergraduate degree in human psychology at some future point.  I would venture to guess my background in this area would also help me in the classroom.  Understanding how and why human beings “tick” is important to me in my professional as well as teaching career.

    1. Self-Esteem and Security


As mentioned earlier in this paper, much of my self-esteem and worth come from people in the past who have touched my life.  I specifically remember my two high school business teachers, Mr. Roberts & Miss Felten.  They were advisers of the local FBLA-PBL chapter.  Both of them had been on me for three years to become part of the organization.  Finally, I paid my dues and became a member.  But they weren’t happy w/ that.  They wanted me to be an active member.  During the year, they talked me into many things, including running for a state FBLA office.  After winning that office, things completely turned around for me.  I attended the college conference as a high school senior and decided to immediately become active in the college division.  All during my tenure as a student in the organization, Mr. Roberts and Miss Felten rooted me on.  They are a lot of the reason I’m where I am today.

Another large motivation in my life has been my father.  He has taught me so much about life and always been there when things have not gone well.  He’s motivated me to do the best I can and although he hasn’t always understood fully my involvements in activities, he’s always encouraged me to stick with it.  He’s also taken time off of work to attend every event I’ve asked him to attend.  Everything I do in life is for him.  I don’t necessarily do it anymore to make him proud – I know he’s proud of what I have done.  I do everything now to ensure he has a comfortable life.

Despite our best efforts, life is still full of up’s and down’s.  My father would call it peaks and valleys.  Throughout my life, I have built a group of people that I can always turn to in the event that I need guidance or a listening ear.  Unfortunately, I know these people will not be around forever.  However, I continue to build my list of contacts who can help me through difficult times and decisions.  I have faith that as life hits me with difficult times and situations, my friends and family will be there to help and guide me, just as they always have.



    1. Strength

Strength is often times hard to come by.  It’s late, you’ve been up since 5 AM, you’re emotionally drained, and yet people are depending on you to accomplish a task.  Where do you find the strength?  One can definitely be motivated by others, just as I have as mentioned in section e.  However, there are times when even that motivation doesn’t quite pull you up and get you going. 

During the four years I have been out of college, I have switched roles in FBLA-PBL as a student to an adviser.  I currently sit on the Iowa State Committee as the State Officer Team Trainer/Adviser.  This means that I basically get to still be in the state officer team but in an advisory role.  I get to work with some of the finest students anyone could ask for, though they generally come into the role a bit jagged and in need of some guidance.  There are times at conferences when it gets late, we’re working on assignments for the next day, and we really would rather just go get a drink and call it a night.  Strength is running low.  Patience is wearing thin.  It’s at this point in time when I think about why I’m doing what I’m doing.  I think about the past few years when our outgoing state president said their farewell and picked me out to thank.  I think about the kind words officers have said in their “thank you” cards they handed me as they exited their final conference.  I think about the advisers who approach me after a conference and say, “Wow, you can really see the difference in these officers from a year ago.”  That’s how I find my strength.  I think back to how many students have changed in a positive way thanks to my gentle guidance.  And at that point, I yawn, smile, and keep going.


Mission Statement Example Twenty Eight

Overall Statement of My Life’s Mission

My mission is to live responsibly and honestly, working hard at both my personal life and nurturing the relationships in my life as well as working hard at my professional life.


I will live in a manner that minimizes my environmental impact on the planet.  

I will treat all other people with respect even if their beliefs or lifestyle are different from mine. 

I will take care of myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually so that I will be able to make the most of my time here on earth. 

I will be a conscientious employee and will take advantage of new opportunities to gain skills and knowledge that will aid me in this capacity. 

I will also be a lifelong learner in both my personal and professional life. 

My family will be of the greatest importance to me.  My current relationship is the most important personal relationship in my life and is foremost in my mind and in my decisions.  My future marriage will continue to occupy this position.  My mission is to be a good mother someday teaching my children right from wrong, loving them unconditionally, and teaching them to treat others and their environment with respect.  I will raise my children to live healthy lives – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  In accomplishing my mission I will be a positive influence on my family and others around me. 

I will not preach to others, but rather will try to be an example of my beliefs and mission in how I live and how I treat others.  In successfully living out my mission statement I will lead a fulfilling life while passing my values and beliefs onto a future generation.

