Incompletes, Extensions, Absences, and Make-ups

I do not give make-up exams.  If I excuse you from an exam or other assignment, it is simply not counted in your course average.  For those of you who are mathematically sophisticated, this means that it is dropped from both the numerator and denominator of the weighted average.  For those of you who aren't mathematically sophisticated, it means that the excused assignment counts neither for you nor against you.

Unexcused late assignments will be penalized at the rate of 1/5 letter grade per day, not counting weekends and UMD holidays.

You will find me much more pliable regarding incompletes, extensions, missed exams, and so on, if you tell me of your situation before the due date/time.  Unless your canoe has sunk up in the BWCAW, taking your cell phone with it, there's no reason you can't leave a message on my voice mail.

Excuses must be verifiable.  If you are stuck in Brule with a flat tire, I will expect to see a receipt for tire repair from a Brule gas station.  If your excuse is that you are ill, I will expect to see a note from UMD Health Services or from your doctor.  [Note:  It is the practice of the UMD Student Health Center to give a bland note stating that "[so-and-so] has been seen today at the UMD Student Health Center".  This is insufficient, because it applies equally to heart attacks and hangnails.  Get a note stating that it is medically inadvisable to go to class or at least what you were seen for.

Even if it is verifiable, I still might not accept your excuse.  In general, I think about excuses using a $30 rule of thumb:  do I believe that you would have completed your assignment (or shown up for the exam, etc.) if a $30 reward were riding on it (and assuming you were not trying to avoid it in the first place)?  Thus I would not expect you to take a cab from Brule to UMD.

Special requests, such as extensions on assignments, should be sent to me by email.  However, I do not accept assignments submitted via email.  At my discretion I may allow you to send me an assignment via email to show you have completed it, but this must be followed up by submission of hard copy as quickly as seems practicable to me.  This is not a guarantee that I will accept late submissions, however, because there may be pressures on me too (e.g., to finish grading by a certain time).

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