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Dear Prospective Lawyer:

Here is my sage advice about how best to prepare for getting into (and doing well in) law school, as well as how to become a good lawyer: [And here is a testimonial to it from a previous student.]  [And here is a good essay on getting into law school, with some helpful statistics about the relationship between LSAT scores and law school admissions.]

Here are the courses I recommend you take, either because they will help you in law school or because they will help you be a better lawyer: You might find one of the following programs useful, even though they're at UWS, not UMD.  I believe that UMD students are allowed to cross-register at UWS, but in any case, these are local resources.  [The links may be out of date when you read this, but if you go to the UWS main page (http://www.uwsuper.edu), you can track down the relevant materials.] You might also consider participating in the Pre-law Society and/or the Mock Trial team. These will give you information and experience that you won't get in classes, they look good on your record, and they're fun, too!

Good luck!

Stephen Chilton
Associate Professor of Political Science.

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