My Guide 

I am guided by my belief that our decisions have an impact and consequences beyond just ourselves.  I believe that we are called to be stewards of our natural resources.  Our present actions have long-lasting impacts on the planet and can jeopardize the sustainability of our lifestyles.  I will not allow peer pressure to change my beliefs about how to live in the environment, but may be influenced about individual issues by further education and new scientific evidence.  Lifelong learning and education about the factors affecting an issue will continue to shape my beliefs throughout my life.  Although I disagree with many of the teachings of the church in which I was raised, my beliefs are formed by my Christian upbringing and the influence of Christ’s example of acceptance of all.  This guides me to be accepting of all people.  I am also guided by many of the lessons of my parents and their example, particularly in their relationship with each other.    

Important Relationships

Spouse or significant other:  I wish to have a marriage founded in love, respect and partnership that will be the most important personal relationship of my life. 

Child or children:  I will raise my children according to the values outlined in my mission statement and teach them to be independent, hard-working and respectful of others.  I will try to instill in them the value of an education and hard work.  I will try to treat each child fairly, but will focus on giving each child the time and attention he or she needs to learn and grow taking into account that the needs of one child are not exactly the same as the needs of another.

Other family members:  I wish to remain close, or grow closer, to my family members as        well as the family members of my future spouse.

Friends as a group:  I have been very fortunate to have had great friendships in my life and these friendships have been comforting, sustaining, and stimulating.  I will continue to need these friendships throughout my life.  The best friendships in my life are the ones based on mutual trust and respect.  Maintaining these friendships requires me to be a good friend in return and give of my time and myself.

As an employee within my firm:  I will be a conscientious and hard-working employee and will give my best effort to any job that I have.  I will not allow work to become the whole focus of my life as my family, spouse and friends are important to me.

The value of education and lifelong learning is immeasurable.  I will continue to pursue formal and informal education.  I will complete the degree that I am currently pursuing.  I will also take advantage of educational seminars and meetings offered through my employer or found on my own.  I may even choose to pursue another degree at some point in the future.  Informal education is also very important to me including reading, listening to public radio, asking the opinions of those with experience and remaining current on world events.  I will continue to educate myself about the world around me so as to make informed decisions in all aspects of my life. 

Self-Esteem and Security
My self-esteem and self-worth are derived from a combination of sources.  One is from approval from others such as family members, co-workers and managers.  Being told by someone that you have done a good job and that they appreciate your effort feels great.  I try to remember this and thank those around me for the work that they do and to tell them when I appreciate their help or effort.  Although I like to be thanked for my work and told when I have done a good job, I don’t think that others’ opinions of me are the only thing that matters.  My self-worth is also derived from my work ethic and pride in myself.  I have learned that the tasks on which I have worked the hardest and to which I have given the most of myself, are also the things of which I am the most proud.  Knowing that I have done my best makes me feel proud.  I am disappointed when I know I could have tried harder, but didn’t because I was too lazy.

My strength to live my mission despite pressure to deviate from it comes from my beliefs that guide me.  I believe that we all bear responsibility for our actions and that to live in a manner that respects myself, others and the environment will help me to lead a fulfilled and sustainable life.  I also draw strength from some of my past experiences.  I have always been very independent – even from birth, according to my parents.  My determination gives me strength to persevere and accomplish my goals.  I also draw strength from encouragement from my family and friends.  I find inspiration in the lives of others and their stories of accomplishment despite adverse circumstances.  I also draw strength to live my mission in the example of Christ, who was true to His beliefs and teachings despite the extreme price.  I will transform weaknesses into strengths by remembering that I am not perfect and that I will never achieve perfection, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try to do better.


Mission Statement Example Twenty Nine

I. My Mission Statement
A: Overall Statement of My Life’s Mission
My overall life mission is to be an honest, sincere, kind, trustful, modest and responsible person. I also want to be a good wife, mother, daughter, sister, employee, friend and teacher. I would like to live every day in a fulfilling way with a thankful heart, treat everybody friendly and equally, love and respect people and help those in need and make them happy. My mission is to live a meaningful life, rather than dream away my age. It is better to make full use of the current time than regret deeply until youth has already passed. Specifically, I would like to choose a career that enables me to gain economic independence and allows me to get my colleagues and employers’ approval of my job performance as well as a sense of achievement. I would like to be able to give financial support to my family and guarantee a nice growing environment for my kids. I would like for my husband and I to be able to afford a cozy house in a nice place, where my kids could play games in our garden, and where we could afford domestic and overseas travels during the holidays.
B: My Guide
I will be guided by the long-time values and virtues I believe in and insist on in my mind, like truth, good, and beauty - what I desire and pursue most in my life. Since I have no idea when the chance will knock at my door, I should be prepared at all times. I do believe that nothing in the world is free. If I really want to own something, the only way I can get it is through my hard work and diligence. Instead of keeping complaining, I should view all the difficulties I have experienced, and will experience, as a wealth that will strengthen my mind so that I can remain calm and unflustered in the face of various unexpected events. Life is short, so I should have an optimistic attitude and lead an active life. In the meanwhile, I will pass on such joy and peace to my friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers and so on. Also, I will never put money above everything else. Even if I could satisfy my wants and needs at one time by doing something bad or immoral, the result would never last long; however, I may be tortured by the feelings of guilty forever. Thus, before I do any thing or make any decision, I should first consider what consequences it will bring about, and how it can affect others, in a positive or negative way, rather than considering my own interest first and only.  
C. Important Relationships
Spouse- I feel lucky to have gotten to know and marry my husband. He is my soul mate and we share a lot in common, from eating habits to ambition. I am deeply attracted to his personality and admire him very much because he is a very intelligent and strong-minded guy. He is a person who does more than he says and has a fairly explicit plan for his career arrangement. He gave up a stable and decent job in China three years ago, and decided to go back to school and start to pursue his PhD degree in the US. As his wife, I totally support his decision, because I know if he misses this educational opportunity, he will feel regret in the future, even though this road will be uneven and unpredictable. The overseas study life is usually simple, lonely and dull. Fortunately, we have each other’s company, encouragement, and support. In my first twenty-seven years, I had never left the city I was born in, including university and work. To be honest, it is really a big challenge for me to live “independently” in an absolutely strange country for such a long time; something I could not imagine before. I would like to thank my husband who takes care of me and tolerates my bad temper sometimes. When I stay with him, I feel quite safe and do not need to worry much about anything else, because he is a very responsible person, who I can trust and rely on. Additionally, he is a very good friend who often gives me sincere advice to help me improve in my work and study.
Parents- My biggest regret is that I did not spend a lot of time with my father during the period he was seriously ill. I once thought I would have plenty of time to stay with my parents in the future when I would be less busy. He died of diabetes soon after I started to work seven years ago. Father’s sudden death was a very heavy blow to both my family and me, and made me feel rather distressed for quite a long period of time. I love my father very much, and I am also his favorite kid. Even though many years have passed, I still often dream of him. I feel regret because I will never have the chance to return his love and do any thing for him. Now, our great concern is my mother and parents-in-law’s health condition. We cannot return to China and visit them due to our financial stress, but we call them at least twice a week to ask about their current situations and most importantly their health condition. If we can afford the transportation in the future, we will pay a visit to them. As they grow older, we plan to live with them in the future so that we can look after them more conveniently.
Friend- All my intimate friends are in China, and we often converse with one another though internet, thanks to the high tech that makes our lives much easier. When I have worries or unhappy things, I am still used to turning to my friends and sharing my innermost feelings with them. I find I am the real “me” in front of them, and do not need to hide anything. They are always good listeners, and after I open heart to them, I feel really relaxed and become less upset than before. After each spiritual dialogue, our hearts are much closer though we are far away from each other, and cannot contact constantly.
D. Learning
There is a saying “never too old to learn”. I assume learning is an ongoing process, and will continue throughout one’s life. It is not necessarily restricted into formal school education. The forms and contents can be diversified, such as short-term training, or self-study; learning could happen anywhere at any time. Because knowledge is no burden, it could help enrich my various life experiences. Learning is also a kind of investment - I devote my time, money and energy to study in the hope that I could have better opportunities to change my fate, as well as my family’s. It helps me to get a better understanding of what is happening around me, why things turn out to be a certain way and how I should respond to the situations. It enables me to get closer and closer to my mission. I will become more enjoyable and confident about myself as I can utilize my knowledge to help others and support my family. My short-term goal is to further my education to the PhD level and find a teaching position after graduation. I enjoy this profession and the only way for me to be qualified is to achieve a doctorate degree. I know it is quite difficult, but I am willing to try. 
E. Self-Esteem and Security
My self-esteem and worth are derived from my family members. No matter how terrible a situation is that I am experiencing, whether I am in the ups or downs of my life, or what serious mistakes I have made, my family will never abandon me, but accept me with great tolerance and indefinite support. When I become extremely helpless, family is always there; waiting for me with the door open, and provides a shelter for both my physical body and soul, where I can obtain great comfort and security at the bottom of my heart. Success and failures, and ups and downs are what we must experience in life. Things will never go exactly as we expect, so self-adjustment is important, especially maintaining a peace of mind and self-esteem under all different circumstances.
F. Strength
My strength and power to accomplish my life mission is drawn from lacking in sense of security. Probably due to the shortage of resources in my country, we have to compete for every crucial opportunity, such as entering a good university and finding a decent job after graduation. It seems that my generation now is suffering from much heavier pressures than that of my parents. We need to adjust ourselves as soon as possible in order to quickly get inside the roles we should play in society. I feel like I cannot stop and allow myself to relax and rest fully because there appears to be long a journey ahead. Sometimes, when I want to indulge myself a little bit, an inner voice will always remind me that a short break is to walk longer distance, while overindulgence can only make people lose the capacity of competition. We can always figure out a solution to the problems, if we do not give up trying. All things are difficult before they are easy. Constant introspection helps us to know exactly what our weaknesses are. Learning how to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses is an efficient way to arrive at a favorable outcome. 


Mission Statement Example Thirty

  1. My Personal Mission Statement

My life’s mission is to excel in my strengths as a strategic thinking, inspirational leading, thought provoking child of God. I desire to live my life with the passion of William Wallace and the faith of Peter the disciple. I will give all of my energy to following the ways of Christ in all my relationships, while concentrating on leaving behind a legacy of success, love, and generousness. I will love my family with all my heart, even in times of trouble. I will choose my friends wisely and consider my few close ones siblings. I will not let up in my work no matter what objects and issues are in my way. I strive that my “wake” in my career and in personal life is one of bringing up and supporting, not of tearing apart and mistrust. I will give all of my energy to following the ways of Christ in all my relationships, while concentrating on leaving behind a legacy of success, love, and generousness.

My Guide
My guide will be my mentors and teachers in business and in life. Their wisdom and experience will help direct me through challenges that I face every day, no matter the degree of impact it has on my life. I will need fellowship with them at enough of a rate to keep me accountable to my mission in life, as well as what I’ve said I was going to do. My guide will also be the Bible and the lessons and teachings it has. If I cannot make decisions, looking for scripture in the Word, as well as input from my mentors is what I will meditate on.

Important relationships
      Relationships that are important to me are my parents, my mentors, my friends and the people I lead. My parents have given me much in my life and for me to not thank them or show them appreciation every day doesn’t do them justice. They have provided shelter, food, laughs, memories, goals, rewards, wisdom and love that I can only wish to model. Some people hope they never turn out like their father or mother, I hope I can be just as good. My mentors are the ones that motivate me, that keep me wanting more and not settling. They help show me the path and how to get there in personal and professional settings. My friends celebrate with me in successes and joys, and sit next to me in times of grief. They know me better than myself, and can catch me when I’m having an off day and work me through to get back in stride. The people I lead I care about the most. I hope to serve them the best I can using the methods that my parents and peers shown me, so that I can influence and guide them as they go through projects, careers and experiences with me.
I will continue to improve myself every chance I get whether it’s in the class-room, through reading, or attending seminars and conferences. I want to get more of a breadth of knowledge, than depth in a particular area. That applies to both technical and human skills. I would never want to be considered an expert in an area, but rather person that can influence in every area. That will take getting out of my comfort zone and norm of study to balance out views that are different and foreign to me. I need to have patience and an open mind to the ideas in front of me in order to optimize my learning capability.
Self-esteem and security
I will continue to trust in my skills, character, and abilities to guard me of distractions where pondering in the pool of popularity is a good option. I will not force my views on any-one, nor let anyone force theirs on me. I won’t put myself in harm’s way for show or for laughs, but only if it is required of me to serve or save people.
I know at the present time my strength is in context, analytical, strategic, futuristic and communication. I will continue to focus and develop these because these are values I find highly regarded. I will continue each phase of life using these strengths, until my personality matures more and another strength becomes evident. I hope to continue strengthening my body not for physic now, but for longevity and being able to play with my grandchildren when the other option is wheelchairs or bed ridden.


Mission Statement Example Thirty-two

I. My Mission Statement.

A. Overall Statement of My Life’s Mission:

My mission in life is to be the person my dad has taught me to be, and that is kind, honest, and hardworking. I want to find happiness, but on my route to getting there, I want to look back and know that no matter what happens I was kind to everyone I met, honest with everything I said, and hardworking with anything I did. In addition, I want to be successful in my career so that I can provide for my family, and I want to live a healthy life. I desire to look back 60 years from now and know that I lived an enjoyable life. If I can accomplish my mission, I will be content with myself and my life, no matter what kinds of rewards come to me along the way.

B. My Guide:

My guide through my life route is the lessons and values my dad has taught, and continues to teach me. I will not let materialistic things get in the way of my character. I will also listen to God, and follow the path he leads me on. I value both my dad and God so much, and my character is because of the lessons they have taught me.

C. Important Relationships:

Spiritual- My relationship with God will never change. This relationship is the absolute most important thing in my life. I will continue to speak and listen to him. My values and my strength are because of God. No matter what happens in life, I will look to God for help or support. I will thank him everyday for the life he has so graciously given me.

Family- Family is everything. I will continue to have a close bonding relationship with my father. When he grows old, I will care for him and protect him just like he has done for me ever since I was born. I will cherish every moment I have with my little sister and brother. They are 2 of the most important people in my life, and I will also protect them and help provide for them if they need. When I do get married, my relationship with my husband will be out of love, respect, honesty, and kindness. He will not only be my best friend, but the person I feel safest around. We will bring out the best in each other, and will fulfill our vows truthfully. When I have children, I will love them more than anything I have ever loved. I will help them grow, and help them understand what a life full of happiness looks like. They will be my top priority, and I will make sure they have a place to call home. Overall, my family will always come first. Before my career and any other obligations.

Friends- The friends I have now are the friends I will cherish forever. They have helped me grow into the person I am today, and with that, I am so thankful. I will continue to treat them as if they are my family. I have been blessed to find the path that has led me to their lives, and I will make sure that they know how much I appreciate and value them.

Work- My work is important to me, but I will not let it get in the way of and determine my happiness. I will enjoy going to work everyday, and will work as hard as I can with everything I accomplish. My relationships with my boss and coworkers will be positive. No matter what, I will be the best I can be in my career.

Self- I will take care of myself by doing things I enjoy, and being independent. I will maintain a healthy lifestyle so I give myself the life that I deserve. I will follow my dreams and make sure that with everything that comes my way, I will act in kindness, honesty, and laughter. I will remind myself that I have a purpose. I will value every moment life brings that makes me a better person.

D. Learning:

I will gain knowledge through my Bachelors of Business Administration Degree in Marketing from UMD. I will take every opportunity that approaches me that will help me learn and grow academically, mentally, and physically. I will continue to learn something new everyday, whether it be about academics, God, or my own personal strength. I will learn how to live a healthy lifestyle by nurturing myself and exercising daily. I will always value the education I have been given, and will always follow any opportunity that will help me learn more.

E. Self-Esteem and Security:

In the past I have struggled with how I feel about myself. However, it was a struggle that has helped me overcome fears and has given me the opportunity to be a better person. I have learned that I am wanted and loved, and that is where my self-esteem comes from. I have found a close group of people who have given me the sense of security. I have a place to call home, and a family to go to. Because of that, I will forever feel secure and safe, and know that I have people to go to when I need.

F. Strength:

I have learned that even with my biggest struggles thus far in life, I have survived, and that is where my strength comes from. I will continue to make positives out of life’s obstacles, knowing that they will only make me a stronger and better person. I will remind myself that if I live in kindness, honesty, and work hard, I will succeed at anything I set my mind to.


Mission Statement Example Thirty-three

  1. My Mission Statement
  2. Overall Statement of My Life’s Mission

My mission is to follow God’s path set out for me, following his word through prayer and the morals I have gained through scripture and life lessons. With those morals, my mission continues to use the strengths God has given me to help the lives of other’s when they are unable to care for themselves. As my father has instilled within my values, “We are here on earth to serve, not to be served.” My mission is to live that example every day through my faith, my work, my relationships, and most importantly through my actions.

  1. My Guide

My guidance lies within the bible where God has given me scripture to help me follow my morals and to give strength and patience to care for other’s who cannot care for themselves. I will not let the devil influence my decisions and I will follow that of service to other’s and not by greed or fame.

  1. Important Relationships
  2. My significant other: I want to have an honest relationship. One with trust, much laughter, and patience.
  3. My siblings: I want to have a relationship that lasts throughout our lives. One where our kids grow up together, many family nights, and a relationship that can be relied upon.
  4. My Friends: I want a relationship to be honest, dependent, and loyal. I want them to rely on me, and to be there when I need to rely on them.
  5. My Job: I want my residents and children I nanny to have a relationship of trust. I want them to know I will do everything in my power to care for them the way they should be cared for. I want to be pointed out as an excellent employee, coworker, and friend.


  1. Learning

I intend to develop my mind through gaining knowledge within courses, through life experiences, and challenges that I am faced with. I intend to challenge myself throughout my career after graduation taking every opportunity given to test myself.

  1. Self-Esteem and Security

I maintain my self-esteem through my faith, knowing and believing that God gave me a purpose and I will continue to reach that every day. My parents not only gave me the opportunity to discover my faith but they also instilled a strong self-esteem within me making sure I reached my potentials. Although at times, my self-esteem has decreased I was able to overcome those times through prayer and help from loves ones. To maintain it through tough times again, I will continue to find God within my struggles and not listen to the devil.

  1. Strength

My strength is driven from my relationship with God along with my family and many close friends. When I am down, prayer, my siblings and parent’s, or a select few friends are able to redirect me towards my mission to serve others and follow God’s path. What I struggle with will turn into what I excel at by consistently tackling and overcoming things that are put in my way as obstacles.


Mission Statement Example Thirty-four

Part I.  My mission statement  

A. Overall Statement of My Life’s Mission
I was put on this earth to employ, love, and learn. I hope to grow my family business and start several more businesses to produce the best possible life for my family and others. I will give back to my community as much as possible. I will be the best father, husband, and boss that I can possibly be. I want to travel and experience as much of this amazing world as possible and to never stop learning. When accomplished, I will be successful both tangibly and intangibly, making me the happiest man on earth.

B. My Guide   
I will be guided by my personal values and growing on how I was raised. I will surround myself with positive forward thinking people that have as much drive as me. I will be guided by my family and support their aspirations more then they will support mine. I will not be guided by negative lowlifes or be bothered by negative comments.

C. Important Relationships 
            1.  Significant other
My girlfriend and I will always push one another to be the best person and family man/women possible. We will go on many journeys and experience the world in the most fun and extravagant way possible. We will laugh, love, and live as happy as possible.
            2.  Child or children
When I have children I will be the best father I can be. I will love them as they will love me. I will support them in any way possible and be there for them at every stage in life.
            3.  Family
My family is the most important thing in the world to me. We will continue to grow together and see each other as much as possible. Supporting one another will never stop and we will help one another whenever needed.
            4.  Friends
My friends and I will all become family, with many laughs and late nights. We will be there for one another and have a good time when needed.
            5.  Your relationship as an employer
In the future I hope to be the employer. I will be the best boss possible. I will be honest, fair, and give back to my employees as much as I can. Also, I don’t want my employees to ever feel intimidated by me or afraid to communicate with me.

D. Learning  
One of my main goals in life, is to never stop learning. I will take every learning opportunity head on and see it as growth. I hope to learn until the day I die whether it is through life lessons, family, work, or schooling.

E. Self-Esteem and Security 
My self-esteem and worth is derived from my friends and family. I will remain as confident as possible to help me reach all my goals as fast as possible and to the best of my abilities. My ups and downs will be celebrated and cured with the help of family, friends, and employees.

F. Strength  
My strengths and power will come from the continual education I hope to attain, as well as gaining strength from my family and friends supports. My weaknesses will become strengths, because all weaknesses are learning opportunities in my mind.




Mission Statement Example Thirty-five


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